Look At Us ~ Sequel to Fuck Buddy

Wren and Ashton are back again! Losing Mercy they find out the truth why she died.Ashton and Wren are holding it together.Wren has a new Career in the Singing Business! So Ashton decides to join! Will there Marriage work on the road? Or will the hate get to them?


3. We leave tomorrow!


"I found this!"Wren said excited as she ran out of Victoria Secret.She handed me the bag and I opened it."Woah"I smiled."I know, Maybe later?"."It's your birthday".Me, My mother, Michael, Alyssa, And Wren walked down the mall.We stopped to hang out at the food court.Wren was staring at something.Michael saw this too.We looked at what she was looking at.It was a baby store."Wren...Don't let it get to you".I came up to her ear."If you want to, We can maybe Adopt A-"I started but was cut off."A baby!"She got excited."Um i was going to say a pet but if you want maybe we can or we can try again another time?".

"Wait a pet? What kind?"She asked."Maybe a hedgehog, Your favorite".She kissed me."Thank you!"She said."Anything for you babe"."Michael Guess what!"Wren said.Michael shot his head back."What?"."I'm getting a hedgehog!"."Oh Really Wow I love Hedgehogs!"."Hi!"Someone said.We turned around.A couple of girls and a guy was there."Hello, Can I help you?"I smiled."Can we get a picture with you guys?"A jumpy girl said."Sure, What's your names?"Michael asked as we stood up.

"I'm Tracey, This is Jessie, And That is Terrence"She pointed to each of them.We smiled.We took a couple pictures and signed some stuff, They gave us there phone numbers and we put them in our pockets.We sat back down."Wow, So much for not getting noticed"Wren laughed.I put my arm around her and came close to her ear."You are the only girl i love and will ever love, okay?"."Okay"She said annoyed."What's the matter?"."It's just...What if i get more hate from your fans?"."That won't happen okay? They ship us"."Who the hell even ca,e up with ship?"."I have no idea"I laughed.We finished up then threw our stuff in the trash.

We continued shopping, Wren bought this pink dress and some black sandal heels whatever.She was with My mom and Alyssa and I was with Michael."I wanna buy her something from here, Come on"I said dragging him into a store.I looked around and saw a diamond tiara.1500 dollars? She was worth it.We walked to the front desk."Hi How can i help you?"A man asked then looked up and lit up when he saw us."H-H-Hi"He stuttered."Hi, Um I would like to buy that Tiara over there"I pointed to it.He took out his keys and went to the case.He unlocked it and grabbed the tiara then locked it back up.

Maybe you should come to our party, It's a costume party"Michael handed him his number. Is Michael Gay? To be honest i didn't care at all.He gave me the receipt and we walked out of the store."So it's now a costume party?"."yes". "Well now that Wren can be a Queen i'm going to get a king crown"i smiled.

* * *

I entered the place where Wren's birthday party was being held.It was huge.They had set up the decorations.Wrens favorite color was pink.I emailed everyone directions and that it was a costume party."I'm gonna go get dressed"I told Michael, Who was dressed as a Sexy police man.I went to the bathroom and took out the stuff then got dressed.


I took out my bandana, Crown or Bandana.I put the bandana back and put on the crown.I unbuttoned my blazer, Revealing my chest.I looked at myself one more time in the mirror then walked out."Hmm Well don't you look sexy?"i heard a familiar voice say.I looked up and saw my sister Lauren.I ran up and hugged her."Why are you here"I smiled. "Well it's your Wife's birthday and i'm in town for the week"."Where's harry?"."He's outside playing with some guy he met".

i walked outside and saw he was talking to the guy at the store."There's my favorite sibling"i said.Harry turned around and ran to me then hugged me.He was wearing a ninja turtles outfit."So Harry ready to meet Wren?"i asked.He nodded his head.We walked inside.Everyone was here and all we needed was Wren.I grabbed my present and headed upstairs.Wren was looked in the mirror, Looking at her body.I wrapped my arms around her waist."You look beautiful"I smiled.

I handed her my gift.She opened it and her jaw dropped."Baby, You didn't have to..."."Yes i did, you're worth it".I put it on her."Just like a Queen"."Well you're my King".I pecked her lips and we walked to the stairs.She gripped onto my arm.We walked down the stairs.Everyone fell silent when they saw us.Some started cheering.She looked around. "Wow"She smiled."Anything for you".

Hopefully she won't find out how much this all costs...

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