Tag You're It (H.S)

Running down the parking lot
He chased me,
And he wouldn't stop


1. Chapter 1

" I'm tired " tears fall slowly down my face as I stare the evil man from my whole life in his eyes. His drunken red eyes stare into mine, body swaying from side to side like a swing in the breeze. The bottle of bear in his hand falls to the ground and shatters at his feet.

" What did you say?" His dark eyebrows furrow together he stares into my blue eyes that show pain and fear. With every step he takes forward i take one back. He runs a thick hand through his greasy blonde hair. " You're just like your mother" he spits at me. 

My heart clenches in my chest at the mention of my mother. " Worthless whore, never could do anything right! I'm so happy she's fucking dead!" My drunken brother yells then lets out a psychotic laugh. " Go" he whispers causing my eyebrows to scrunch in confusion.

" What?" I ask back, just waiting for his hand to come down harshly on me then call me all types of names. Saying how I'm so dumb for thinking he would actually let me go. " Go" he says louder, " you were always useless! So go! Go be a good whore out in the streets just like mom!"

With that sentence i grew furious and did something I'd never thought I'd do. I screamed back at him. " Shut up you asshole! You have no right to talk about mom like that! She didn't choose that life! Dad forced her into it. She did what she had to do so she wouldn't get killed and to feed our family!"

I cowered back. expecting to be hit but instead i receive nothing. My brother just smiled at me, " well how did that work out? She's dead anyway right!? Rotting away 6 feet under ground for the past 2 years! I can't wait until you die! Oh how i wish i could watch your blue eyes go lifeless.

Watch as every piece of your hair slowly fall off, and your body rot" he throw himself on the couch. " So go on Arabella, leave this house. When you decide to come back like the good bitch you are, I'll have my friends waiting to finally take your virgin body downtown." 

My feet move quicker then I thought they could towards the front door. I ran down the dimly lit streets hoping no one would see me.

If only i knew all this time he's been watching me. Waiting for the moment I'm most vulnerable to snatch me behind his tinted windows...........

A/N This is also a book i started on wattpad.If you want faster updates add me on Wattpad @StylesWorldOnly. Any question kik me @cutely_funny!! Enjoy my books. Also while your here check out my book ' Woods (H.S) ' and if you take a look at me on wattpad check out my other book on there called Illusion!! 

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