The Bad Boy

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss, Liz. Oh! Did i mention, she has a son?.


3. getting to Australia

*after the plane ride, at the airport*

My dad had thought ahead and called a taxi, so we were looking for the taxi driver holding up the sign with our name on it. When we found him we got in and dad told him the address to take us too. 

When we got to liz's house it is AMAZING! here is a picture of it. i cant believe i get to live here!

We got out of the car and got our suitcases and walked up to the front door and knocked. Liz answered and greeted us in.

"hi tim!" she said to my dad.

"oh! and you must be Ava it is so nice to finally meet you! i've heard so much about you" she said as sweet as possible. 

"its nice to meet you too Mrs. Hemmings" i say smiling as she embraces me in a hug.

"oh you can just call me liz, sweetie! oh, you can meet my son! LUKE GET DOWN HERE" she yells.

i hear loud rock music thumping from the upstairs and then a door open and close and footsteps coming slowly down the stairs, finally he reached the front room where I was standing. 

"hi." the pierced and tattooed boy says plainly.

"hi, im Ava"


Man this boy is cute. but he looks a little familiar? I say in my head as i look him up and down. But I don't think he caught me. I hope not.

"alright well I will let you guys get unpacked while I make dinner! Luke show this young lady her bedroom please." Liz says with a smile.

"fine." luke answers. As we make our way up the stairs I look in awe at every detail to their house. it is beautiful.

"here's your room." Luke says

"its right next to mine if you need anything" he says with a smirk and a wink.

did he just make a move on me? ew what a jerk. I roll my eyes. "what" he says and then laughs.








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