The Bad Boy ~L.R.H~

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss Liz. Oh! Did i mention she has a son?


23. chapter 23.

I wake up the next morning and try to get up but 2 strong arms pull me back in. I turn around and see Luke move around and crinkle his nose, I smile at how cute he is. I try to wake him up by kissing him over and over, eventually he wakes up, he smiles and says

"good morning" in his hot morning voice.

"Good morning!" I say cheerfully.

He pecks me on the lips and then stands up and starts to get dressed.

"Hey we are going to the airport today" he says out of nowhere.

"What why?" I ask confused.

"Because we are going to the video music awards! We were nominated be used of the 'don't stop' video!!" He says/ yells in excitement. My eyes light up.

 "WAIT REALLY! Luke that is a HUGE deal!!" I say as u jump up and hug him, he hugs me back

 "Well, go get packed! Mom and your dad are getting back today and they are going too" he says.

"Omg yay!" I say as I go into my room to pack.

 "how many days are we staying? And where are we going?" I ask to figure out how many outfits to bring.

"2 weeks and Los Angeles" he says.

"WHAT!!! I GET TO VISIT CALI TOO!!??!!!" I say as I jump up and down.

Luke laughs and says

"yep!" I smile with excitement as I start to pack, I pack just enough clothes and my makeup, I zipped up my suitcase and brought it down stairs.

"gesh you got done quick" he says as he laughs.

"I'm excited!" I say as I shrug my shoulders.

He laughs and says well our plane leaves at 6 today. I look at my phone time and it says 12, gesh we got up late. About that time I hear the door open, I turn around and see my dad and Liz! I hug them both

"I MISSED YOU GUYS!" I say to them.

"we missed you to" they say as laugh.

When Liz and my dad got all settled in, it was 2 o'clock

"hey guys! Will you put my dress for the award show in a dress bag?" Liz asks.

"Sure" I answer as she hands me the bag and the dress as she goes off and tries to pack her clothes again.

I pause, wait I don't have a dress. I finish putting her dress up and run to find Luke, when I finally find him, in his room I was out of breath

"lu-uke, I don-t have a dr-ess" I say pausing and breath heavy.

He laughs. "it's okay they have one for you." He simply says.

 "but they don't know my size." i say

"the award show is in a week and we are going to get your dress altered tomorrow."

He says as he sits in his bed.

 "come here" he says to me with a smirk on his face.

Oh gosh. I lock him bedroom door behind me so we don't have a awkward situation of Luke's mom or my dad walking in. I walk up to his bed and straddle his legs, I lean down and grab his face and pull him in towards me, as we start to make out, I smile in between the kiss, man I like this boy. He lays down, me still on top of him when I hear a knock and Liz say

"Luke are you in there?" at his bedroom door.

I panic and get in his closet. I look through the crack in the closet door and see Liz enter his room and pick up the clothes off of his floor as she yells at him because he's so messy. And then after about 5 minutes she leaves. I get out of the closet and laugh so hard because that was embarrassing

"I'm just glad she didn't see the condoms in the trash can" he says laughing. I smile.

"Well we better get going" I look at the clock and it is 3 it takes a hour to get to the airport and we still have to go somewhere to eat. As we leave the house we see Luke's driver in the driveway waiting on us. We all get in the car and he takes us to the airport. When we get to the airport Luke tries to rush through the airport so he doesn't get overwhelmed with fans, but when we get half way to our plane a huge wave of girls comes running up to Luke, screaming and snapping pictures.

His security guards try to get them off as Luke tries to take as many selfies as he can and then continues walking to the plane. we get to the plane and when we find a seat, Luke sits beside me, it's going to be a longgggg flight. The flight attendant come in the intercom and says

"hello passengers! This flight usually takes about 14-15 hours so get comfortable!" she says as she laughs and sits down. I lean on Luke's shoulder and go to sleep.

~when I wake up~

I look at Luke and see that he is still awake, on his laptop I look at what he is doing, he was writing something, I look closely and see the words

"The blood in my veins is made up of mistakes, let's forget who we are and dive into the dark."

"What are u writing?" I ask in my sleepy voice.

He jumps because he thought I was asleep.

"Lyrics. I can't think of anything else." He plainly says.

"Hmmh" I say as I snuggle up on his shoulder and go back to sleep.

I wake up again and the intercom comes on

"hello, we will be landing in about 8 hours" she says as she smiles, I groan quietly to myself.

I get up and I look over and see Luke asleep. I decide to get on Instagram, I haven't been on it since I've been in Australia! I've been to busy. I get on it look at my home page and see that I have 100K FOLLOWERS!! WHAT!! I look at my pictures and see comments saying

"are you the girl dating Luke? I don't think you are. You just want attention" and ALOT of hate comments.

So because of those I decide to post a selfie of me and a sleeping Luke, I smile at my camera as I snap the picture. I post it and tag Luke with the caption

"California here we come!!" As soon as I post it I got about 200 likes and 159 comments. Wow. After that I just lay my head on Luke and stare out the window.

~after the plane~

We get off the plane and the first thing I see out the airport window is PALM TREES!!! Omg I love Palm trees, they symbolize paradise! I get excited and jump up and down, Luke laughs and hugs me. We hurry out of the airport before we get mobbed and hurry into the limo that was waiting outside. The limo takes us to the hotel, we check in go upstairs and Liz says

"okay, Luke and me in room 345 and Tim and Ava In room 344" me and Luke look at each other because no one knows we are dating and go in our rooms.

As soon as I get in the room, I hit the bed and sleep, I'm jet lagged. I wake up, go on Luke's Instagram and see that he just posted a picture of him and the band. He must of went to practice while I was asleep. I like the picture and get out of bed, I unpack all my clothes, turn on the tv and watch tv. All of a sudden I get a text.

<"Come to my room ~Luke">

I smile, get up and go to Luke's room, I knock on the door. As soon as Luke answers it, he pushes me up against the door, he starts to make out with me, I smile. He locks the door and takes me to the bed, he takes off my clothes and I take off his. He goes to his suitcase, gets a condom, puts it on, positions me and himself and enters in and out of me. He leans in my ear and says

"say my name"

"LUKE" I moan out loudly.

"Ohhh Luke!" I scream.

He groans, about 20 minutes later he collapses on top of me. He lays there, out of breath. I smile and kiss him before putting my clothes back on and go back to my room. About 5 minutes later, dad comes in the room, that was close.

"Hi dad!" I say as I hug him

"hi sweetie!" He says as he hugs me back. By this time it is 9:30 at night.

"Well I'm going to go to bed." I say as I lay down and go to sleep.


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