Him [ A Werewolf Tale ] *Completed*

When I was 13 years old, my entire family committed suicide, by driving full speed off a thirty foot bridge. Morbid, I know. Unfortunately, they deemed themselves unfit to live and ended it the only way they knew how. They had gotten themselves stuck in something deep and dark with a couple of the demons around our neighborhood and their contract was coming due. So at the age of only 13, I was left to fend myself and survive in a world full of vampires, werewolves, and demons.
My name is Claire Summers and my family had once ran one of the most powerful werewolf packs in North America. That is, however, only because of a contract held by a certain grey eyed demon. Since my parents died, I have been shunned. Disowned by everyone and unwanted in every sense. For the first time in my life I was completely and utterly alone. Until I met him


11. Chapter 9 | 1967 Chevy Impala

Chapter 9

Alex was oblivious to the stares, but I wasn’t. The lustful expressions on each female face made me one step closer to snapping somebodies neck, and I didn’t know why. I shouldn’t feel like this. The anger that I feel as I watch them throw their fake dyed hair over their shoulders and give him googly eyes overwhelms me. Why do I care so much about this? He has done a lot to me, more than a lot and I am getting jealous? I shouldn’t care.

‘Stop caring.’ I growl at myself.

‘You can never stop caring. No matter how much you want to.’ my wolf warns, quietly.

‘Why are you talking to me so much lately? You normally never talk.’ I snap.

‘You tried to reject our mate. It was time for me to say something and beg you to give him a second chance.’ she reasoned.

‘He doesn’t even deserve a second chance. What has he done for me that deserves a second chance?’ I huff, narrowing my eyes at a particularly flirty female.

‘He is our mate, Claire. He doesn’t have to do anything to earn a second chance because he’s our freaking mate.’ she says lowly.

Rolling my eyes, I block her voice out, focusing back on the present. The females surrounding us are trying harder than ever to get his attention. They’ve hit the whole nine yards- pushing their boobs out, flipping their hair, even laughing loudly to grab his attention, and none of it worked. The girls lusted after him, lusted for him, and from what I could see he never gave the girls anything more than a glance. Which confused the hell out of me. Why would he not pay attention to them? Most Alpha’s do. Even after they’ve found their mate, they always go after the first piece of hot commodity that is thrown their way. Maybe he was different than the other Alphas. He clearly had more of a temper than others did and it was clear that he was extremely more possessive than I had ever seen an Alpha be before. But on the other hand, he was darker, colder than every other Alpha I had met, which were only a small few, only the ones that had not found their mate and needed 'comforting'. It became clear to me after that night at the border when the Alpha came to take me back because he ‘paid for me’. That definitely wasn’t the first time. They had done it before. I was sold. Actually sold. Like a piece of property or a piece of meat. Sold like a slave.

As we continue to walk through the pack to the small garage on the other side of the clearing, the lustful stares only got more intense. Now, they were mixed with vicious glares and many pulled back their lip at me in a snarl. This only served to make me angrier. How dare they disrespect me in that way! I had never done anything to them and they had the decency to blatantly stare at my mate and then snarl at me?! Letting out a long sigh, I turn my eyes away from the obnoxious sluts and continue more forcefully towards the garage. Alex was grumbling beside me. He had been ever since we left the house. I had grown curious of what he was muttering about, no longer caring about the stares. I noticed the glazed over look in his eyes. He was mind linking someone. In packs like these, the Alphas only ever mind linked his people if their was something wrong. They viewed it as impersonal or too intimate of a place to talk. In our world, if you could mind link an Alpha you could get into their heads and that was the thing that every Alpha wanted to avoid. Mind linking was supposed to be reserved for only those who were mated. Of course, the Alpha had free range to talk to anybody he wanted through the mind link, but it wasn’t ever very common.  I began to worry. What was so important that he had to mind link someone? Could it be rogues? Or my old Alpha? Or was he making plans to sleep with every girl in the pack?

