The Land Of The Forgotten (DISCONTINUED)

Jake is a 17 year old boy who's slowly fading away, not only in his social life but his soul is also fading.
When you're forgotten, even for a minute, you disappear to a land foreign to the human realm.
This is what happened to Jake and many others.
Most don't survive but with the help of a rare and powerful creature who happens to be his guide, Jake might make it.


3. Jasper Is Wrong, Like Always

Jake's POV

Well, right now I'm standing in front of the school's entrance.

I'm hoping for the best but I'm prepared for the worst.

At least today there's a random girl at my side who said she will help me if she thinks I need it.

A part of me thinks it isn't true but another part of me believes it is true.

"Jacob, the bell will ring in 3 minutes, if you want to make it to class on time then I advise you to at least enter the building." Her words sent shivers down my spine.

She said my real name.

How did she know it?

Why does she know it?

Only the school's 'rulers' called me by my first name.

The school's 'rulers' are basically the football players, who are major players and then there's the cheerleaders, who have each slept with at least 5 of the football players.

Yup, how did they become the 'rulers' you may ask.

Well, no one has had the guts to stand up to them but me and it didn't end well so I just ignored them.

"What do you want me to call you?" I said as quietly as I could so nobody but her could hear.

"Don't call me anything, just ignore me but if I speak to you, you listen and you obey. Got it?"

Well that helps a lot!

I nodded in response because she told me not to talk.

"Seriously Jacob? Just walk into the school and get to class already! You're drawing attention and that's the last thing I need!" She started raising her voice, so I obviously entered the school and did what I usually do.

Once I got to my locker, I was about to unlock the lock that was put on it but Jasper, the quarterback of the football team started walking towards me and he looked WAY MORE angry than usual.

I'm obviously scared that he will do something worse than usual but the girl started giving me more instructions.

"I unfortunately can't blame you for drawing attention right now because he's the one picking a fight. This time, I want you to talk back to him, act like a smart-ass, have a cocky and sarcastic attitude, try to hide your fear. I'll take care of the forgetting part after this verbal fight and if it becomes physical, then I'll take care him and you walk away to class. Nod if you understand."

This time she's asking for a lot but I'm pretty sure I can nail it, unless it becomes a physical fight, then I will probably die if she doesn't help.

Jasper came up really close to me so I started talking to him.

"What the hell do you want Jasper?" I smiled while talking and I will through out this entire fight!

"What did you just say to me Jacob?" Well Jasper looks even more pissed off, great job Jake!

"I think you heard me considering after I first spoke, you looked even more pissed off, so please answer my question."

Great come back!

"Were you flirting with my girlfriend?" Now Jasper looks like he wants to kill me.

"I wouldn't call her your girlfriend if I were you because I honestly think that she's more of a fuck-buddy. You also have many other fuck-buddies and you haven't ever had a real relationship I don't think." I kept on smiling, mostly because I'm so proud of myself.

"But to answer your question, no, I don't even talk to sluts so I don't even know why you ask." I continued, just to answer his question.

I looked over to were the strange girl was and she had a giant grin on her face.

This is surprisingly fun!

"Jacob have you ever had a boyfriend? Huh?"

"Do you think that I'm gay?" I gasped and put a hand over my mouth, trying to be obviously acting to be shocked.

Jasper nodded and smirked, he must think that he's winning this argument.

"Why would you think that Jasper?" I asked, tilting my head to the left.

"Well Jacob, I think that you're gay because you're such a loser! You've never been in a relationship with a girl too!" His reasons are stupid.

"6 of his team mates are gay and they're also Jasper's best friends." The girl gave me more information, woohoo!

"You realize that 6 of your team mates are gay right? They also happen to be your best friends and I'm currently in a relationship with a girl. I'm also not actually gay, Jasper you should really check your information before you start saying it like facts even though it's all false." I smirked knowing that I won.

"Who's the girlfriend?" Jasper then smirked, obviously.

Who even is my girlfriend?

I'm so screwed.

An arm slung around my shoulder so I looked over to the right and saw the girl who was invisible.

"Oh Jasper, I've heard many things about you and they all seem to be true. I'm Jake's girlfriend and my name is Cassidy."

Her name is Cassidy?

'Cassidy' started whispering in my right ear, maybe she's telling me what to do.

"My name isn't actually Cassidy but just call me Cass and pet names, only for this fight. I'm only doing this because this is going to be fun and after I'll make sure that no one but us knows about this. Keep up with the good work."

They're sort of instructions.

She pulled away and we just smirked, to make this seem real, I put my arm around her waist.

