Him [ A Werewolf Tale ] *Completed*

When I was 13 years old, my entire family committed suicide, by driving full speed off a thirty foot bridge. Morbid, I know. Unfortunately, they deemed themselves unfit to live and ended it the only way they knew how. They had gotten themselves stuck in something deep and dark with a couple of the demons around our neighborhood and their contract was coming due. So at the age of only 13, I was left to fend myself and survive in a world full of vampires, werewolves, and demons.
My name is Claire Summers and my family had once ran one of the most powerful werewolf packs in North America. That is, however, only because of a contract held by a certain grey eyed demon. Since my parents died, I have been shunned. Disowned by everyone and unwanted in every sense. For the first time in my life I was completely and utterly alone. Until I met him


22. Chapter 20 | And It Just Keeps Rolling

*A/N: First Sunday update! I hope you all enjoy! Please remember at the end that murder is illegal ; ) *

Chapter 20

The next morning, I wake up refreshed. The sun is streaming in through the cracks in the curtains and the birds are chirping loudly. A yawn slips from my lips as I sit up in the bed. Yesterday was....interesting. The talk with Alex changed things for me. I saw it as something like a breakthrough. However, I feared that it had changed my feelings towards him. Now, don't get me wrong I still despised the guy, but I just didn't feel like he would smother me with a pillow in my sleep. His wife, on the other hand, would kill me any chance she got. I wasn't too worried about it though, with my recent new found powers, I felt stronger. My wolf talked to me much more often, much to my displeasure. She had even asked me to shift once or twice, but as much as I tried there was something that just wouldn't let me. It felt like a part of me was missing, like I didn't even have the ability to shift. 

Shrugging off my thoughts, I rub my eyes to remove the sleep and get dressed. Slipping out of my room, I prance down the stairs. My mood was strangely high. I was brighter this morning, cheerier. Once I reach the bottom of the stairs, I take a deep breath. Alex could be one of two places right now. He had always woken earlier, so his bedroom was not an option. So that left only two other places- assuming he is still in the house of course- the kitchen or his office. A part of me prayed to the goddess that he was in his office and I wouldn't have to face him, but the other part, the part deep, deep down that I never paid any attention too, yearned to see him. I never liked to admit that I missed my mate, especially when I had just seen him the night before, not even ten hours ago, but I did. Well, my wolf did. I would never admit that I, myself, missed him. 

Sighing, I gather all of my courage and waltz into the kitchen. My breath catches in my throat when I see Alex sitting at the kitchen table by himself. He had his head in a book and was quietly sipping from the coffee cup in front of him, but when I enter his head shoots up. His eyes are too intense and I look away, continuing over to the fridge. I grab a carton of orange juice and a glass from the cabinet. I can feel his gaze still on me, burning a hole into the side of my head. I choose to ignore him. The one little thing that he did for me changed nothing. I had already thanked him and my feelings were still the same. I hated him, just as much as he hated me.

I forced myself to keep my stare on my glass and I turn to exit the room. A startled gasp leaves my lips, when Alex suddenly appears in front of me. The glass slips from my grasp and shatters on the floor. My eyes widen and my mouth drops open. I can feel the fear creeping up my spine, at the realization of what I had just done. 

"I'm so sorry!" I yelp, turning and grabbing napkins from the holder. 

Squatting down, I place the napkins over the spill, trying my best to clean around the glass. 

"Don't." Alex mutters, also squatting down and pushing my hands away from the spill, "You'll cut yourself."

"I'm fine." I say, gritting my teeth. 

He was getting on my nerves. I wasn't stupid, nor was I one of the cliche teenage girls in the movies. I wouldn't grab the glass in my hands. I would be fine. Huffing, I throw away the napkins, walking over to the broom closet in the corner of the room. I grab the first broom that I see and head back over to the glass. Surprisingly, Alex had backed off and was now leaning against the marble island with his arms crossed over his chest. I quickly clean up the glass and throw it out, but not before I give him a harsh glare. A scoff leaves his lips as I smirk over at him after placing the broom back in its rightful place. Ignoring him, I make my way over to the door, but as soon as I place a hand on the doorknob, Alex latches his hand around my arm and pulls me back into him. My breathing stills and I have to force myself to refrain from leaning back into his body. Whipping around to him, I give him a glare, which he responds to with a near lethal growl. 

