Look At Us ~ Sequel to Fuck Buddy

Wren and Ashton are back again! Losing Mercy they find out the truth why she died.Ashton and Wren are holding it together.Wren has a new Career in the Singing Business! So Ashton decides to join! Will there Marriage work on the road? Or will the hate get to them?


1. After Practice


We were all done with practice and it was time to hit the showers.I ran up to Wren on the bench."I just have to shower then we're outta here"I kissed her then ran to the showers.A little about Wren; When she was 3 months pregnant she landed a record deal! And when they found out they asked who the father was and so when they found out it was me they thought it would make great publicity.After i was done i with the shower blow dried my hair, We have one already hooked up.I was done and i grabbed my bandana from my unicorn bag.I put it on and then my unicorn bag.I went out when one of the cheerleaders came up to me.

"Hey Ashy Poo!"She said bubbly."Um I don't go by that anymore"I said, turning to her."I am so sorry for your loss maybe we could grab coffee and talk about it sometime?".I chuckled nervously."I'm flattered but, Um, I'm Actually married"I said then showed her my wedding band."Oh well, If you ever need somebody to talk to i'm always here"She smiled then handed me a slip of paper.I walked off to Wren.She just kept on laughed."Stop it it's not funny"I wined."Oh it was"."No it was not, It was embarrassing!"I grabbed her wrists and got into her face playfully."Oh yes it was Mr.Irwin"She scrunched up her face."No it wasn't Mrs.Irwin"."Okay"She laughed.I kissed her and she kissed back.

My hands traveled down her waist and to the bum.She pulled away and moved my hands."What are you doing?"She laughed."What, Can't I feel up my wife?"I laughed."You can but not in public"."Well why not?"."Because It's embarrassing"."Well we're always embarrassing"."We wouldn't without Mercy"She said serious."I know you miss her, I do too but we just have to face the fact that that's how things are"."That was my first daughter and i lost her, My only baby". "There's nothing to feel embarrassed about, She was our baby girl and Now she's in a better place".'I-It's just S-she's So Innocent W-Why Would They D-Do that?"She cried.I wrapped my arms around her.

"Let's go home, I'll fix you a nice bath and we can watch movies and eat all day, Okay?"."Okay but i just want to be in this position with you"."Okay, We'll stay as long as you want"I kissed her forehead.

* * *

"Baby Your bath is ready"I said entering our room.She laid on the bed looking at the wristband she had on at the hospital.I toppled over her."Stop that's depressing"."I just miss her"."I know you do, And as do I but you have everyone supporting you"."They support you too"."No they don't, Only the people at school do and they don't give two fucks about me,Or You, Or the baby"."Ash don't say that, Everyone does care"."No they don't, Only you do, Maybe my grandparents, They're coming today so i'll see them tomorrow, I wanna spend today with you".

''No you should go see them, I'll be fine"."No, I'm staying here, They'll be here tomorrow"."My mom is stopping by today to see how things are, Why don't you invite your family, it could be our family day"."Sure but i drew the bath so get in"."You wanna come in with me?".I smirked."You bet Princess".She sighed."What?"i asked."Mercy would've been your princess".I sighed."Come on lets go in da baf"I said in a baby voice."Otay".She grabbed he clothes and we went in the bathroom.I got undressed and got in the tub.I watched as she slowly undressed.

"Stop with the tease!"i wined.She giggled, Wiping to tears from her eyes.She grabbed something and jumped in the tub.She showed me a ninja turtles condom.I took it."Where the hell did you get a ninja turtles condom?"I laughed."I stole it from Michael"She giggled."but i'm not going to have sex with you, Come on Wren you just had a baby". "Fine"She huffed."Come on Wren, i love you but we just lost our creation, I would like to have another one one day but not now"."I'm not saying have another baby, All i can think about is sex and Mercy, And i need Sex to keep my mind off of losing Mercy"."That's what i thought when i lost my dad"I mumbled.

She handed me the condom."In case you change your mind"She smiled.I put it on the stool next to the bath."Now come here and cuddle"I said.She came over and sat in between my legs."I love you"i said, Playing with her hair."I love you, too".

* * *


I put on my beats on my neck."Ashton they're here!"Michael yelled.I walked out the bathroom, Entering Wren and I's room.She was Crying on the bed."Come on baby, They're here"."I know i heard Michael"She said.Her back was turned so i saw she had an 'Irwin' T-Shirt on.I smiled."You look really sexy in that"."I know"She said."Smartass"I chuckled.I heard her giggle a little."Alright well if you need anything just call me and i'll be right up".She turned around, Wearing cute glasses and put her arms out.I toppled over her and hugged her."I want you to carry me".I let go.She sat up and put her arms out.I picked her up, She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck, digging her face into my neck.

I held on to her and walked downstairs.Here goes nothing.I walked out and saw my mom, Grandparents, Wren's mom, And a man I've never seen before.They all saw us and walked up to us."How's Wren doing?"Her mom asked."She's not doing good, It's been hard on all of us"."Awe my poor baby"The man said then rubbed her hair.I moved Wren away from him."Pappy?"Wren mumbled."Yes I'm here honey, Hi We haven't Introduced ourselves, i'm Leo, Wren's father". Her mom nervously chuckled."Her stepdad should be here any minute".Wren came out of my neck and looked at me with fear in her eyes then looked at her mother.

"No"She said."What do you mean 'No'? He's your step father"."Harley ? Quid mihi cum eo et impudice abusi ?(Harley? The one who sexually abused me?)"She spoke in Latin."Non , non hoc desinis(No stop you're making that up)"."Non sum! Ego sum irata fecit !(He did! and I'm Pissed!)"Wren yelled."Wren non uti lingua Quia caro est patris tui!(Wren do not use that language and he is your father!)"Her mom yelled."Put me down"Wren said.I put her down and she walked up to her mother."Filiam tuam non sim tu mater mea pater juris! (I may be your daughter but you will never be my mother! My father is right there!)".

She ran to me and hugged me, I put my arm around her.She got sexually abused?I chuckled nervously."So we haven't all met"I said awkwardly. Nobody said anything."Well Let me start, I'm Ash-"I started but got cut off by Wren."Stop you just don't know what's going on"She said with tears in her eyes."As i was saying, I'm Ashton and I can Understand Latin Wren, One thing A husband should do, Understand their Wife's Culture"."Wait so you heard all of that?"Her mom asked."Yes, I did, And if he ever even hurts even a hair on her little head i will file a restraining order and take his ass to jail".

Michael came down the stairs."Nope Uh Uh Nope get the hell out"Michael said to his mother."What why?"."Because if you're here, Harley's here and if Harley's here, Wren get's upset and If she gets upset, There's going to be another world war up in here, and she's already upset"."He's not going to do anything, I'll make sure he's away from Wren"


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