This is going to make Jasper SO mad!

"Where's your girlfriend Jasper? Jake has one, don't you?" 'Cassidy' started challenging Jasper, perfect.

"Why are you asking me this?"

"I want to meet her of course!"

She seems so stereotypical.

Jasper threw a punch at me, crap.

'Cassidy' grabbed his hand, right before it hit me, and flipped him over!

Is she really THAT strong?!

"Well Jake, you should get going to class now! After all, the bell is about to ring! I'll see you later!" She hugged me then walked around a corner then came back to the scene but this time, I was the only one who could see her.

Jasper was getting up so I grabbed my books from my locker, still smirking, then walked off to class, leaving everything to the girl.

I still don't know what to call her.

Well at least I'm not hurt!

That sounded really selfish didn't it?


For the rest of the school day, Jasper and his 'friends' left me alone and wouldn't look me in the eye, or even go near me!

The girl was still beside me the entire time though and I'm guessing that no one saw her either so we couldn't speak to each other.

I still don't know what's even happening and if this is a trick, well, it's a crazy trick.

Since school ended, I grabbed my stuff from my locker and left the building, with the girl obviously at my side.

I was in the middle of the parking lot and I noticed the football team coming towards me, I think I might be in trouble.

I looked over to the girl and she once again told me what to do.

"Well, they're obviously mad and since there's no one to stop them, well anyone that they can see, they're going to beat you up. For now, keep up with the attitude from this morning and dodge any punches they throw at you. You're not going to fight back, just defend yourself, I'll work my magic. Just do as I say."

Her plan is pretty much the same as this morning, stay cocky and sarcastic and only defend and dodge.

Seems simple, it probably isn't but she'll help me, right?

"Well, well, well, look at who it is, hello Jacob." Jasper was smiling and had a black eye!

Where the hell did that come from?!

"Still feel the need to call me by my first name? Not very original if you ask me Jasper, but then again, in my opinion, Jasper isn't too original either."

Was it the girl that gave Jasper the black eye?

"You know Jacob, your girlfriend is very strong, also not to mention very hot." His team mate, Adam said to me, smirking, mostly because Jasper looks too mad to speak.

I raised an eyebrow at the idiotic, girl obsessed football players in front of me.

"We want to make a deal with you." Adam continued, still speaking for Jasper.

They didn't continue and tell me what the deal was and looked like they were waiting for me to agree.

"If you want me to agree, you realize that you'll have to tell me what the deal is!" I burst out into laughter at their lack of common knowledge. 

All of the boys shared an annoyed look, which obviously involved rolling their eyes at me, then Adam told me the deal.

"Well, the deal is, if you beat Jasper in a fight, we'll pretend that you're not even alive so we'll leave you alone, BUT, if Jasper beats you, he gets your girlfriend. Do we have a deal?"

I looked over to the girl and she was constantly shaking her head.

"I DO need them to forget you but that's MY job, don't accept the fight. If they come at you, run, run like Hades is trying to destroy you and don't look back. I'll lead you to, well, I'll lead you somewhere."

Well, I now know what I need to do, all thanks to the girl beside me.

I nodded my head and rolled my eyes, like someone from a movie, fake thinking of an answer to a really dumb question.

"Yeah, no!"

I took off running and I unfortunately looked behind me, I saw a really angry football team chasing me with an even more angry Jasper leading the heard.

The girl was running beside me but she was ahead by about a foot.

"I told you to not look back! Just follow me!" The girl started scolding me, telling me that I should NEVER EVER disobey her and I only follow her instructions.


"Alright, I'm gonna stop running but you are going to keep running forward, or just watch what I'm about to do. Got it?"

I nodded, stopped and turned around to see what this total stranger was talking about.

What even could she do?

She looks pretty weak, well I'm sort of stereotyping but still, she doesn't look like she can even throw a punch.

I can't throw a good punch but that's not the point!

The football team is still running towards me so I'm assuming that she was still invisible to them.

What the hell did I do to deserve any of this?

What the hell does this girl even want and why the hell did she tell me to be arrogant to the biggest jerks in school?!


Hello there Earthlings and Aliens!

I know, I haven't updated anything in about a month and I'M SORRY!

For those of you that don't check my page or don't get alerted when I mumble, I did say that I was taking a break to recollect myself and I just started school again and I have a lot of homework so I promise you I will do better!

Like always, thank you for reading, thank you for being patient with me and liking, as well as leaving comments and favorites!

So I will update more often and there WILL be an update every MONDAY and any other day I have the chance to finish chapters and publish them.









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