With X's and Organs

The wind tattered my clothes, the water took my home, but you took my soul.


1. The boy with the red X

'I had a dream that everyone died'

'I was completely alone'

'Only my insanity and I'


'I had a dream that I died'

'I was happy'


"Delicious" the creature murmured pulling out it it's victims kidney and palming it in her hand before crushing it in her fist and giggling as the blood dripped down her fingers. She pursed her lips thinking before leaning over by its head and pulled out its eyes, "pretty" she cooed rubbing her thumb over the mostly black eye "ghoul eyes are so much prettier then humans." She smiled setting them down beside her and walked over to the corpse and smashed her fist through the rib cage pulling out the heart, squeezing the juices into her mouth, she licked her lips before throwing it in the thrash and walking away. "That was fun mister, but you died, it was just fun for me."

I awoke before sunrise, blankly looking around the dark room when I realized clutching my stomach; 'I'm not hungry anymore.' I laid back and looked at my hands seeing the large quantity of blood made me sick to think about I lept from my bed and threw up last night's activities, I wiped my mouth looking at the mirror "why can you make up your damn mind?!" I yelled at my reflection seeing my single ghoul eye, I sighed and closed my eyes. "Don't loose it Akumi or she'll take over again" I opened my eyes looking at my reflection, I shrugged being somewhat satisfied seeing my ominous yellow eyes, 'why can't I be one or the other?!' I thought laying against the wall feeling the claw marks scarred into the surface. My hand snaked into the drawer pulling out a spool of black thread and a needle, I seated myself brushing my fingers over the stitch marks all over my body before deciding to continue on my pointer finger, it was satisfying feeling the sharp point of the needle pulling in and out of my skin but before I knew it, it was over. I cut the thread and brushed my thumb over the mark, I smiled feeling the stitches on the sides of my mouth and laid back. My eyes darted torwards the door just a moment before it opened

"Akumi please, join me down stairs for a cup of coffee" I reluctantly stood and followed Yoshimura to the shop and seating myself at the bar, it was only moments later before he joined me with two cups in his hands. I took the cup from him and sipped at the scalding liquid.

"It's been eighteen years since that night when I found you in the alley, I've treated you like my own, but" he paused I looked into my cup not wanting to make eye contact "don't think I haven't noticed your nightly activities" I set my cup down and looked at him "she's becoming too controlling, I'm feeling myself slipping away from my own sanity." He placed a hand on my shoulder

"you were young and naive when you killed your mother, and now it's your burden to bear for the rest of your life" I huffed pushing his hand away

"thanks for your kind words but they have no effect now" I grabbed my mask and walked out into the rain, I looked at the long curved smile carved onto it brushing away a few droplets, "you see? I'm not all there..." I chuckled slipping it on and walked down the empty streets. I looked down any alley I passed but to my dismay found nothing, I sighed climbing the wall of the CCG headquarters and seating myself on the roof. I knew perfectly well what building I was on right now, but I didnt care. 

There was a creaking sound from behind me, 'might as well get it over with' my muscles tensed hearing the click of the buckles on the case "never did I think that an S rated ghoul would just show up here" the voice mused. I cracked my neck not turning to face my attacker "what am I to do on a rainy day like this?" I replied standing "are you sure you know what your getting into?" My tail like kagune slithered out from under my sweatshirt scraping along the surface of the roof. "Dont let it touch you" I murmured lightly grazing my finger over one of the serrated blades. I swiftly turned charging forward, attacking them head on, it wasnt the best of decisions my kague wasnt ment for close range, my attack was proven utterly useless and was thrown back. 'what the hell was that?!' my kagune retracted and swayed behind me, "for an S rated ghoul I was hoping for more of a challenge" I scowled sitting "im bored now" I pouted crossed my arms. He had a puzzled look on his face and he sat across from me still gripping his weapon.

Before I could react a dagger was thrown just barely missing my face, it skinned the side of my cheek and cut the strap of my mask, which fell into my lap. I quickly pulled my hood over my face, he took my hand and examined the stitching "I like it. Classy on a girl" I didn't know how to respond to that statement "thank you..?" I stated awkwardly pulling my hand back. "I cut your mask for a reason lemme see your face!" I must've been out of my mind I turned and pulled my hood back, "I like your face" he chuckled I cocked an eyebrow and looked at his appearance closer, short white hair and stitches all over. I had to say that I was liking him, he seemed diffrent from the other CCG. "I'm Juuzou Suzuya" he said extending his hand, I blinked in surprise and shook his hand "I'm Akumi Mieroska, better known as Cheshire " his eyes lit up "I'm have an idea!" He pulled a needle and red thread out of his pocket "how about we mark eachother so if we ever meet eachother in combat we can engage eachother and decide if the other should die" he smiled in an almost too cheery way for the way he put his statement but I shrugged 'it doesn't hurt being close to a CCG agent right?' I just hoped that thought wouldn't come back to haunt me later. I took his hand holding the thread in my mouth pulling the rest out of my pocket and threaded my needle, he watched me so intently like a child would in a diffrent situation of course but it was strange to think of a human looking at me with an expression that wasn't horror. It was a moment later when I finished the stitch of a black X on the base of his left thumb he giggled happily and jumping around, you would've thought that I gave him a million dollars. I gave the situation a sarcastic smile, but I couldn't contain my laughter it was truly amusing to watch. He stopped and turned to me "your turn!" He jerked at my arm pulling me forward into his lap.kinda. he dropped my hand and stood "there you go, we match" I stood and found the red X on the base of my right thumb, I smiled nodding "I hope we can make this work" he cocked his head slightly "really?" He chuckled "ok!" 

I didn't feel like leaving, I felt like that lonely kid on the block that finally found someone to relate to. I told Juuzou everything, especially about my past, it seemed we both had mother trouble. But I felt happy by his side, unfortunately the time came when I had to leave, I waved goodbye, but not before I gave him a peck on the cheek and invited him to come see me at Anteiku. "Stitched together forever" I murmured entering Anteiku through my window and sitting on the window sill smiling.

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