The Bad Boy ~L.R.H~

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss Liz. Oh! Did i mention she has a son?


8. chapter 8



~Monday Morning~ 

I wake up to Luke telling me to get up and shaking me. Apparently I slept in. "I don't wanna get up!" I say said tiredly and a bit annoyed. "I know" Luke says understanding I'm not a morning person. So keeping in mind I'm awake 30 minutes late I get up and take a shower and blow-dry my hair. For my clothes I put on my green and black flannel, ripped black jeans, and a black and white shirt that says "i don't trust me either" with skeleton fingers crossed. I then put on my black beanie with the 'Vans' logo on it and my all black vans. After my clothes were on I put on my usual makeup, winged eyeliner, mascara, but this time I put on clear-shiny lip gloss.

  When I was done,I went downstairs and told Luke that I'm ready. We were already late but oh well, I don't really care. I will admit, though I am kind of scared. I mean I don't have any friends, I don't know my way around. I'm guessing that Luke is just going to go hang out with his friends and I'm going to be alone. but that's alright. i'll make it.   On our way there I get a nervous feeling in my stomach.

"I'm kind of nervous." I tell Luke.

"Ava its alright their is nothing to be nervous about, I promise." he says back.

I just take his word for it. When we pull up to the school I realize that its about the same size as my school back in California. Me and Luke walk in together and because we are late their are only a few people in the hall. As soon as we get to the main hall way Luke leaves me.

"wait Luke I need you to show me where the offi-" but before I can continue I realize he's already too far away to hear me.

"ugh jerk" I say as I turn around and then suddenly I was on the floor.

"ugh! watch where you are going!" a girl yells.

"um I'm pretty sure you knocked into me." I say sounding like a bitch.

"whatever. who are you anyway? I've never seen you before, and you have an American accent?" she says calming down

"I'm Ava. I'm new and yeah I'm from America" I say as I get off the floor.

"oh. I like your outfit. My name is Emma." she says, and as she mentions my outfit I notice hers too.

She was wearing a blue and black flannel, a 'all time low' shirt, black skinny jeans and black combat boots.

"thanks I like yours too." I say to her

 "umm do u know where the office is? I have to get my locker combination" I ask her

"yeah I was just headed their. my science teacher just sent me there. she's a bitch." she says. I laugh.

I think we will get along. as we walk to the office I notice how pretty the girl was she had dirty blonde, shoulder length hair with maroon streaks, brown eyes, and about the same size as me.

 When we get to the office I tell the secretary who I am

"you're late." she says

"so." I answer back.

 she gives me a dirty look and I just smile.

"Calum will take you to your locker and show you around." she says acting like a bitch.

I look around to see where this Calum kid was, then a tattooed boy stands up and says

"what if I dont want to." to the secretary

"well thats just to bad Mr. Hood." she replies.

and then Calum looks at me and his eyes go big and he drags me out of the office by my hand.

 "umm? who are you" I ask him.

"who are you?" he says with a smirk.

"um ew. just show me where my locker is." I reply with a grossed out look. even though he was pretty hot.

after he shows me my locker and tells me where my classes are he finally goes away I put all my stuff in my locker and go to my first class, which was art, which should be fun considering I love to draw. As I enter my class I notice that Luke is in my class. I introduce myself to my teacher, very nicely.

"excuse me but you're not aloud wearing hats in the building." she says meanly referring to my beanie. keeping calm, remembering its my first day I reply

 "and why is that?"

"because Its against school rules."

"umm so?"

"so you need to take it off"

"no."i say as I look around I notice the whole class is watching, including Luke.

"young lady I will not put up with your attitude. I will cut you some slack since its your first day but you better quit before you make it hard on yourself, now go sit in an available seat."

"ohhh I'm so scared." I say sarcastically.

And the whole class laughs. I'm just glad its my senior year and I don't have to put up with this bullshit again after this year.

~after class~

"hmm not to bad" Luke says to me talking about the art class incident.

"thanks." I reply.  

~end of the day~

well today I have learned that Luke and 3 other boys are the most popular boys in school. I mean duh. they are famous. and Calum is one of his friends. and me and Emma are friends now. I have her number and she has mine.   After the last bell I walk outside to see Luke making out with some slut next to his car.

"are you done?" I say to him.

"no" he replies sounding annoyed, as he breaks the kiss for a brief moment.

"okay ill walk." I say meanly and I start walking. its only about a 10 minute walk.

When I get home I go upstairs and change into shorts and a tank top and put my hair in a messy bun. I go downstairs, make a bowl of cereal and watch Netflix. About 2 hours later Luke walks in with a girl and they go upstairs right away.

"gross." I say out loud.

about a hour passes and the girl comes out of his room yelling at him something about about being a fuckboy and then he came down the stairs laughing and said

 "it worked for you didn't it" as she slammed the door.

"what the hell was that." I said raising my voice.

"calm down. its just girl" he said still laughing.

"no. that was so annoying stop doing that to people!"

 "or what." he replies getting a little closer to me. it was hot.

"Luke get away" I say laughing/serious. and then all of a sudden I feel my body hit the ground gently and Luke tickling me.

"Luke Hemming stop that this instant!" I say while laughing.

"never" he says with a smile and a giggle.

"stop it!!" I say laughing so hard. and then he stops and looks me deep in the eyes as he moves closer and closer.            




















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