avengers book 2 prefences

book 2 has - pierto, bucky, bruce

ps: you can message me or comment for request for one and I try to respond soon as possible. - Mystery Girl


8. he kiss's when your scared

~Pierto: (you were scared of hydro comeing back)

You were in tears, when pierto told you and you were in bewteen of having a panic attack. Than pierto held you, after you stop shakeing, he lean in and kiss you lightly on the cheek.

" no will tear us apart"


Bucky - (during the civil war)

I were so worried about loseing bucky to shild or hydro and never seeing him agina. You and bucky were having some alone time, he knew that you were scare. He didn't know what to said so he just kiss you than you started calm down.

Bruce (age of the ultron)

You and bruce was alone before he had to leave with the avengers, to stop ultron. You were so worried for bruce becouse he doesn't like being the hulk. Since wanda mess with his head, he knew that you were scared for him. Than he lean in and kiss you softy and sweetly, the kiss calm you down.


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