Breaking Boundaries -Blood Ties-

This is the sequel to Breaking Boundaries so if you haven't read that, definitely go back and check it out otherwise spoilers!

This follows Alexandra and Krea's child years after her birth, Kiara. She was raised by her aunt Roux. She was never one to take things seriously. She just liked having fun. After her mother Krea attacked the Cao kingdom many years ago, they have been silent. No one knows if they even exist. It was peaceful, well somewhat. Aside from the thieves and bandits and rebels, it's pretty nice in the town of Hayland. Until Kiara is at the wrong place at the wrong time and her parents past catches up with her. Can she stay on the right path or will the evil temptation take over Haylands only hope of survival...


2. Past Demon

Marcus dropped yet another stack of hay into the back of the carriage before wiping sweat from his brow. He observed his surroundings, among all the minor hustle of there small village he noticed the Knights switch shifts if he was sweating under the heat he couldn’t imagine what it was like in that heavy metal plating, what he wouldn’t give to find out. He always loved the thought of being a knight, but could never play by the rules, and knights had enough red tape around them to choke a dragon. He liked handling things his own way no chain of command needed and thanks the stars that Kiara is there to do it with him, starting trouble alone isn't as fun. Where the hell is she? His thoughts were interrupted as a tall brunette walked passed him, practically in slow motion through his eyes. 

"Are you done drooling?" A familiar girls voice asked he whipped around to Kiara grinning widely.

"I'm not drooling Kiara!" 

"Tell that to your wet beard.” The redhead poked at it wiping said drool on his shirt before going to pick up another bag of hay, she smiled warmly at the memory Krea had shared with her the time when both Malcolm and her mother Alexandra had fallen into a haystack. She suppressed a giggle loading some more as the memories of her parent made her feel warmer the the sun.

"Shut it."

"So" Kiara started as she lifted a bag of hay to heave it into the carriage, "Who caught your eye?"

"The brunette talking to one of the knights.” Marcus remarked soberly borderline moping. The red headed looked from her friend to the knight. Crossing her arms she starred dismissively at him unimpressed, looking back to Marcus she laughed.

"That guy? He doesn't have anything on you. Look at him." She said pointing at the older man. "His beard is wild, hair even worse and he's dirty. It looks like he hasn't bathed in weeks. Go save her."

"But we have all of these hay bags to get on this thing for shipping. Why are there so many damned things any way?"

"Well we do live in a place called Hayland." Kiara said with a chuckle.

"That's not funny smart ass."

"Look you go do your thing and I'll cover for you. Besides, I work ten times faster than you."

"Don't lie, you use your damn magic.” The boy said smirking cause thy both knew it was true

"Just go."

"Thanks." He said while casually walking towards the girl and standing between the knight and the lady.

"Your welcome." She said to herself while started on the hay. 

After a few hours of being beat by the sun, she put the last stack on the last carriage and took a deep breathe. "All done?" Danni asked."

"Yeah. Remind me why I do this again?"

"Because you didn't want Marcus to do it alone."

"Oh yeah." She said while removing her top and wiping her face with the cloth. "Hey! What time is it?"

"Don't worry. You have time to bath before you see her."

"Who told you?"

Well Roux got it out of Marcus so of course Roux told me and Clea to watch after you."

"Of course she did." She said as they walked towards the castles corridors. 

"Hey cheer up sis. We will stay hidden."

Kiara smiled when she heard that word. She loved hearing Danni call her sister. It really felt like they were in some weird way.

"What if she doesn't like me?"

"She already asked you out."

"Because I saved her life."

"Look, Kiara. You are a catch. Anyone who doesn't see that, even after only five minutes with you is an idiot. Your smart, funny, oddly good looking-"

"You know your jealous." Kiara interrupted.

Danni just stared at her with the look of 'really' plastered on her face. "Like I was saying you ass. You're one of a kind and i know that even you know that somewhere in that weird head of yours."

"Okay but what if I blow it?" She asked as she made it to the bathing room.

"If that happens and that is a big if. Than you me and Clea will go to the stadium to watch the gladiators fight. I know you love to see that."

"Roux would never allow that."

"Since when does that stop you?"

"True. Thank you Danni you're the best." She said before shutting the wooden door and starting the water.

"I know." Danni whispered before regrouping with Clea.

Kiara looked at herself through the mirror. She was wearing a white tunic, black pants, and thigh high black leather boots. "Okay. You can do this. Inner check list. Shirt? Check. Pants? Check. Boots? Check. Hair done right? Half check but I'll make it work. Daggers in boots? Check. Hidden blades? She felt her arms and felt the device. Check. Alright. It's all you. You love women, you know what they like. I mean come on... You are one!" Worst pep talk ever. She thought.

