my brothers bestfriend

when Payton comes home from touring around the world because of her music career, her brother micheal starts a band with his 3 bestfriends. but little did she know. one of his friends are going to influence her life forever!!


5. chapter 5:

Hey guys I hope you like the next chapter!!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while!!!!

lukes pov:

after payton told me that HARRY FUCKING STYLES was her BOYFRIEND, i havent spoken to her or even looked at her at all.

and its harder than i thought, and its not that i dont like harry its just i dont like harry with payton thats all.

so now i am at home when micheal comes out of his room, and seems like hes pissed and sits right next to me.

"whats wrong?" i asked 

"i just saw payton dry humping harry in her bedroom and sucking face at the same time, and then i yelled at her and toldher if she was going to do that she needs to at least go to his house or lock her door!" he had said his sentence with anger rising in his voice.

"micheal do you like payton going out with harry?" i said 

micheal sat there and thought about the question and looked at me and said,"its not that i dont like harry i just dont like harry with payton, and thats just because she my sister."

"i said the same thing to calum,[i lied]" i said 

"why dont you like payton with harry?" 

i didnt say anything i just looked at micheal and waited for him to think about it.

until he did that i am such an idiot why didnt i notice face, then said "you like payton dony you luke."

"is it obvious?" i asked 

he just shook his head and told me that if i wanted payton to be mine that i had to fight for her and that he was fine with me dating his sister. but i knew if it was calum or ashton that liked her he wouldnt be ok with it.




paytons pov:

after micheal yelled at me, me and harry started to watch a movie until he got a text from someone.

harry just looked at his phone then turned it off.

"who was it?" i asked 

"no one important." he said 

" if it wasnt important they wouldnt be texting you at 1 in the morning" i said with a little bit of anger in my voice 

he looked at me and said "payton i have something to tell you"

and at that moment i froze and everthing hard to comprehend, until he said that he loved me and that the night before he came and surprised me he went to a bar and got drunk and slept with some girl.

i felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest, i had started crying at the point and the he started crying a little and told me that he loved me over and over again.

"get out." i said in a whisper 

" baby please i love you, it didnt mean anything i promise," 

i stood up and looked at him, with pain in my eyes.

"if you loved me you wouldnt of cheated on me, if you loved me you would understand that the sentence you said five seconds ago was the end of this relation ship, if you loved me you would of said that it wasnt important when i asked who texted you, when it 1 in the god damn morning!" i was yelling now with tears running down my face.

and then luke barged in my room asking why i was crying and yelling.

i ran to him and told him that harry cheated on me.

his face turned from worried to pissed off in a matter of seconds.

" this doesnt concern you luke!" harry yelled, while trying to yank me out of his arms 


harry walked out of the door and slammed it. 

luke turned to me and asked me if i was all right

i nodded my head, he told me to get some sleep but i couldnt.

"luke, can you stay here?" i asked 

luke nodded and climbed onto my bed and i cuddled into his chest and fell asleep,

i woke up to calum yelling saying WHAT HE FUCK!!! 

i opened my eyes and looked at luke who was still sleeping and then looked at calum not realizing that he was in my bedroom looking at me and luke in the same bed sleeping with wide eyes.

and then micheal walks in and says WHAT THE FUCK LUKE YOU SLEPT WITH MY SISTER?

and then luke opened his eyes and micheal already had him against the wall.

" micheal me and luke did not have sex i promise!" i said as i pulled micheal off of luke 

"then why the fuck were you too sleeping in the same bed?" he asked and i started crying and i told him that harry cheated on me and that we broke up and i couldnt fall asleep, so i asked if luke could stay with me tonight.


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