Nice To Meet You (ChanBaek)


1. one. Chanyeol

Chapter One



"CHANYEOL!!" Sehun yelled down the stairwell as I made my way down to the dorms.

"What?!" I said as I sighed and walked back up the four flights of stairs.

"Our new trainee is here!!" Sehun said happily as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down the hallway and into our practice room.

All the other boys were already there, chatting and messing around.

A new boy sat there, on the couch. Happily talking in fluent Korean.

"We're back!" Sehun said right as we walked further into the room. The new boy stood up and bowed to me. I bowed back and said "Hello, I'm Chanyeol, I'm guessing you're the new Trainee."

"Yes, I am. My name is BaekHyun. I'm looking forward to working with you."

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