Yes or No?


1. Moving To London

It was 10:30 A.M. and I was sitting in seat 187 headed to London. There was a cute curly headed boy next to me looked to be about 20 a year older than me. He has been asleep for the past 4 hours of the flight so far and he was laying on my shoulder...I wasn't sure how to feel about that. Strangely he looked kind of familiar but I'm sure I've met someone or seen someone online that looked liked him.

After about another 3 hours the plane finally landed. I was nervous about all of this because I was going to be staying with my cousin. Niall Horan. It's strange for me because he's famous and we even have the same last name. As soon as I got my bags there was a sign with Ms. Horan written on it and I instantly noticed it was Paul he was my favorite security guard because he treated you like a friend not a celebrity.

Authors note: Sorry for the short chapter having a little writers block but I will update soon I promise! Love you guys!


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