The Bad Boy ~L.R.H~

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss Liz. Oh! Did i mention she has a son?


14. chapter 14


​After me and Luke were done with ya know what (wink wink), we went downstairs and saw that Liz was almost done with the food, so me and Luke just sat down across from each other at the table and got on our phones until she was done. About 5 minutes later Liz brings all the food and sets it in the middle of the table and her and my dad all sit at the table and we all start to put food on our plates.

"so how has your guys week been?" my dad asks me and Luke.

"its been really good. Me and Luke went to school, I met a new friend, and me and Luke have just been chilling around here" i say as me and Luke look at each other, he shakes his head agreeing with me.

"that's good honey!" my dad says to me, i just smile at him. The rest of the dinner was spent in silence, while me and luke would look up at each other awkwardly occasionally.

After dinner, I volunteer to do the dishes because Liz just got home, and i wouldn't want her to do too much hard work. About 2 minutes into me doing the dishes, I hear footsteps behind me and then i feel arms wrap around my waist. I jumped at first because i wasn't expecting it.

"your fucking hot." Luke says close to my ear, still having his arms wrapped around me.

"where is my dad and your mom?" i ask just making sure they wouldn't walk in and see this.

"mom went upstairs to her bed and so did your dad." he says

. as soon as he says that i turn around and push my lips against his, he lifts me up on top of the counter. He licks my bottom lip asking for entrance, i gladly accept, after 5 minutes of making out on the kitchen counter i slowly break the kiss and just simply say

"goodnight" just to tease Luke, i jump off the counter and start to walk away when i hear Luke say

"oh fuck no. get back here!" and pull me back into him, i laugh and we continue our makeout session until he finally let me go to bed.

I wake up and realize its the weekend! you know, I've only been to school once this week. oh well, its boring anyways. I look at the clock and it says 1:36, oh shit I slept in lol. I get up and get a shower, when i get out i decide to wear a black skater skirt, and just to tease Luke I put on a black and white 5sos crop top, black and white high top converse, and round, black sunglasses on my head. For my makeup, i put my usual eyeliner, mascara and this time i put burgundy lipstick on. For my hair i just put it in a messy-side braid.

When i was done i went downstairs.

"what the fuck" I hear Luke say, he started laughing.

"what?" i say smiling and then i remember my shirt.

"what Lukey don't u like it" i say smiling.

"hell yeah you look sexy" he says and smiles.

"our parents are at work" he says with a wink.

"omg luke." i say and laugh, as i walk over to him and put my arms around his neck and give him a peck on the lips.

"i have band practice today, if you wanna go. But you have to change your shirt or they will think your wierd" Luke says and laughs.

"fine i'll change it" i say as i laugh and go upstairs.

when i get to my room i look in my closet and i see a black and white flowered crop top. i decide to wear that, and then i take off my converse and put on thigh high black socks and my all black vans. After that i go back downstairs and luke says

"DAMMNNNN" i just laugh and kiss him. and then kiss him again, and even some more after that.

"can we go get ice cream?" i ask Luke.

"sure" he replies.

We go to the garage and Luke lets me pick out a car, i pick out the 2015 Porsche 911.

"why do you need this many cars?" i ask him, smiling.

"i don't know, i guess just because i can." he says laughing.

When we get to the ice cream parlor and we start to walk in and Luke stops at the door and turns around and stops in the middle of the doorway.

"Luke what are you doing? walk through the door." i ask and look at him with a 'what the fuck?' look.

"um lets go somewhere else." he says, looking nervous.

"why? Luke are you okay?." i ask him.

"yes. Let's just go somewhere else." he says.

I want to see what he was making a big deal about, so i went to the other side of the door and saw that there was about 7 girls sitting in a booth.

"are those girls the reason why your nervous?" i ask.

"um maybe." luke says with an embarrassed look.

"um why...?" i ask confused.

"well if im completely honest, I've fucked 5/7 of those girls." he says.

"are you fucking kidding me?!" i say as i raise my voice.

i mean i knew he was a man whore but i didn't know it was THAT bad. I seriously am embarrassed. i fast-walk to the car, get in and slam the door. When Luke gets in he says

"whats your problem?" acting confused.

"Luke, for real? whats my problem? you've probably fucked every girl in Australia?! I mean for real, you've probably even fucked my ONLY friend Emma." i say really hoped he would say he didn't.

But he didn't say anything, he just looked at me with a 'oh shit' look and then finally he says

"wellll.. what would you do if i told you i did but i totally regretted it after words?" my body filled up with anger

"WHAT THE FUCK LUKE?! what even are you??!!" i said amazed that someone could fuck so many people at just age 18.

"uhhh i don't know." he says acting like he doesn't care.

"do you even know how gross that is?" i said in disgust. i continued with "i cant believe i let you have sex with me.!" .

"sorry." he says plainly.

"just take me home please" i say to him, disappointed.

i mean some people would say that i went to far by yelling at him but for real I'm sure that if you had sex with someone and then you found out that they have had sex with TONS of other people, you would be furious too. as Luke starts to drive off i see cameras surrounding the ice cream parlor. Probably because they follow Luke around everywhere.

When we get home I'm still mad as hell. I go in the house, sit on the couch and turn on the television. Then Luke walked in the door and sat on the other side of the couch.

"why are you so mad?" he asks

 "well Luke, maybe because i kind of liked you, maybe also because having sex with a different person everyday is dangerous AND nasty. Especially for the person you last had sex with." i answer back.

"oh i get it, but i cant change my past now, so theirs no since in yelling at me for it." he says.

I mean he is right but still i need him to get it through his head that what he is doing is dangerous. after me not answering him for a while he says

"wait, you like me?" he says with a confused look.

"yes Luke. i do." i answer back, embarrassed, i get up and go to my room.

after about a half an hour of me sitting in my room, Luke walks over to me, lays me down on my bed and starts kissing my neck,

 "Luke what are yo-" i start to say but he hits my sweet spot and i moan a little moan.

i couldn't help it, i try to stay strong and tell him to stop but i just couldn't, it felt to good. as he keeps kissing my neck i feel him run his hand up and down my leg.

and then his lips go up to my lips but instead of him asking for tongue entrance, i did, and he accepted, i felt him smile during the kiss, which made me smile. And then he took off my skirt and shirt and i took off his shirt. My mind kept saying i shouldn't be doing this but i just couldn't help it. one thing led to another and Luke ended up sleeping in my bed that night.


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