my brothers bestfriend

when Payton comes home from touring around the world because of her music career, her brother micheal starts a band with his 3 bestfriends. but little did she know. one of his friends are going to influence her life forever!!


4. chapter 4: The Boyfriend

hi guys i hope you like the first three chapters, espcially the third chapter i enjoyed writing it/////

i hope you like the rest of the story!!!

paytons pov:

i got dressed quickly after i got embarressed int he living room cause ashton. calum and luke were all looking at me in my towel.

while i was trying to go from the bathroom to my bedroom to get dressed, i got dressed in my all time low t-shirt and some black skinny jeans with my white converse i went to the bathroom to put on my make up on just some eyeliner and mascara and lip gloss nothing to fancy.

and i put gel in my hair so my natural brown wavy hair wont get frizzy

i step out of the bathroom and go to my room where a guys sits on my bed, he turns around and i see my boyfriend

standing before my eyes.

"HARRY!" i said while my eyes widened and my heart began to race as i looked into his green eyes.

harry ran to me and put a passionate kiss to my lips.

as me and harry started to make out i guess the boys in the living room heard me yell and all three of them ran to my room to see if i was ok. when luke reached my room his eyes widened and said "what the hell is going on here!"

"oh sorry luke this is my boyfriend harry styles you know the one you went on tour with". i said


sorry guys that i left you on a cliff hanger but i am getting really tired and its 1:25 in the morning.. 

but i will update in the morning!!! 

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