Broken promises|Luke Hemmings

Luke and Julianna are step-brother and sister. After one night of events, they both promise their parents they promise they wont speak of/do any of the things again. But the promises are broken after a trip to the hospital...


2. 2

Julianna's P.O.V

Maybe I was being a bit harsh to Luke last night. I might have no choice but too apologise, last night after I went into Luke's room my dad stopped me and gave me the 'be nice to your 'brother'' talk I must admit I was very embarrassed. I take a quick shower and put on my black ripped jeans and baby pink crop top, I then put my hair in a messy bun and do natural makeup before slowly making my way to Luke's room. "Luke...?" I say, he looks at me and smiles, "Yeah Annie?" I smile. He pats the space next to him on hid bed I sit. "I just want to apologise, last night I wasn't in my right mind, I found put my mum, the one that left me when I was five, cheated on my dad with my cousins brother when I was little, thats why they split up." He gives me an apologetic look. "I'm so sor-" I can't help myself. I slam my lips onto his, surprisingly he kisses back straight away. we last for a few minutes until I finally pull away from him. "I'm so sorry I just had t-" He cuts me off by kissing me again. "Luke please tidy your-" she stops by screaming. Me and Luke pull away and scream at her. "Luke downstairs now!" Luke nods, before hanging his head down low and doing as his mum says. "Well I'll be going, nice to see you!" I say trying to escape "No you don't" Liz says, I sigh. Their's no getting out of this one.


"Now what was I seeing when I walked in?" I sigh. "Me and Luke making out ok, we arn't even brother and sister we are STEP-brother and STEP-sister. Brought together by MARRIAGE not BLOOD." Liz sighs, "Look Julianna. Luke may only be your Step-Brother but you need to learn to treat him like a proper brother, you don't go kissing your brother. Asa punishment you and Luke are both grounded for 2 weeks and you are sleeping downstairs on the couch, AWAY from Luke!" She says, slightly raising her voice. "You can't ground me, YOUR NOT MY MOTHER AND NEVER WILL BE MY MOTHER!" I shout at her before leaving the room.

Luke's P.O.V

"YOUR NOT MY MOTHER AND WILL NEVER BE MY MOTHER!" I hear from upstairs. That doesn't sound good, a few minutes later I see Anna run down the stairs and out the door. Minutes later my mum arrives, "Your grounded for 2 weeks, now go look for Anna she's your problem now" She snaps.


Thanks for reading this it means a lot! I will be doing a double update today because I'm really really bored tonight. Hope you enjoy, below is a picture of Julianna's outfit, its just the top, cardigan and sneakers but not the shorts vvvv




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