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"I want you, Jungkook."

"Then prove it."

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3. 02


The bell finally rang. School was over for the day. I collected my notebooks, put them in my bag and then quickly left the classroom.

There was just one thing still on my mind, though.


I can't believe I didn't ask for his name earlier. Ah, so stupid. Then, I just rushed away as soon as the bell rang. He made me so nervous, ah!

"You okay there?" A voice suddenly came from behind me. I turned around and came to face Taehyung himself. My breathing patterns were already becoming uneven.

"Oh.. yeah. I'm fine." I replied and then there was an awkward silence for at least five seconds. "So.. uh.. I'm sorry about earlier.. I uh.. I was so nervous and uh-" I rambled.

"Jungkook." He said softly.

"I just couldn't believe I became so flustered so quickly.. that never happens.." I continued to ramble.

"Kookie." He snapped me out of my rambling by using the pet name everyone eventually uses for me. It just felt so soothing when Taehyung said it.


"It's okay. I was a bit nervous too at first. You do have quite the appearance and you were so friendly to me. Oh! By the way, your friend Yoongi told me something quite interesting earlier." My face turned pale and I looked completely embarrassed already.

"Oh no, what did he tell you?"

"Why the worried face? He just told me you were 'into me' ..that's all." Taehyung gave a playful smirk.

"Wh- Why would he tell you that?" He ignored my question.

"Are you into me already, Kookie? Hm?"

"N-No of course not.. we uh.. just met and all and I'm sure you're not gay or anything like that." I mentally facepalmed. Why did I say that? Gah! Taehyung kept his smirk and stepped even closer to me.

"Is that so? I seem to recall you saying that you.. oh what were the words again.. ah! That you 'wanted me' Do those words ring a bell?" My face soon turned bright pink and I quickly hid my face in my hands. Taehyung softly grabbed my hands and began to stare into my eyes. He licked his lips and started to inspect my facial features silently. Before I could even respond, Jimin hopped inbetween us.

"Were you guys gonna kiss? If so, I owe Yoongi like five dollars." My face burned from being embarrassed even more.

"Jimin! You're not supposed to tell them that, you idiot!" Yoongi groaned.

"My bad. But seriously were you guys gonna ki-"

"Oh my, don't you think it's a bit soon for kissing?" Taehyung spoke up, interrupting him. "I haven't even taken Kookie here out on a date yet."

"D-Date? ..Y-Yet?" I squeaked.

"I'm kidding. Totally kidding. But I do want something from you." Taehyung leaned into me to whisper in my ear.

"I'm going to need your number. For science."

"Okay, you ruined the mood, dork." I chuckled softly.

"Nice to see you lightening up. That was the plan. But I really do want your number." He took out his phone and opened his contacts ushering me to insert my number. Once I did, I gave his phone back and smiled.

"You better text me."

"Ah! So demanding, Kookie~ You want me that bad?"

"I-I-" I stuttered.

"Hey, I have a great idea. Taehyung, do you wanna come by my house to chill? We always gather there after school, it would be wonderful if you could come as well. Right Jungkook?" Yoongi flashed me an evil grin.

"Sounds like a great idea, Yoongi." I mumbled. I was half excited yet half terrified to actually hang out with this boy. He's so beautiful and calming and my friends are.. so not that.

"I'd be honored. Plus, I'd get to know you guys better." Taehyung looked at me as he finished his sentence.

"Ah, that's the spirit. You can ride with Jungkook if you'd like. He knows the way."

"Riding with Jungkook, eh? Sounds lovely." Taehyung has become quite the little flirt. I can't imagine how he is when no one else is around..

"You've only known him for a day and you already want to smash bro? Damn." Jimin said. "Kookie has that effect on people, I suppose."

"Wha?! Shut up, Jimin!" I was already starting to get really uncomfortable with this entire situation.


We eventually started to walk out together, into the parking lot, to go to Yoongi's place. I led Taehyung to my car and I opened the door for him.

"Such a gentleman~" He cooed before getting into the car. I can't believe I'm already getting hit on by this gorgeous boy I just met. I soon got in the driver's seat and looked over at Taehyung.

"I'm going to apologize beforehand for anything my friends do or say to you." I spoke.

"Why?" He look a bit confused.

"They're- They just like to embarrass me a lot."

"It's cute seeing you like this. A blushing mess. But don't worry Kookie, they'll have to try pretty hard to get rid of me." His expression changed from a playful one to a flirty one. "Besides, I have my eyes already set on someone and it's gonna be pretty hard to scare me away now."

I couldn't even believe my ears.

Did he just admit to liking me?

This soon?


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