Look At Us ~ Sequel to Fuck Buddy

Wren and Ashton are back again! Losing Mercy they find out the truth why she died.Ashton and Wren are holding it together.Wren has a new Career in the Singing Business! So Ashton decides to join! Will there Marriage work on the road? Or will the hate get to them?


2. Harvey


I stared at her as she rocked her head back and fourth in my beats headphones.I smiled.She looked so cute."What you staring at?"She asked, taking the beats off."Nothing, you're just cute"I smiled."Well so are you"."I only take kisses as complements"."Well you'll get a lot of those in different places later"."Ohh"I smiled.She giggled.The way she giggled was so cute.There was a knock at the door.

I got up and answered it.A man with facial hair and blue eyes stood there."Hi"I said cheerfully."Hey I'm here for Karen Clifford?"."I'm sorry but may i ask who you are?"."I'm Harvey, Karen's Husband".I stepped aside so he could come in.He entered the house.I closed the door."Can i get you anything?"."No I'm fine"He smiled."Ashton!!"I heard Wren yell. "Coming"I yelled back."Well if you need anything help yourself"I smiled then walked in the living room."Yes?".She put her arms out.I picked her up and she wrapped her arms and legs around me.I cradled her bum, Giving her support.

"You tired?"."Yeah"She dug her face into my neck."I'll take you upstairs".I walked out to the kitchen and everyone stared at me."Wren's a bit tired so i'm going to bring her upstairs, if you need anything help yourself"I said then went upstairs.I tried to put her on the bed but she wouldn't let go of my neck."Come on Baby let go of my neck"I laughed."No i want you to cuddle"She smiled."I can't i have to go downstairs"."Pleaseee".I sighed.I laid next to her and she cuddled up with me. Mercy could've been here.

She could've had a wonderful life, She could've been treated like a princess, She could've gotten to live and see this beautiful world.I didn't even get to hold her, I didn't get to say good bye or i didn't get to see her eyes.She didn't even get to see her father.She was my daughter too.Everyone's probably here just for Wren, they just came here to see how the mother was doing, Nobody probably came here for me.Wren got to hold her, I didn't get to.Something went Wrong, It couldn't have been because of us.

I got up and went downstairs to everybody."How's-Ashton what's wrong?"Michael asked."nothing why?"."Because you're crying".I wiped the tears from my eyes."No i'm not, I'm fine"I smiled."Ash no you're not"."I said i'm fine".I walked away to the kitchen.I grabbed a beer from the fridge and popped it open with my arm."Nice trick"Harvey said."Yeah listen i don't need any friends that sexually abused my wife when she was younger, Yeah i heard so don't try to be my friend just to get to Wren"i said.

"Can't we just be friends?, I don't want anything to do with Wren"."I didn't even want you here, i didn't know you were coming but if you go near here i will file a restraining order and will take you to jail"."I'm only going to say happy birthday to her"."No you will not go near her, tell Karen to do it for you".I walked back upstairs.I opened the door to our room the closed it quietly behind me.I turned around and saw Wren was naked under the covers."What are you doing?"I asked."What? No birthday sex?"."Wren you just-"."I know i did but now i want you".I took off my shoes."Only because it's your birthday".

I hopped into bed.

**Sex Scene** If you don't want to read skip over, This for my dirty readers ;)

I took off my shirt and pants.She got out from under the covers.Damn i forgot how sexy her body looked.She slid off my boxers with her teeth.She came back up and started sucking the tip.i forgot how good she gave a BJ's.She started pumping.Ah Fuck.I moaned softly.She stopped and started licking it.Her tongue ring made it better.I squirted out cum.She licked it up.

I flipped her over and started kissing her inner thigh.Then i slid my tongue inside of her and licked her.She started moaning."Fuck Ashton"She moaned.I flickered my tongue up and down really fast.Her cum squirted to the back of my throat.I swallowed it.I removed my tongue and climbed over her.I went up to her ear."You're in control tonight"I whispered.She smiled.She threw my to the pillows and i laid there.She grabbed the ninja turtles condom and put it on me.

She put me inside of her then started rocking back and forth."Fuck"I moaned.I sat up and she kept doing what she was doing.I kissed her lips then down her body until i got to her breasts.I sucked on them the continued to kiss down her body.She moaned my name softly."You can moan louder than baby"."Y-Your parents"."It's fine".I flipped her over so that I was on top.I trusted in and out of her.

I increased the speed and she moaned louder.She moaned my name loud.I came inside the condom and pulled out. I took the condom off and put it in the trash.

**Sex Scene Over** It's safe to read

We tried to catch our breath."Damn"she laughed."Yeah, Birthday sex is the best".I put my underwear on.I got up and put on my clothes.I went to the bathroom and fixed my hair and bandana."Happy birthday baby"I pecked her lips then went out the room.I walked downstairs."Okay, So game-"I started but was cut off by Michael."Fuck Wren Harder baby"he mocked me.I blushed deeply.Everyone started laughing."We're doing it again tonight but We need to get her out of the house so Michael, My mom, and I will take her shopping"

"B-But i hate Shopping"He wined."I'll buy you hair dye"."Deal but Alyssa has to come"."Okay, mom can you go get her?".She went upstairs."Dude, When you fuck can you keep it down or at least wait until the adults leave?"Michael whispered."I don't know, It just kind of happened, She was naked so i thought 'Hey, She wanted to have sex so why not now?'"."Gross no Details".She came downstairs with some black ripped skinny jeans that gripped onto her butt in the right places and A Irwin crop top.

Nobody better touch her, She's Mine

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