The phamily

Dan and Phil's confusing life is full of stereotypes on what you'd expect. Except the just what you guess and check. Behind the cameras is a whole new story


2. A home... Just for me... And a family too

I suck in the cold air from my inhaler that was handed to me by guy 1. "You okay Sofie?" Guy 1 asks. "*cough* yeah hahaha I just got kicked by Katy but whatever! " I say shrugging it off. "Go ahead and pack so we can get some dinner! " guy 2 says. "Dinner?! Its only 4!" I say exasperated " what's so bad about 4?" Guy 1 asks. "Dinner isn't till 6:30!" I yell "well sweetie dinner isn't that time because your being adopted!" Guy 2 says hugging me. "I know! I can't wait!" I say. I pack my 3 other pairs of clothes, lady stuff, brushes , pillow, and my 4 books.  "Soooo I'm Phil and this is Dan!" Guy 1 says pointing at the brown haired guy and eyeing my small amount of stuff. " well hello Phil " I say doing the peace sign " hiiiii dannnn. " I say smiling." Let's get going! " Phil says grinning "sounds like a plan!" I say as Dan snatches my back pack. " wait.... Do you have any access to the internet?" Dan says noticing I have no phone. " well theres computers but only for school work.... " I say. "That's gotta change" Dan says and Phil's nods. "What should we call you?" Phil says as we walk out the door. " well my real name is sofiedite but you can call me Sofie for short! I really do prefer Sofie tho." I say blabbering on. " well that's just an amazing name." Phil says as we get into the bus. "I agree." Dan says setting down my stuff. "How long to your house?" I ask. "Don't you mean your house?" Phil says " about 5 ish minutes" Dan answers my question. We ride the rest of the way in silence . when we get to their house we unpack my stuff and we make a plan for tomorrow to get more clothes and a phone for me. Also a laptop. I feel so special. "So you hungry?" Dan asks.I rub my stomach. "Ye-yes" I blush because i look really acward. " what do you want?" Phil asks me. " Chinese? A girl once told me it was delicious. I've never tried it. " I mumble " sounds delicous!" Dan says. " take out or stay in?" Phil says. " stay in!" Dan nods. I notice their book shelf and walk over. "Wow I've never seen this many books." I mutter in awe. "You should see the library. " Phil says "add that to the list!" Dan says jumping up. 

Phil's p.o.v 

"Hey look at her...." Dan whispered. " yes?" I ask. . " she is just reading our book. " he whispers back " yeah so?" I  ask when she blurts " omg! I've heard of you guys I just couldn't watch you guys! Controls on the comp." Then she goes back to reading. I smile and Dan chuckles. "TICKLE MONSTERS GONNA GET YOU!" Dan screams scarring Sofie but she just let's him tickle her. She laughs and laughs and I jump in and tickle her stomach. "Hahahahaha omg guys stooopppp I'm gonna pee myselffff" she laughs. Me and dan continue. "Ahahahahaha!" She screams and then Dan covers his mouth eyes wide. " oh no.... Sofie...." I say "ahhhhh" she screams and turns bright red. She runs to her room and slams her door. I can here her cry. " were.... The... Worst.... Parents.... " I say to Dan " yeah... Did you see how fast she turned red?! We wouldn't stop when she asked..." Dan mutters tears filling his eyes. " it's okay Dan..." I wrap my arm around him. We here her tipptoe out. " its fine.... Guys stuff like this happened a lot to me. I cried because I was tickled and touched in the wrong way by the girls there and the boys when the were once there. I was scared. I knew you'd never do that." She said tears filling her eyes. " were so sorry!!! " Dan says hugging her. " yeah.... " I say willing her tears. " its okay guys" she mumbles as tears stream down her face. " so wanna go eat?" Dan says dipping her tears. " yesnplease...." She says. " let's go!" I say slipping on a coat.

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