Don't Fuck With Me

Alezia is your stereotypical Baddas.
Luke is your stereotypical Player.
Where's the fun if the Baddas and the Player get along? There isn't any.

Alezia spends her time Skateboarding and beating up douches. She has sworn to never have anything to do with Luke and his band apart form beating them up.
Luke spends his time chasing girls and dumping them, but when he sets his sights on Alezia, he will stop at nothing to get her.
Can Michael, Calum, and Ashton prove to Alezia that change is possible in Luke, before she leaves?


3. Sunday [3]


After spending hours at the skate park, teaching Ashton how to skate, I was completely pooped.


"Alezia, get your ass out of bed, or should I say the pile of clothes on the floor?" My brother said with a chuckle from outside my door. I still hadn't made my bed since we had moved here, I was just simply too lazy. I had no excuse like being busy saving the world, just plain laziness.


"Maybe soon" I shouted at my door.


"Fine, but breakfast is ready" Michael shouted back. Dahm, he knew I couldn't say no to food, that lil' s***.


I climbed off the pile and pulled on some new underwear and jeans, as well as a new bra and tee that said Break My Heart, I Dare You. I loved my tee, as it explained me perfectly. I walked into my bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair. I stumbled down the stairs and tripped on the last one to the sound of my brother chatting with some guys. The chatting stopped when my brother peaked his head around the door and laughed at me on the floor.


"Michael, you s***, get here or I'll kick you" I said, gritting my teeth.


"I doubt it" Someone else said as they stuck their head around the door as well. It was Luke.


"Really?" I questioned, raising my eyebrows. This guy had no idea.


My brother looked at Luke with wide eyes as I stood up and strode towards Luke.


"You want to say that again, buddy?" I growled, staring up at him straight in the eyes.


"Sure. I doubt you would be able to beat your brother up" He said, confidently crossing his arms. Some boys never learn.


"Bro, I wouldn't-" My brother started.


"It's fine, I can handle a girl" Luke said, not even noticing my brother wide eyes.


"We'll see about that" I said.


I reached up and gave Luke a quick peck on the lips, and pulled away to see him grinning as if he had won something. Then I gave him a quick, but hard slap across the face, followed by a punch to the abdomen and a elbow in the side. Then I finished him off by giving him a hard kick to the place where the sun didn't shine. I clapped my hands together as he knelt down on the ground with a groan.


I looked at the other boys. "That is what happens if you mess with me" I said.


They all had surprised expressions on their faces and backed away as I walked into the kitchen to eat. When i was out of the room, they rushed to Luke's side, helping him up. I walked back out, bowl of cereal in hand.


"Michael warned you" was all I said.


I finished my breakfast off, dumped the plate in the sink, and headed to the skate park.




Hey guys. Thought I should update after I had updated one of my other stories. Watch out for the next chapter soon!

Luv ya all



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