Shaking my head, I take note of his clenched jaw and tense posture. He was angry. Angry Alex was never a good thing to be around when he exploded and I wasn’t too keen on being around him then. I hadn’t noticed that I was staring at him until he snaps his head back to look at me with a glare.

“What?” he snaps.

My steps falter and I open and close my mouth trying to find something to say. Shaking my head, I take a small step away from him.

“You were staring. What?” he growls, stopping his strides altogether, and turning to face me fully.

“N-nothing.” I mumble, looking down at my ratty old shoes.

“Okay. Claire. You need to learn something right now. You may be my mate, but I think you’ve learned by now that I am not afraid to hurt you,” he whispers, with a sickly sweet smile as he locks eyes with me, “Nobody lies to me and you sure as hell are not an exception. People who lie get punished. That’s what happens in my pack. So do you want to tell me why you were staring now?”

“I-it was stupid.” I mumble, looking away from him.

He roughly grabs my chin and pulls it back towards him.

“Answer me.” he says in a deadly tone.

I gulp, closing my eyes for a moment, before stuttering out, “You were m-mind linking someone. I was just worried.” 

“Why?” he snaps, with a look of confusion.

“No one mind links unless there is an emergency.” I mumble.

His grip on my chin is growing uncomfortable and I wiggle in his hold slightly. He drops his hand and allows me to step back.

“Is that what happened in your old pack?” he mumbles slightly.

I give no answer, but quickly nod my head. I reach up and rub the spot where his hand had once been, the tingles left behind not even close to lessening.

“We do it daily here. For everything. There wasn’t any emergency. You’re safe.” he sighs with a soft look in his eyes, but it is immediately whipped off away as quick as it came and replaced by an emotionless look.

Before any other questions could be asked, he is  turning back around and starting to walk away again. It takes me a minute to take in his words and to begin walking again. I don’t know what to think about that. He reassured me that I was safe. Would I ever truly be safe in his presence though?

“Walk faster.” Alex growls ahead of me, quickly returning back to his normal self.

“Sorry.” I mutter, jogging to catch up with his long strides.

Finally arriving at the garage, Alex pulls his keys from his pocket and opens the garage door. My eyes widen as I take in the twenty or so cars sitting in the garage. My jaw drops and my heart constricts at the beauty.

“Holy crap.” I breath, shuffling through the door.

There seems to be one of every kind of car in here. There are Camaros, Impalas, and Mustangs. My eyes travel over all the different cars. I gasp when I see the 1967 Black Chevy Impala sitting in the corner. My dream car.

“Oh my goddess, it’s so beautiful.” I mumble, walking towards it.

I take in the sleek black shine of the hood and the seats that look beyond comfortable. I turn back and look at Alex with wide eyes. He is leaning against the wall, with raised eyebrows and a hint of a smile on his face.

“You have a freakin Impala?!” I nearly screech, my mouth gaping.

“I have many.” he shrugs.

“You didn’t think that was important information to tell me?!” I yelp, turning back to the car.

“You like it then?” he asks.

“Mmhm.” I laugh, nodding my head enthusiastically.

“Then it’s yours. Let's go.” he mumbles, grabbing a different key from the key rack by the door.

“What?!” I gasp, “Are you serious right now?!”

A real smile pulls at his lips and he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth, nodding his head. My face immediately lights up in a grin and I jump up and down like a little girl on Christmas. Hell, this was Christmas. He just gave me an Impala!

“Thank you so much!” I squeal.

“Let's go." he snaps, his face falling expressionless once again as he walks over to one of the Camaros.

A frown takes over my face. I had hoped we would take the Impala. Walking slowly over to the Camaro, I quickly get in, after he sends me a glare, and buckle my seat belt. He pulls out of the garage and I close my eyes, leaning my head back against the head rest. Sighing, a small smile slips over my lips and I think about going into town for the first time, since I was a child.

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