Love Thy Enemy

Fresh out of College and New too the Big City Vanessa Ann Stoltz was eager to venture out on her own and start her life as a photographer. But when she lands her first part time job at a studio she never could have imagined what she was getting herself into. When she meets her off putting, bad boy, jerk of a co-worker Harry Styles she becomes determined to understand what makes this man tick but soon enough Vanessa realizes Harry's web of secrets and lies may be more than she could handle.

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1. Chapter 1



I unpacked the last of the box's that sat on my new kitchen table. I looked around smiling as I took it all in. My own place in New York city, I mean it wasn't the nicest place around but it would do for now and the best part was I did it all on my own. I signed flopping down on my couch taking a quick glance at the clock hanging in the doorway. 8:45. I still had so much to do before my big day at my new job tomorrow. I was beyond happy when I stubbled across the ad in the newspaper looking for a part time photographer I mean I know I'm only going too be assisting the other photographers but you have too start somewhere right. I closed my eyes for a second before getting up from the couch and making my way into my bedroom. I wasn't exactly sure what too wear honestly I never even thought too ask. After about 15 minutes I decided on a black pair of skinnys and a button up flannel with a tank top. I'm not really one too dress up that often. I really don't even think I own a dress besides the one I wore to my sisters wedding a few months back. I roll my eyes at the thought of that thing. After a long shower and a few more things too prepare for tomorrow its almost 10. I flop on my bed with my phone dialing my boyfriend Tyler's number.

"Hey babe" 
I chirp as he picks up. 
"Oh hey. I didn't expect too hear from you tonight." 
I can barley hear him as the music I'm the background gets louder. 
"Where are you?" 
I ask picking at my nails. 
"Just some party Brice drug me too. I miss you" 
I smile the worry's I had moments ago flowing away. 
"I miss you too. Its so lonely here without you." 
"Only one more semester baby and I'll be there" 
The thought of him being here in new York with me makes me smile. We haven't always had the easiest relationship but him moving out here with me next fall is a huge step. 
"I love you Ty" 
"I love you too baby. Call me tomorrow and let me know how your first day of work goes okay?" 
"I will, goodnight" 
"Goodnight, baby" 
I clicked my phone into the charger before setting the alarm and turning out the light.

My eyes burn from lack of sleep as I make coffee. I tossed and turned all night my anxiaty getting the best of me about today. I look at the clock 7:45. Great I'm going to be late on my first day. I grab my camera and bag and head out of my building too my car. I punch in the address on my GPS and head into tragic. I never thought there would be so many people this early. New York is way different than back home in my small town of Bradford, Pennsylvania. Everyone new everyone and at this time in the morning there were maybe 2 or 3 cars out. I pulled into the parking lot at 8:00 on the dot. Coming my long blonde hair once more with my fingers before walking to the front of the bulding. You really couldn't miss the giant neon sign that read Haley's Photography on the top. I take a deep breath before opening the door and walking in.

"One moment"

a girls voice ecos from the back. I look around at all the photos hanging on the wall they are amazing. I suddenly feel self contious about my amature photos compaired too all these amazing photos all over.

"You must be Vanessa?"

I look up at the tall, skinny, blak haired girl who welcomes me with a smile.

"I'm Ashley"

She says exstending her hand i take it retuning her smile. she can't be more than 17 or 18.

"Nice too meet you. These photos are amazing did you take them?"

she laughed dropping our hands.

"No that would be Harry."

I nodded feeling kinda akward now. new people have never been my thing im not the best with being social thats why i chose taking picture. I connect more with a person photographing them than i am actually talking too them. The door chims breaking the akward silence.

"Late as usual."

Ashley groans

"Shut the fuck up i'm here arn't i"

Ashley rolled her eyes looking back at me.

"Harry this is the new Photographer Vanessa, Vanessa this is the oh so Charming Harry."

Her sarcasum is well aware as i look up too meet his green eyes. His curly black hair slicked back.


I mannage though it comes out more of a squeak. He stares at me for a moment his face unreadable.

"Are you any good?"

he askes completly ignoring my hello.

"Ahh.. I think so yes."

he rolls his eyes.

"Great an unconfidant newby. just what we need."

he groans walking past me and Ashley into the back room.

"Well he is pleasant"

I mumble looking back at Ashley.

she shrugges.

