Cross My Heart [Single]

The first and only single from my outtakes compilation CROSS MY HEART




After RESET, I felt a change was needed. That album, though good on its own, was a misstep in my lyrical journey. I see that now. It was out of time. If those songs had come through in February 2015, then they would have been some of the best songs I'd ever written. But they didn't. They were late. And they will forever suffer for that.

CROSS MY HEART, the album, is a collection of outtakes. Some from the RESET sessions, some from THE WIDENING GYRE. Some as far back as EINS. This track, the title track, is the only new song on there. It was written specially for this collection, specially to be released as it's only promotional single. And it gave me my future.

This track is a fast tempo two-and-a-half-minute rocker (a short track, for me. I usually aim for 3:20 at least). It's thrashy and almost punky. Not quite punky, but almost. But it gave me my direction for the next album. Punk with a sort of glam metal merge, something new. The next step on the journey. My journey to nowhere.

Sam H-B, 18/7/16


Lyrics by Sam H-B

Cover art and cover concept by Sam H-B

From the forthcoming album CROSS MY HEART

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