The sun was high in the sky and she stood outside of Lily's door. "Come on Kiara." She whispered. She knocked and tried to remain calm. This feeling made her nervous. It had always been emotionless with women. She's never taken one on a date before. After waiting a minute, she knocked again. "Hello?" She voiced out with a shaky tone. Damn.

She sat on the doorstep with her arms folded on her knees and chin laying on her forearms. Ignoring the metal underneath. She had been waiting outside for two hours. "Now you're just acting desperate." She said to herself. Danni and Clea walked up. "Sorry that you guys had to wait with me."

"I really wanted to keep you company, but Clea said you needed time to think."


"Hey, maybe something popped up." Clea chimed in. 

"Guess what?" Danni asked while kneeling down to meet the red heads gaze. "The event starts soon. I can get us great seats."

"Front row?"


Kiara sat between Clea and Danni. They ended up towards the middle. "Well. It's not front row, but this works."

"I tried." Danni retorted in defense. 

"Relax." Kiara laughed. "This is better than not being here at all." Kiara felt chills run up her spine and shook. 

"Are you alright?" Clea asked.

"Something just feels... Off."

"Have you ever been to any of these?"

"I've only heard stories."

"That's probably why. You're excited. Now sit back and enjoy." Danni said with a smile. 

"People of Hayland!" The king announced with a booming voice. "Prepare to witness the sport of warriors!" The crowd cheered loudly praised by there majesties presence and the night events that were about to unfold. Throwing food about carelessly and pushing to get closer to the arena. "Two fighters will walk into the arena and only one will be the victor. Place your bets and enjoy the show!" 

"So a gladiator faces another gladiator?" Kiara asked.

"Normally yes, but this is between our Champion and a murdering thief."

"They actually give the criminal a chance of freedom."

"Trust me, there's no chance for whoever this nobody is." Danni said while getting into the energy of the crowd. 

"A huge Welcome to the Champion of our Kingdom, Aliki!" The crowds cheers boomed and echoed throughout the land as a very tall, muscular man ran into the arena with a large sword and shield. "Alright! Calm down. Now for his opponent. A murderer, a thief, a man that was responsible for the fall of Delgado Kingdom years ago! Kevin De Campos!"

"Wait. What?!” Kiara shouted, but no one was listening. Her necklace started to burn shaking violently between her collar bones as the man came out of the gates. Memories came flooding back. This is the man that betrayed Alex and Krea, the man that cause Krea's death. "No." She was frozen in place as the fight began. 

The Champion charged at him, sword held high and brought it down with great force. Kevin just glided out of the way disinterested in the battle as his eyes looked about for his actual target of intrigue, attempting to counter was beneath him with such a weak opponent. Kiara noticed his eyes darting about as he continued to side step Aliki. What was he looking for? Kiara thought. She looked around as well try to follow his gaze, but stayed seated, not wanting to draw attention to herself. Following his gaze she saw several hooded figures standing along side the crowd they were all still neither cheering or watching. Kiara. 



"How is Kevin here? Is he looking for me?"

Listen to what I am going to say honey. The dream last night wasn't a dream. It was real. Charlie knows you're here and wants to hurt you and kill everyone you love to finish what Krea was able to postpone all these years.

"What should I do?"

Remember what we said. You can't trust anyone. Even your bodyguards.

"That's ridiculous, they are like my family."

The choice is ultimately yours. Just be prepared. Kevin is here for you. Just run.

Kiara grabbed her daggers, but didn't pull them out just held the hilt with a trembling hand she's beaten the living hell out of many wrong doers before but with Kevin, his malice and blood lust made her physically sick. "Danni, I think we should go.” The redhead said with an unsteady breath, his dark brown eyes looked past the Champion and landed squarely on her even the crowd seemed to disappear under his hardened and focused gaze. Kiara squirmed in her seat she was sweating and her hands were clamping up, ‘What is he!?’ Danni looked at her worry lacing her face.

"Kevin is here to kill me."

"What do you mean?"

"Trust me. Just get me out of here."

Danni nodded they stood making there way to the exit , fighting through the maddened  people of the arena. The roar of the crowd filled the arena with loud cheers and boos alike there jumping and erratic movements bumping the woman together as there effort to get away continued to prove more difficult. Then all the sounds the cheering was cut through by a sudden silence and a blood curdling scream that followed.