"You are disrespecting me." he spits, the veins in his neck bulging. 

I roll my eyes and tug on my arm. 

"You're hurting me." I whimper, feigning the pain. 

"Bullshit." he grunts, "I would know if I was. I feel your pain." 

"Damn it." I whisper to myself. 

I had forgotten about that fact. 

"What are you doing with my brother?" he growls, tightening his hand slightly on my arm. 

I wince slightly, but allow a smirk to dance on my lips.

"Alex," I sigh, placing my hand on his chest. The muscles under my hand tense. 

"I told you this already.." I continue, "He's my boyfriend."

"That little stunt last night did not look like you're a couple." he spats, "He was hurting you."

I roll my eyes again and huff, "He wasn't hurting me at all."

"You were squirming. I felt it." he demands. 

"Well then I have no idea what you were feeling because he wasn't hurting me at all. Besides baby," I coo, putting emphasis on the word, "Haven't you heard couples always fight."

He growls lowly and I can practically see the smoke coming out of his ears, as his eyes turn dark. A small smile creeps onto my lips and I send him a wink, before shrugging off his grip. I slip out of kitchen and head upstairs. My mind is whirling. I wanted to say so much more. I wanted to scream that he wasn't my boyfriend, that he was the one that I wanted, but I couldn't. I never could because of his wife and his daughter. He already started a life before he found me and it wasn't a good idea for me to mess that up. A tear drops down my cheek and I quickly wipe it away. I had to leave. All I wanted was for Alex to be happy. My time here was upsetting everything. He can live a long life without me. He has been for years now. Before I could leave I had to say goodbye to Sebastian, it was the least I could do. 

This was a weak spot for me. I had so much hope that eventually everything would work out, but now...all my hope is gone. I was trying to be strong. My last pack had destroyed me and I vowed to not allow this one to do the same, but I guess in the end it was inevitable. I could no longer stand here and pretend everything was okay. No matter how many times I play it off, I had to be honest with myself and admit that Stephanie and Wren killed me. They ripped out my heart and stuck it in a blender and I was unable to ever get away from the hurt. Unless, I ran. 

Letting out a breath, I didn't know I was holding I walk over to my closet and grab some comfortable clothes. Heading into the bathroom, I take the last shower I will have in a while and slip on the clean clothes. Opening the bathroom door, I slip through, running my hands through my hair. My eyes had been closed and once I open them again a loud gasp leaves my lips. Alex was sitting at the end of my bed with a furious expression on his face. He jolts up when he hears my gasp and hurries to stand in front of me. There was an expression in his eyes that I had never seen before. 

"I won't allow you to date him." he grumbles. 

My eyebrows furrow in disbelief and I roll my eyes. 

"You've got to be kidding me." I huff, "You can't tell me what to do." 

"Yes I can. As your Alpha I can." he growls. 

"You aren't my Alpha." I spit, narrowing my eyes at. 

"Of course I am!" he roars, "I am King! I am everyone's Alpha."

I grit my teeth to stop myself from screaming and turn away from him.

"I am tired of your disrespect." Alex booms, "I will warn you once more. If you continue like this, then you will be punished." 

I roll my eyes and exasperatingly sigh, looking back at him, "Then punish me." 

An evil smirk slips onto his face, "Sweetheart, I don't think you could take it." 

I let a smirk of my own appear, not backing down to his taunting, "Alpha, you don't command me." 

His face falls emotionless, "I am the King."

"And I'm supposed to be the Queen." I counter. 

"You are." he spits, gritting his teeth. 

"Like hell I am." I reply, "You're little pet is." 

