Broken promises|Luke Hemmings

Luke and Julianna are step-brother and sister. After one night of events, they both promise their parents they promise they wont speak of/do any of the things again. But the promises are broken after a trip to the hospital...


1. 1

"Don't make me do this dad, they don't sound like my dream family!" I moan to my dad. I have been doing this the whole car journey and quite frankly I think its making my dad want to take me there even more. 

After a long like 5 hours in the car, sorry a bit of over exaggeration going on there, we arrive. The house is a huge 4 story mansion, just kidding its a 2 story house a major down grade from my 'old' home, yes I'm a little bit of a spoiled cow, deal with it.

"Annie, go knock on the door will you." My dad says a hint of excitement in his voice. "Whatever" I mumbled a clear hint of 'I don't give a damn' in my voice. I slowly approach the white door that was screaming at me 'I NEED RE- PAINTING'  Before I even get chance to knock a blonde haired woman engulfs me a large hug, I groan. "You must be Julianna! Very nice to meet you!" she says, I force a smile. "Actually, It's not Julianna, It's Annie or Anna" I snap. My dad sighs, "Ann come here stop being so rude and be nice for a change!" I just scoff and walk away.

Billy's P.O.V (Her dad)

"I'm really sorry about her, shes not had the brightest past with 'people'" She gives me a warm smile. "Don't worry, I'm used to it having a teenage son and all!" She replys "Speaking of Luke, where is he?" she continues. A good looking, blonde haired boy walks down the stairs, "I'm here mum."

Julianna's P.O.V

"I'm here mum" I hear from the stairway, Eh, probably some creep. I walk back to my dad to see who it is, turns out he's my step brothers, but he's so cu- No I can't be thinking that!

"Luke please show Annie to her room." My 'Mom' says, the blonde haired boy turns around. "Be my guest" He says, I scoff at his phrase. I am not a Disney fan, as you can tell. 

He leads me up a steep flight of stairs, on the way up I notice a lot of baby photos of Luke and two other boys. he turns a corner and leads me into a room that says 'Jack's room; do not disturb, sleeping' on it. As we enter I notice quite a few 5 seconds of summer posters, they had a really good looking brown haired guy, some red head dude, a guy with a bass guitar and, what... No; Luke?!?!?!?


"Your in a band?!" I say to him a little shocked. He nods, "We haven't had any gigs yet, we arn't very popular either, but we released some tunes. Wanna hear them?" I shake my head, no. "I could honestly care less, now get out before I make you get out!" I yell, he backs away from me before leaving the room.

"Hmmm, I can put a wooden dressing tables here, wicker draws here, my bed can be turned over here, I can paint the walls lavender with black leopard print and the door to my bathroom maybe, errrrrrrr, black!!" I say thinking out loud. "Actaully you can't paint this room at all sorry Anna" Luke barges into my room and says. "I can do what I want now go!" He leaves with a sigh.

*** Later that day***

"Ash, she hates me. It's not gonna work out man" I hear Luke say with a sigh. Good Lord, he's being so loud and I'm trying to sleep. I then hear Ash reply, "Luke, Dude, you can't let your STEP-SISTER get you down, here listen to a set of new lyrics I did for our new song Just Saying" A song starts playing shortly after.


You got a boyfriend and he's a total loser,

all your friends tell you that you've got no future,

but they like me,

Just saying


That was the last straw. I run across the corridor to Luke's room, only wearing a short black crop top, short shorts and my hair was in a messy ponytail I was also wearing my reading glasses as I was reading my favourite e-book, to tell him to shut to flip up.

"SHUT UP LUKE ITS LIKE 3AM!" I say. His faces goes red as he scans my body up and down. The brown haired guy stands up, "You never told me how hot your sister is Luke" I blush a little before snapping into reality again. "Yeah your hot too, now let me sort this out" I say pushing him away. I look at Luke. "Please be a little quieter I'm trying to sleep!!" I say trying to be the nicest I can. "Was that Anna being nice?!" Luke points out, trying to tease me. "YES! Now be more quiet or I will tell your mum" I snap once again clearly getting back to my normal self. I then sprint back to my room just to sprint back to Luke's, "Call me" I say to the brown haired boy handing him a slip of paper with my number on it. He takes it just as I was about to run back to my room to sleep.


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