The Bad Boy ~L.R.H~

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss Liz. Oh! Did i mention she has a son?


28. Chapter 28

~Back in Australia~


Well, today is the day that I have to tell Luke that I am moving. I start packing up my clothes to get a head start I packing, but after about 5 minutes of packing, the nerves were killing me, I walked slowly to Luke's room, I walk in and see the same tall boy with tattoos and piercings that I met a year ago.

"Hey, Luke." I say slowly

"hey what's wrong?" He says walking up to me, he starts to hug me but I back away.

He looks at me confused and backs away

"Luke I need to talk to you." I say with a sad look on my face.

"What's wrong baby?" He says confused.

"I'm moving back to California" I say quickly.

"What?!" He says kind of loud.

"I'm -moving -back- to -California" I say breaking my words down so he can understand me.

"FUCK. Are you serious!!!" He yells.

"Yes." I say quietly.

"WHY" he yells.

"Well my dad just doesn't think the job is working." I say.

He doesn't say anything, he just turns around and punches the first thing he sees, a wall. He puts a hole through the wall and he yells cuss words, I just a stand there then all of a sudden he turns around, grabs my face and plants a soft Kiss on my lips and softly says

"I can't be here without you."

"I know babe. But you are going on tour and you music career is THROUGH THE ROOF. I'm so proud of you and the last thing you need is a girl holding you back." I say to him.

"But Ava! I want you to hold me back! I want to hug you and I want to call u mine forever." He says.

I can still see the anger on his face, he walks past me without another word. I hear the front door slam shut and his car start. I look out the window and watch him speed away.

~It's been 2 days since I last saw Luke, I've just been helping dad pack around the house and sitting in my room..~

I wake up the next morning and decide that me and Luke HAVE to work this out, I can't leave him on bad terms.

I put on some black and white Adidas sweatpants and just a plain black t-shirt and walk over to his room, I go to open the door and before I could touch the door knob I hear strange sounds coming from his room. I start to get curious and slowly and quietly open his door. I open it all the way and see Luke and some random girl making out.

My eyes go wide, my heart drops, I try to scream but nothing comes out, I manage to get out

"Luke." As soon as he hears me, he turns and sees me.

His eyes go wide and he jumps out of the bed and tries to walk up to me but the only thing that my body would let me do is just slap him as hard as I could. He holds his cheek and I storm out of the room with tears staining my cheek.

I lay in my bed and just cry, I just need to let it out. A couple minutes later, Luke comes rushing in

"I'm sorry babe it was a mistake!" He says.

"Shut the FUCK up Luke, don't act like you give a shit about my feelings" I say as I get out of the bed and push him out of my room and lock my door.

I decide that there is no since in crying over a boy so I wipe my tears and finish my last thing I needed to pack, a picture of me and my mom.

I kiss the frame before I sit it in my box. When I was done, I lay down in bed and let my dreams take over me.

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