"My pet?" he questions, raising an eyebrow. 

"Your wife." I spat, literally spat, the liquid spraying over his face. 

This only serves to make him more angry, as his eyes turn completely black, but instead of blowing up like I expected him to, he smirks again and says, "Jealous?" 

"Of course I'm jealous!" I explode, "How does it feel to have your mate with somebody else for you? What do you feel like when you think about me with another man?" 

If his eyes could grow any darker than solid black, they would have. A small snarl rips from his lips. 

"It hurts Alex." I sigh, running a hand over my face, "I can't do this anymore." 

His eyebrows furrow and he mumbles, "What are you talking about?" 

"I don't want to be here anymore. Why are you keeping me here? You obviously want her more. Just let me leave. Please." I beg, my voice cracking. 

His face falls and for the first time in the entire time I had been here, I saw a real emotion on his face. His expression is a mixture between uncertainty and desperation. 

"You want to leave?" he says quietly. 

I say nothing, but nod my head. My heart shatters as I see the look of hurt on his face, but I do not back down. He pulls his lips into his mouth and nods, "Fine. You may leave." 

Turning in his place, he leaves the room, slamming the door behind him. My mouth drops open and struggle to remain breathing. He was actually going to let me leave? Just like that? Taking a deep breath, I head to the door. I needed to talk to Sebastian. I needed to apologize, to say goodbye. 

Slipping through my door, I make it to the stairs until the familiar click of a door brings me from my thoughts. Spinning around, I expect Alex to be standing behind me, but instead I see a messy haired Stephanie standing in front of Alex’s bedroom door. My face drops down even farther than it had before. My heart throbs painfully in my chest as I take in her appearance. Her hair is up in a messy bun on the top of her head, but you can still tell very clearly that it was sex hair. The rest of her outfit proves it even more. She is wearing a long button up shirt of Alex’s, paired with bare feet. Tears build in my eyes and I stumble back a step. A devilish smirk graces her face and she stalks towards me. She moves to stand directly in front of me.

“If it wasn’t clear to you before, I hope it’s clear now.” She whispers in my ear, “He will never be yours.”

I clamp my eyes shut, as I feel the familiar sting and the flare of my anger. She pushes past me and prances down the stairs. Hurt is stirring in my chest. I move my hurt to the back of my mind, walking down the stairs and out the front door. I had to talk to Sebastian.

My determined walk brings me to his den much quicker than I had expected. Tears well in my eyes at the thought of what I am about to do. I was torn. I never thought that I would actually get this far. I raise my hand, preparing to knock, but the door swings open before I can. Sebastian raises an eyebrow at me and ushers me through the door and I willingly step through. 

"What's wrong?" Sebastian mumbles immediately, noticing my tear stained cheeks. 

"I'm leaving." I hiccup, the dam of tears finally breaking and they openly stream down my cheeks.

His mouth drops open and his eyes widen in horror. 

"What are you talking about? You're leaving?" he gasps, stumbling back a step. 

I nod my head, pulling a lip into my mouth. 

"I'm sorry, Seb. I just can't be here anymore and Alex has allowed me to leave. I need to take the opportunity." I sigh, cupping my elbow.

"You can't leave!" he exclaims, "Not right now!"

“You don’t understand, Sebastian! He gave me a chance! I have to leave! You don’t know how much it hurts to know
that your mate is sleeping with someone else!” I screech.

“Really, Claire? You think I don’t?” he shouts back, outraged, “Did you think Katherine has been celibate for all these years?”

My mind blanks and I have no idea what to say.

“Katherine has slept with more people than I can count.” Sebastian mutters, staring down at the ground.

“I thought you said you hadn’t seen her in years.” I question, raising an eyebrow.

“I haven’t. You can feel it Claire.” He sighs, running a hand through his hair, “You start to feel sick to your stomach
and then your heart starts to throb. The longer they’re at it, the more intense the pain gets. Sometimes it even feels
like you’re having a heart attack.”

