The Bad Boy ~L.R.H~

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss Liz. Oh! Did i mention she has a son?


29. Chapter 29

I wake up the next morning and check my Twitter, after about 20 minutes of scrolling through my feed, I decide to get up and go get some breakfast. I look in the cabinet and their is no food. I get my keys and some left over money out of the jar and go to the grocery store.

I get to the store and I go to the snack isle and get chips. And then the frozen isle for ice cream. I continue shopping for a while and then I decide to check out and go back "home" although I don't feel like it's home there anymore. When I get back from the store I go inside, put all the groceries away and make bacon and eggs. As soon as the bacon starts cooking I hear someone say

"can you make me some?" I turn around and it is Luke.

"Fuck off" I say as I turn around and roll me eyes.

"Oh come on babe" he says as he steps closer to me, I push him away.

 "Get the fuck away from me" I say, annoyed.

He finally goes away and I finish breakfast and go upstairs. When I am done with my food, I sit on my floor against the door and hold my head in my hands.

"What have I got myself into." I whisper to myself.

I hear a knock at my bedroom door, I open it and it is my dad, he steps into my room and says

"Remember that we leave tomorrow." He says and leaves the room.

I stand in the middle of my room and look around. This is sad, but it's what's best I guess. I look around my room and find an air mattress so I can take a nap, I blow it up and lay down and just stare at the ceiling until sleep takes over my body. I wake up and lay there for a while and I decide to go take a shower. I get up and go to the bathroom, I get to the bathroom, undress and let the water run off my body.

When I was done in The shower, I get ready to put my clothes on but I realize that I didn't grab my clothes. I wrap a towel around my body and start to run to my room, but before I could reach my room, I bump into someone really hard and stumble backwards and fall I look up and see that it was Calum

"I'm so sorry!" I look up and say to him.

"It's alright" he says as he helps me up, I stand up and look at him.

"I haven't seen you in a while" I said as I awkwardly hold my towel.

"Yeah I know! I've been busy" he says.

"How is your girlfriend?" I ask.

"Oh we broke up" he says.

"aww I'm sorry to hear that" I say.

"Oh it's alright" he says.

I look at his eyes and realize that his eyes aren't focused on my face.

"Calum, my eyes are right here, not down there" I say as I laugh.

His face goes red.

"Sorry" he says.

 He looks at me and it just turned me on. He tries to say something else but I stop him and get really close to him and say

"come here" I walk toward my room and look back and he is following me.

We both get in my room and I lock the door. We start making out, he pushes me against the door and I wrap my legs around his waist, dropping my towel. Still kissing, I take off his shirt and we continue to make out. He lays me down on the air mattress and takes off his pants and boxers, letting his dick spring free.

"Condoms?" He asks.

"The box closest to my window" I say.

He runs over to the box and finds the box of condoms and puts one on, he positions me and himself and starts to enter into me, I take a deep breath in. He starts to thrust in and out of me, slowly.

"Faster" I moan.

He starts to go a little faster

"FASTER" I moan loudly. He goes fast in and out of me, I moan loudly.

"Ahhh CALUM Ahhh" I scream, not caring if Luke or anyone hears me.

He positions himself a different way and goes even faster, my toes curl and my moans get even louder

"AHH CALUM UHHH" I moan/scream.

He whispers "fuck" under his breath, I smile and continue to moan.

When he was done, he collapses on top of me. He lays there, out of breath

. I look over at him and smile and he smiles back and says "that's amazing." I laugh. After a couple of minutes, he gets dressed and leaves. By this time it is about 8:30 at night so I decide to dig through a box to find my clothes and put pajamas on and go to sleep.

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