The Bad Boy ~L.R.H~

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss Liz. Oh! Did i mention she has a son?


22. chapter 22

I wake up the next morning to Luke talking in the phone

"yes I do! No I'm just saying th-" he says sounding frustrated, he continues talking, saying "k whatever GOODBYE" he yells.

"Who was that?" I ask.

"My manager, he wants to take us to tour sooner" He says with a sad expression. My heart sinks to my legs.

"How soon." I say sadly.

"about 1 and a half months until I leave."

"oh." I say.

Well this sucks. After sitting on the bed in silence for 5 minutes I go downstairs and decide that I want to make pancakes.

As soon as I get all of the ingredients out, I hear the front door open and close, and then Calum and Ashton enter the kitchen

"hey guys! Do u guys want any pancakes?" I ask them.

They just look at me and don't say anything. I look down and realize that I'm just in underwear and Luke's shirt and it doesn't cover me all the way. My face gets beat red and I run upstairs to get changed. I just put on yoga pants and a band tee.

I run back downstairs and see Luke, Calum and Ashton all sitting at the dining room table laughing and talking, I smile and go back to the stove and start to cook everyone pancakes. When they are done I take them into the dining room and distribute then evenly among the boys

"thank you!" They say as they all get up and hug me, I laugh.

When they were done I went upstairs to put on my makeup. I hear a knock at my bedroom door

"come in!" I yell.

I look over and see Calum enter my room.

"hey we need to talk" he says in all seriousness.

"Yeah... I think so too" I say as I get up off my vanity chair.

"We can't do that anymore, I haven't told anyone yet but I actually have a girlfriend and I can't do that to her." He says.

"I know. I understand" I say as I get up and hug him, he hugs me back and leaves the room. Well that was awkward.

When I was done with me makeup, which is just mascara and lip gloss for today, I decide that I don't want to change my clothes, so I just stay in them. For my hair, I put it in a messy ponytail. I go back downstairs and I see that the boys are getting ready to leave.

"where are you guys going?" I ask them.

"Band practice, you can come if you want" Ashton says to me.

"Sure" I say because i don't want to be home alone

. I look like crap but oh well, when we leave the house, we all get in the Cadillac Escalade that the boys have with a driver in the front seat, and start heading to the studio. The whole way there we were laughing, talking and jamming out to songs, probably annoying the driver. When we get to the studio, their are about 25 girls outside, with 5sos shirts on waiting for the boys.

"You should go in the back entrance." Luke says.

"Why?" I ask, confused.

"so no one sees you and takes pictures of you and gives you hate" he answers.

"That's true!!" I say.

The driver takes me to the back where there are no people and I go inside. About 30 minutes later the buys finally come in.

"What took so long" I say as I laugh.

"We took ALOT of pictures" they say out of breath and laughing.

I laugh and the boys lead the way into the singing booth. I sit on the outside of the booth where I can still hear and see them but they can't see me. After a few minutes of setting up the instruments they finally start to sing. Their first song is 'unpredictable' as they start to play there instrument and Luke starts to sing, he looks so happy when he is singing. I know he loves his job. I smile watching him.


'She sits at home with the lights out, seeing life in different colors, I think it's time now we wake up, so let me take you away, we can run down the streets with stars in our eyes and tear down this town, in the dark of the night."

I smile as the boys finish up. Wow, they are SO AMAZING.I'm speechless. After a few songs they finally come out of the booth. I go straight to Luke and hug him

good job" I say as I nuzzle my head in his chest.

"Thanks" he says, out of breath, as he kisses my forehead. He's so cute.

When we get home, it's about 4 o'clock now.

"Hey do you want to go somewhere?" Luke asks me.

"Sure, like where?" I answer.

"Like a restaurant" he answers.

"Okay" I answer.

"Dress nice" he says as he goes upstairs.

I wonder what the occasion is. I go upstairs and reapply my makeup but this time I put on foundation, eyeliner, a smoky eye as my eyeshadow, mascara and I decide to put on dark, matte red lipstick. I go in the bathroom, take out my ponytail and curl my hair. After that, I go back to my room and look through my closet to find a dress, I end up finding a 2- piece black cocktail dress that fits me just right with beige flats.

When I was done getting dressed i look at the time, my phone says it is now 6:00. Just in time. I look at myself in the mirror one last time, I smile at myself, I haven't looked this good in a while. I go downstairs and see Luke is turned the opposite way from me in the kitchen, I look at what he is wearing, a plain white shirt with a black blazer over top of it, black jeans that weren't skinny jeans, and black and white vans.

"Damn" i whisper as I look him up and down, he looks hot.

He hears me and turns around, automatically his eyes go wide and his mouth drops open.

"holy fuck." He whispers under his breath. I blush super hard.

He walks toward me, grabs my hand and takes me to the cars, he picks out a black 2014 Porsche spider. He opens the door for me

"thanks" I say as I blush, I wonder what his deal is? He never acts like this.

He gets and and drives, soon we pull into some really big restaurant called 'Catalina restaurant' we go inside and it was the best place I have ever been to, my eyes go wide and I gasp

"oh my gosh! Luke this place is AMAZING" I say in amazement. He smiles.

We get our seat and we order, and our food comes. We spend the night laughing and talking. When we where about to leave Luke gets serious and says

"Ava I have to talk to you" i get scared.

"What" I say nervously.

"SOO um I really really like you an- oh fuck it, will you go out with me?" He says nervously.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

"Yes!" I say in the heat of the moment. He smiles, leans over the table and kisses me.

Just then, the waiter comes

"here is your bill" she says as she smiles, Luke opens it up, it says in big print a the bottom '$123.00' holy shit. He acts like its no big deal, my mouth drops

"holy shit Luke let me pay for half of that!" I say, feeling bad that it's that expensive.

"No! No no no I'm not letting you pay" Luke says.

"But Luke I feel bad!" I say.

"Ava, I'm a rockstar, I can afford it" he says as he laughs.

"Oh." I say as I laugh.

After he pays, we get in the car and go home, when we get home Luke, gives me a peck on the lips "oh my gosh. your mine" he says, and then that peck turns into a makeup session. As the kiss came to a end, I say

"I'm going to bed"

"me too, I'm so tired" he says.

He kisses me and then as I start to go into my room I feel myself being lifted off the ground

"where do you think your going! Your sleeping with me!" Luke says. I laugh uncontrollably.

 "let me down!" I say still laughing, as soon as i know it, I'm laying on Luke's bed and he's tickling me

"LUKE STOP IM GOING TO PEE!!!!!!" I say as I laugh hard

He continues and I laugh. He laughs and then kisses me. When we was done I get up and go to the bathroom to take my makeup off, after that, I go back to his room, take off my clothes and find one of his big t-shirts. I take off my clothes, look back and see Luke staring at me. I laugh and hurry up and change into the shirt, I get in bed with him and we cuddle, soon enough, I feel my eyelids get heavy and I fall to sleep.

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