Friends with Benifits

Ally Smith, a young English girl, who is troubled. She is one of those girls who always causes trouble, but has never had sex. When her parents make her move to Australia, she starts to experiment. With all of her interest, like photography, she struggles to maintain this bad girl image. But with the Bad Boy, Luke Hemming's, help will she ever become a good girl, or stay bad?


1. 1

Ally's P.O.V

2nd month of term. 3 left to go. Today was Tuesday and I was due for a meeting with the head teacher. I hated her. I'm not going to it anyway, for god sake, who do the teachers think I am. I got changed into a black long sleeved belly top, a pair of leather trousers,some black boots. I walked into the kitchen, collecting my black finger less gloves of the table. Mum is never home, so I hardly need to watch my manners and shit. 

Mum has got this boyfriend. His name is David and he is one of those drug addicts. Mum is either out at his house, having sex with him or taking drugs. Unlike my mum, I still haven't lost my V-card. She lost hers a 12, when I was 12 all I thought about was unicorns.

I hurried to school, avoiding the head teachers office, finding the toilets. I went in and fixed my make up, before walking to my locker. I saw my boyfriend, Tyler, walking towards me. He pushed me up against the locker and starting forcefully making out with me. I quickly ended the kiss, so the teacher wouldn't find me in halls.


It was 1st period and I was sat in science, finishing some course work on atoms. I herd over the inter come, "Can Ally Smith please come to my office, now!" Oh god, I stood up and casually walked out. I waited outside the door for the nosy old bitch to call me in. I strutted into the office, sitting down and crossing my legs. I leaned slightly forward, licking my lips. Flinging my hair backwards, I sat and waited for her complaint. 

"Ally, I'm worried that you are causing this school a lot of trouble. I have talked with your mother and we are transferring you and your mother to Australia, for a new start." 

"Fuck that, I'm not going."

"Mind your language Miss.Smith. You now have no choice, you are leaving this afternoon." I stood up getting ready to leave the room. I turned around, looking at the hag that sat before me,

"Fuck...You!!" I stormed out. The hallways were bare, literally, there was nothing there. Annoyed, I got my school back and walked out the door. I texted Tyler to tell him the situation. He asked if I was breaking up with him and I said no. I'm not leaving him forever, I will be back. 


I walked into my house, throwing my bag on the floor. I herd creaking coming from up stairs, then the moans and grunts of mum and David. I sat on the couch and turned on the TV, turning it up to the full volume, so I didn't have to listen to the sex. 

Mum walked downstairs, shocked to see me there. She sat down next to me, 

"You're skipping school." I nodded,

"Well, I have to pack don't I!!!"

"I've already done that. And for the first month or so, I'm not gonna be there. Davids buying a house in Austrailia, so he can be with us. No Parties and guys too a minimum."


I'm now in Australia. It's fucking shit. I have seen a few cute guys, but I think my school is going to be full of potatoes. I'm so happy...............NOT!

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