I frown deeply. I had never felt like that. Does that mean that Alex hadn’t slept with her?

“That’s the only way to know?” I ask, wringing my hands on front of me.

“Yes.” He huffs, “That’s the feeling you get when your mate cheats on you.”

“I didn’t get that feeling though….” I trail off, biting my lip.

“Then Alex didn’t cheat on you.” Seb says, rolling his eyes.

“But I saw her! She was wearing his shirt!” I yelp, throwing my hands in the air.



He sighs deeply, “What did I tell you yesterday? Stephanie is going to do everything in her power to hurt you. She wants that crown and she won’t stop until she gets it. The quickest way to break you is to make up lies about Alex and her. Is this why you’re leaving? Because of her?”
I roll my eyes, “No. I wouldn’t leave just because she is taunting me. I’m leaving because I want Alex to be happy. I’ve seen them together. He loves her and she makes him happy. That’s all I want. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“And you think that she is the thing that makes him happy?” Sebastian asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Of course she is.” I huff, looking away from him.

“You know that’s a lie right?” he questions, raising an eyebrow at me.

“You make him happy, Claire!” He exclaims, throwing out his hands, “Alex is a dick, I’ll admit that, but I haven’t seen this guy happier than he is right now!”

“He is never happy! He only ever smiles when he’s with her!” I scream, running a hand through my hair and tugging at the strands.

“Because he is trying to make you jealous! And it's obviously working! Claire, you should have seen him before you got here! He was dark and moody. He barely talked to anyone and when he did it was always a threat!”

“He’s dark and moody now!”

“No, Claire, he isn’t. Not as bad as he was before! He’s changed a lot since you got here, Claire! You may not believe
me because of how dickish he’s acted towards you, but it’s true! Ask anybody! Alex used to have lotteries before
you got here! And you know what happened in them?”

“You won money?” I question.

“No, he pulled a name from a hat and that was the guy that he castrated that day! He was out of control, Claire!
Since you got here he hasn’t had the lotteries or the daily whippings!”

“Whippings?” I gasp, memories flashing through my head of my old pack.

“Alex used to whip every single warrior in the pack. He used to say he did it to toughen them up, but everyone always knew he was just letting out his anger. And don’t even get me started about the silver baths!” he shouts.

I open my mouth to reply, but no words come out. I had no idea what to say to that. Is it actually possible?

“Do you get it now, Claire? He has changed because of you! You! Not Stephanie or any other female! You! Do you get that?” He shouts, stepping towards me.

Swallowing my doubts, I nod my head. I had never seen somebody be awarded with a silver bath since I got here and I had been in the prison many times over my stay.

“Good. Now if you want to stay here or something. I don’t really care, but Alex put out new rounds for patrol today. He put me in charge of the south border. I’m already late, I have to go.” He explains, before leaving the small den and running into the forest.

I sigh harshly, flopping back onto the bed. I couldn’t wrap my mind around this. It didn’t make any sense. How is it possible that I am changing him? If this is a mellow Alex, then I would be terrified to meet the Alex he was before I was captured.

A loud slam on the den outside draws my attention away from my thought and worries. Getting up from the bed, I furrow my eyebrows and peel the small door away. Sticking my head out, I see Katherine leaning against the side of the den. She was panting and looked to have been running from someone.

“Katherine?” I questions, stepping towards her.

“Claire! I need to warn you! Something bad is happening! You are in grave danger!” she gasps, clutching her chest.

“What are you talking about?” I yelp, starting to get freaked out.

Before she can say anything a black mist appears behind her. It takes the form of a hand and it reaches forwards to grasp her neck.

“KATHERINE! WATCH OUT!” I screech, lunging towards her.

But it is too late, the apparition wraps his hands around her neck and with a quick snap, he leaves her head rolling on the floor. The apparition disappears and a shrill shriek leaves my lips. Katherine’s body collapses to the ground in a heap of her own blood. Tears collect in my eyes and another scream leaves my lips.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, Katherine was dead.

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