"He is good at what he dose"

"Is he one of those you have too warm up too him kinda people?"

i ask, she laughs.

"More like just stay out of his way kind of people."


I shrug it off as Ashley tells me too follow her to the back so she can show me my desk. The studio is much bigger than it appears on the outside. We walk past several rooms before she stops infront of mine. the room is decint sized with white walls covered in photos. There is a computer and printer i assume for the photos.

"It's not much but it's your own space."

Ashley says drawing me from my thoughts.

"No it's great thank you."

She nodds.

"The boss wont be in until noon becuase she is meeting with a couple about there wedding photos but if you want too get started on the stack of disks that need copied you can. and if you need anything ill be right down the hall."

"Okay. Thank you again."

She smiled closing the door behind her. I let out a sigh before unpacking my bag and Camera and getting started on the disks.


I am so consumed in what i was doing i barley heard the knock on the door. I glance up too see Haley she greets me with a smile.

"How is it going?"

"Good i'm almost done."

She nods walking in the rest of the way.

"Sorry i wasn't here to show you everything this morning/"

"That's okay Ashley was a big help. Thank you again for this oppurtunity."

She laughs

"Girl it's no problem you're a great photographer."

I blush a little. I don't think i'm that good at alol but if someone who owns there own studio thinks so i must me right?

"Thank you."

"No problem, I was actually coming too see if you wanted too assist Hary on one of his shoots?"

I paused for a second remebering our incounter this morning but i really can't say no too something on my first day.

"I would Love too."

My voice clear of uncertainty as i stand up too follow her. As we walk down the hallway i hear arguing coming from one of the rooms. Haley huffs.

"Wait here."

she walks down the hall and into the room the yelling is coming from. I try my best not to be nosey but it's hard not too hear them when im pretty much outside the door.

"I don't want to fucking take her"

I hear harry hiss.

"Well good thing i'm the boss and not you."

Haley snaps back

"I don't like her"

"You don't like anyone"

I feel offended. Why is it such a big deal if i go? It's not like i will get in his way. And how can he not like me we had not even a full conversation. There was a few more hushed whisperes before the door flew open and Harry pushs past me.

"Lets go"

He snaps. I quickly follow behind him not saying a word. The car ride there is akward and quiet way too quiet. I cleared my throat a little before turning to look at him.

"So how long have you been a photographer"

He glanced quickly at me before looking back at the road.

"Since before you knew how to pick up a camera."

He hissed. what is his problem. And before i could pick up a camera? he was what maybe three years older than me? I decided to just stay quiet the rest of the ride there. When we stepped out of the car he stepped infront of me causing me to stumble back a bit.

"Don't get in my way."

"You stood infront of me?"

I huffed confused he rolled his eyes.

"I meant out there while i'm shooting just stand back and keep quit."

his face looked almost annoyed i just nodded deciding not to push anything it was my first day after all. He turned walking over too the couple standing by there car with who i assumed was there child he was maybe 4 or 5. They introduced themselves and Harry seemed almost pleasant with them, like a completly differnt person almost nice. I watched as he took there photos his face so foucused and so perfessional. I admired his passion.

"If you could just move right here"

Harry pointed too the child he huffed.



His father warned he crossed his arms.

"No more photos or standing"

"I just need you too stand still"

Harry pressed clearly annoyed. I rolled my eyes.

"I think it may be the way he is standing"

I said looking at harry he scowled at me.

"I think i know what i'm doing."

he hissed whispering loudly at me.

"Well we could switch possitions"

Mrs. Callenta smiled reassuringly. Harry agreed though i could see his frustration. After that the rest of the shoot went by easily and fast and i loaded everything back in the car as the couple paid Harry. As i closed the trunk Harry was standing infront of me causing me too jump back a little again.

"If you ever do something like that i again you will no longer work here got it?"

I staired at him confused for a second before rolling my eyes.

"Alls i did was make a suggestiion it's not my fault it worked"

I kept my voice cool i could see the anger on his face.

"Well don't fucking do it again if i want your opinion i would ask and trust me that day will never come"

He hissed before walking too the drivers side and slamming the door as he got in. Great first day working and this guy has it out for me. This should be fun.




Okay Guys that was the first Chapter! Please share and comment i promise it gets more interesting! All of your comments and opinions are welcomed and appreciated<3

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