my brothers bestfriend

when Payton comes home from touring around the world because of her music career, her brother micheal starts a band with his 3 bestfriends. but little did she know. one of his friends are going to influence her life forever!!


8. A Choice

hey guys i hope you like the story so far, please leave a comment if you do not like something or you want to add a character!


Payton's POV:

all i saw was a paparazzi van heading towards me and then darkness, but before i saw darkness i saw my whole life flash before my eyes, like that was the way i was going to die, that this is the end. 

and for some odd reason i feel like i am dreaming so i try to open my eyes, but i can't it's like someone super glued my eyes shut, so i try harder and when i do open my eyes, it's like my whole body went into complete and utter pain all through out my body, but what i saw was even worse, i saw my car in the middle of the road not even looking like a car anymore, and i can't move my body and there's glass surrounding me. That's when i start freaking out i realize that i am awake and that i put the pieces together, i was in a car accident i am laying on my stomach looking at my smashed car that is totaled. i see paramedics running towards me, and then everything went black.



Michael's POV: 

i arrive at the hospital as fast as i could drive my car, when i get out of my car i sprint to the front desk where the nurse is, she looks at me and asks me if she can help me with anything

yes, Payton Clifford's room? i said in a hurry

when i said that she looked at me in disgust "i am sorry if your a fan your going to have to wait with the other fan girls, but will you excuse me i am waiting for her brother to get here". she said obvious not knowing that i am her brother.

"Look i am her brother, my name is Michael Clifford now will you PLZ TELL ME WHERE MY SISTER IS!!!" i said raising my voice so she would get the message that i am not in the mood.

"Room 209 on the second floor, elevator is at the end of the hall to your right" she said as her face went pale.

but when i turned around i saw all three of my best friend standing before me, and they all had red puffy eyes like they had been crying. "so it's true she was in a car accident, is she ok, is she hurt?" luke said. "yes, it is true and i don't know how badly she was hurt  just got here, i was just about to go to her room to check on her, you guys can come with me though". i said while hugging them 

all three of us went into the elevator and pressed the button that read 2nd floor, and when i heard the ping signaling that we were there i ran to room 209, when i got there i saw my sister lying in a hospital gown looking all bruised and as pale as a sheet, when i stepped further into her room, her monitor started beeping and Payton started jerking violently in her bed "what's wrong, what's happening to my sister?" i question as nurses start running into the room.

they start pushing me, Luke, Calum and Ashton out of the door saying that she will be fine and that we can't be in here right now, but i can't handle it anymore i start yelling for her "PAYTON! PAYTON! please stay with me!" i scream as hot tears stream down my face and when the door closes in front of my face i lose it. i start punching the door in front of me for no reason what so ever, i just can't handle it anymore, why did this have to happen to her she didn't do anything wrong, infact she does everything right, she doesn't deserve this, no one does especially her. 

at this point i am sitting on the floor with my back against the wall curled into a ball crying my eyes out.

Luke is right next to me crying really hard to, and he should i mean that's the love of his life in there and he doesn't even know it.

hey guys i am sorry for the short chapter but i hope you like it, comment for what you want to happen next.......

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