The phamily

Dan and Phil's confusing life is full of stereotypes on what you'd expect. Except the just what you guess and check. Behind the cameras is a whole new story


1. Stereotypes

Sofie's p.o.v

(BTW this is gonna be a long p.o.v and chapter  and I don't have a perfect picture of this girl so use your heads I will ad along a picture of aunt Becky, Dan and Phil and Jessica and other people if I can't I will inform you, I also don't know if the facts in this story are true but most are lol. This is all on paper and I'm just copying my story)

Asq I walk back to my room from the cafeteria I can feel my stomach rumble. The centre never gives us enough food. I'm Still hungry. They give you like not that much food. Its not really fair. I sit on my bed just like the other 30 girls in the adoption centre. Its 'free hour' apparently. We get to dp anything we want except go outside because laighla and coiurtney tried to run away and the police brought them back. I pick up my journal and pencil and start writing. 

"                                             3.16. "

I don't write the year because I've been in this centre for too many years and too many without a mom or dad. Too many years to hope to be adopted or for them to come back. I continue writing:

" stereotypes. There all stereotypes. That's really all they are. Lies, tales , hopes and prayers. Its all we got all of us girls in here. " 

This is an only girl adoption centre because they say that were easier to care for but like 10 years ago and boy who was like 14 tried to get sexual with a girl. Oh well. Let's continue:

" the girls always say how harry and liam from one direction might come and adopt them and be a gay family. Its all a story.... They don't know we exist or care that we exist.  All the girls including the bully Katy , (no pic sorry) says that a famous person will adopt them. All the fan fics they make say how they turn gay and marry their bff and they adopt them and they. Were all bullied and now their safe from the girls beating them up. . its all a stereotype. All a story. Everyone Wants to get adop-" 

The intercom cuts me off saying " all girls ages 10-12 please come down for scopeing. " that's up my category. I mean I'm only 11. I slip out of my grey gown they give us and put on blue leggings with yellow stars, black shirt with a pixelated pug on it and a magenta cardigan. How 'creative' . I braid my hair, put on my earings that are Xbox controllers , and a chain knecklace with a thing that says 'memes' because why not. 

- 30 minutes later-

" sofiedate amirium Wilkerson come to the office for inspection" the nanny troyan calls at me. I was next in line.... We've been standing in a line watching girls come in and out. My earings bobble around my head as I walk in the office. I sigh and see two grown men just standing there. The girls outside who see them yell "DAN AND PHILLLLL AHHHHHHHH" and I'm all like "who are they? I mean their pretty boys but what?" " say something sofiedite" the headmistress says pointing at the men. "Sorry I was thinking um ... Hi! I'm sofiedite, pronounced sofie- ed-eight. I'm 11 year old . also you can call me Sofie for short. " I say. One of the men, has green eyes and black hair. He is jumpy, energetic and weird like a lion, and the other, brown eyes and brown hair was like a llama, weird, happy and acward. I like it! . "well hi Sofie! " (guy 1 is black hair guy, guy2 is brown hair guy) guy 1 says. "Heyo how are you?" Guy 2 says doing the peace sign. "I'm good! You guys?" I say sortuf starting to rock back and fourth. "May we talk privately?" Guy 1 says. "Sure...." My heart sinks... I knew try wouldn't choose me. I'm too acward and weird. I sot on the couch and watch 3 or 4 more girls go in including Katy mcglouphlin go in and come out grinning. Katy hates me! Its probably not gonna be me.... 10 minutes later troyan the nanny calls " sofiedite! You've been adopted!" "Really?! Omyg-strings! " I yell and glare at Katy. I run up to troyan , hug her tightly and say "I'm gonna miss youuu" and she says "I'll miss you too Sofie. " then she kisses my cheek and tells me to go pack. I run down the hall when Katy stops me with 2 other girls. " hey dumb butt! " she yells. "Sit! Or else!!!" She points towards the trash bin. "No! Not today! Today I get a home... Not your clique and you. " I grin and laugh at my joke when she punches my gut and then when I fall she kicks me in the chest causing my asthma to kick in. *cough cough* I start coughing violently. "Help.... " I whisper, almost loosing my voice. Katy is just standing there but when the 2 guys walk out they run away. "Little meme girl!" Guy 1 yells running over. Guy 2 picks me up and  asks " where's your inhaler?!" "*coughs* bedside table..." I mutter, voice almost gone. 

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