Broken promises|Luke Hemmings

Luke and Julianna are step-brother and sister. After one night of events, they both promise their parents they promise they wont speak of/do any of the things again. But the promises are broken after a trip to the hospital...


4. 4

Ashton's P.O.V

Damn, she's gorgeous. The way her hair flows in the wind and her makeup covers her face. One thing I can be sure off. I am falling for Julianna Marie Evans-Hemmings.

Julianna's P.O.V

"Let's play truth or dare!" Ashton suggests, looking at me directly in the eye. "Sure" I say, Luke just nods. 

"I'll start, Luke truth or dare?" Ash says, Luke makes a thinking face. "Dare!" He yells. "I dare you to tell your mom that you did it with Annie" Luke's face goes red with embarrassment as he nods, takes out his phone and texts someone something. He laughs at the response. "She said I'm gross and a little cow!" We all laugh. "Ok. Annie T or D" I nod and look mature but in my head I'm thinking 'That sounds dirty'. "Erm, Truth?" He makes a evil expression. "Who would you date in this room?" My face goes red.


My face goes red. I can't tell them. "A,A,Ashton" I stutter, clearly lying. Luke's face drops. "I,I,I gotta go. Come on Annie" He grabs my hand and pulls me out the door. 

Is Luke getting jealous?
Why did he pull me out of Ash's house the fun was only just getting started?

Before I can think anything else we bump into Michael and a ... Girl?!

"Mickey, who's this?" I say with a smirk. "My girlfriend, Kylie." The beautiful young-ish looking girl steps into the light, she has dark brown hair with blonde highlights, brown eyes and a matching bandana with Mike, she is wearing white ripped jeans and a pink tank top, her hair is in a high messy ballet bun. She's gorgeous. "Where you off too then?" Luke says. "The 5 sauces pub" (LOL) Luke laughs, "have fun?" He says unsure, before dragging me away and walking home.


BTW my beautys Kylie is played by my friend Autumn and the description is basically her she is drop dead gorgeous!


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