avengers book 2 prefences

book 2 has - pierto, bucky, bruce

ps: you can message me or comment for request for one and I try to respond soon as possible. - Mystery Girl


4. be mine


It happen when you and pierto were on another date, you been dateing. Pierto for more than month but he never asked you to be his. Until one night, on the half to your place, than piero spoke up

Um…(y/n) will you be mine girl?

Than you smiled and yell really loud


Than he hugged you and kiss you on the forehead before he walk you to your place.

Since you met bucky, you would vist him and make sure he was okay. And he had everything that needed since he lived in the abounded buliding. Tonight you brought pizza and soda, after setting. Up, bucky came in and he seem shy and scared
You: whats wrong?
Bucky: I like you…i…want…you…only…but -
You: yes
Than you shared the pizza and soda and you knew Bucky asked you be my girlfriend.

Bruce -  

You were both working overtime at the avengers tower, he aways looking at you. When you wasn't looking at all, after of long night of him doing this. After leaveing the tower and he talk you to your car, you could tell that bruce was nerouse. Than bruce spoke up as you open your car door

" (y/n)…I'll care for you and love you, I hope you feel the same… be my girlfriend ?"

You blushed and smiled and finally said "yes", bruce and you were so happy.


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