my brothers bestfriend

when Payton comes home from touring around the world because of her music career, her brother micheal starts a band with his 3 bestfriends. but little did she know. one of his friends are going to influence her life forever!!


6. chapter6:

paytons pov:

after the little out burst, i told luke that i was ok and that i was going to take a shower. "can i take one with you?" luke asked while grabbing my waist and pulling me into him i turned around and he leaned down and kissed me, his soft lips touching mine and i have to admit that i didnt stop him  i deepended the kiss and put my legs around his waist, and luke pressing my back against the wall. i cant that i am kissing luke hemmings, this is so wrong....... but it felt so right. i wanted it to continue but it couldnt he was my brothers boyfriend and i just broke up with harry who i still loved even if he cheated on me.  i pulled me and luke rested his head against mine trying to catch his breath, "luke?"  "dont, i understand but i want you to know that when you ready that i am here, because payton i really like you and i would like to have a relationship with you but when your ready cause i dont want to be a rebound or just a one night stand" he said and kiss me once more before leaving my room after he left i went into the bathroom and took a shower, when i got out i put on this... i went into the bathroom and dryed my hair and straightend it.   sorry this chapter is so short!!!
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