The Bad Boy ~L.R.H~

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss Liz. Oh! Did i mention she has a son?


10. chapter 10

As Luke moves closer to me I feel a weird tingle in my stomach.

"Luke we shouldn't" I say sadly.

"but I think we should." he whispers

 and then suddenly I feel his lips on mine, they were warm and soft, except for this cold lip ring that made me have goosebumps. I feel him lick my bottom lip, asking for entrance which I allow, as our tongues fought for domination, his won of course.

I feel him pick me up and put me against the wall, my legs around his waist. and then he takes me to his room and lays me gently on his bed, and takes off my shirt as I take off his pants, and then his shirt, and he takes off my shorts while leaving trails of kisses all down my neck and onto my chest, next he takes off my bra and panties and I take off his boxers. I feel him reach over and grab something from his drawer beside his bed, and then enter me as I let out loud moans, he kisses me.

~skip to the next morning~

I wake up in Luke's bed.

"oh fuck." I say regretting what happened last night.

How could I let that happen. But he was just so damn hot. I notice that Luke wasn't in the bed, I get out of bed and go take a shower. As I let the water go down my body I think of how awkward it's going to be now between Luke and I, What have I done.

When I get out of the shower I put on the outfit in the picture, at the end of this chapter. For my makeup I put on dark maroon lipstick, winged eyeliner, and mascara, I decided to put my lip ring in because I haven't in a while,i put my gold one in. I also changed my nose piercing to gold. I left my hair naturally straight  and I put my beanie on. I will admit I looked good today.


When I was done I went downstairs and see Luke eating cereal, so I decide to make some too. I sit beside Luke at the table and he didn't say anything, there was an awkward silence, I decided to break the ice and say

"I don't want to g-" but then his phone rings.

he looks at his phone and then looks at me and goes outside to answer it.

"um okay." I say to myself.

 5 minutes later he comes inside, smiling, "what are you smiling about" I ask him.

"nothing" he says plainly as his smile drops.

 "uh okay. so are we not going to school today?" I ask him

"no. I don't want to. But you can if you want." he says back.

"no, I think I'll stay here." I say.

"I really wish you would go because I'm tired of hearing your voice." he says out of no where.

"excuse me?" I say shocked and a little hurt.

 "you are a bitch.get out." he says acting a complete dick.

"what the fuck did I do to you?!" I say standing up from my chair, getting very aggravated.

"Just get out Ava!!!" he yells loudly. 

as tears brim my eyes I run up to my room and just lay on my bed, thinking about what I did wrong to him, nothing?. about 30 minutes passes and I hear a car pull up outside and a girl comes out of it and then I see Luke walk up to the car and he starts kissing her.

they come inside, I hear the front door open and close, I go downstairs to see what the hell is happening. When I get down the stairs Luke and the girl where on the couch, talking and laughing.

"hey, who is this?" I ask Luke, curious to see who this girl was.

"this my girlfriend, Daisy." Luke says to me.

"my name is daisy. Who are you.?" she says meanly.

"really Luke. your girlfriend." I say in disbelief that he didn't tell me he had a girlfriend before we fucked.

"UNBELIEVABLE." I yell and run upstairs, crying. 

The rest of the day consisted of me, in my room thinking about what happened... and then my mind drifted somewhere else, sleep. 


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