Time stopped. Kiara turned looked to the arena floor in a pool of his own blood the Champion lay motionless. "Ladies and gentleman!" Kevin started. "I don't mean to cut this short, but I'm here for a certain someone and I’ve wasted longer then what was intended with your ‘Champion’." He stated the word Champion leaving his mouth like an insult, his eyes fell upon Kiara, and this time it was direct the colors in her eyes dimmed as fear crept up from the bottom of her stomach all the while her necklace was turning into an inferno under her shirt. "There you are,no need to hesitate now. Tear this place apart!" He roared the hooded figures revealed themselves and started killing innocent men and women with the swords and magic.

"Mages." Danni said under her breath. A fire ball came at Kiara, but was deflected by Danni before impact. "Clea, get her out of here.”The redhead shoved the fear that had been building up back down she can’t afford to let that emotion win not now. Steel herself, she looked to Danni with fire in her eyes.

"I'm not going anywhere without you!” Kiara stated while pulling out her daggers and slicing through an enemy. One came from her left lighting infused weapon in hand to strike at the redhead, dodging the blow the blade still managed to just graze at her cheek before she sent the warrior flying with a flame coated right hook to the sternum. As he flew another latched to her back attempting to slice her throat Clea brought her weapon down cleaving Kiara’s attackers head clean in two. Danni implied surrounding attackers with ice shards and lighting currents. Danni began shouting at Kiara.    

"Damn it! Don't be a hero n-" Her sentence was cut short as the ground started to shake and brought the trio to the ground. Kiara got her footing before the others and looked at Kevin who still stood in the arena grinning madly then a sharp pain in her shoulder caused her to tilt forward, the redhead saw that a pear type weapon had inpaled her left shoulder through the bone. White hot pain filled her whole system, the spear had a chain that lead down to Kevin who held the other end of the weapon smiling disgustingly he jerked it back, then she heard a click from the point of the spear smaller and razor sharp metal talons buried themselves further into her flesh causing a scream to rip fro her throat. Danni was the first to act but before her or Clea could reach there friend Kiara was pulled from the stand to the arena as they were surround by more mages. Her body slammed into the hard stone floor, she could feel her rips crack, her nose and forehead dripped blood. Kiara struggled to roll onto her back, she could feel blood collect in her mouth. With the spear still stuck firmly in her shoulder Kevin waited until she was in a semi sitting position and as she did so on shaking limbs, that’s when he violently yanked it out talons still in the flesh and all.   

"AUUGHHHHHHHH!" She fell forwards on her hands and knees, damp in her own blood Kiara’s whole body was screaming tears escaped her eyes the pain was so intense. 

"The child of the Mighty Queen Alexandra and Knight in shining armor Krea kneeling before me. I'm surprised your even moving after that all that given your pampered life those far.” Kevin quipped walking up to the huvled over woman. He used his foot to lift her face, Icy blue and Hazel eyes met his, even in the positions she still glares at him. Laughing lowly he stomped on her head pressing her face to the stone.

"Fuck you!" She spat.

"I guess you know who I am."

"You're the asshole that ruined my parents lives."

"Stole actually. Get it right princess."

"Don't fucking call me that!" She shouted pushing her legs out from under raising them over her head and connecting with the man above stomach, Kevin stepped back and was met with an elbow to the gut. Kiara look up at him his face expressionless. It felt as though she had hit a wall. "What are you." She breathed out. 

"That is a long story Princess. I'm just finishing what your bitch mothers tried destroying." In a faster then the her eyes could see movement Kevin latched onto her throat lifting her until her feet no longer touched the floor as she fought to free herself ,he studied the girl. "You look a lot like them. You truly do. I wonder is your screams are the same. I just loved causing Krea pain back in then. Are you as weak as her?” Kiara swung her legs up and landed a double kick to the mans throat, she was freed but Kevin stood there unmoving as the redhead moved back collecting her breath, she glared at him. The pulses of pain in her left shoulder continued she clutched at it the blood flowed a bit more as she calmed herself. This wasn’t a street thug, this wasn’t an alley way or some tavern, she could lose everything here. Her heart stilled as she felt two warm and motherly hands on her shoulders.

Kiara got into a fighting position. "Come at me and we'll see who's weak!”Kevin cracked his neck smirking at the sight before him.

Roux was standing over the flame, preparing dinner for when the others returned as she hummed a song. Just then her door was kicked in and two mages ran towards her still humming her song the old rouge grabbed a kitchen knife throwing it at the man that was ahead of the other it impaled him cleanly between his eyes.The other mage looked shock but snapped out of it as he began casting fire blasts at the older woman. Roux grabbed the pan and as she dodged allowed the heat to collect into the pan as the metal turned a bright red she barrel rolled over the table legs first kicking both of the mages hands away as he swayed right she connected the smoldering hot metal to the mans temple. A short scream was heard from him as his blood vessels boiled open from the heat. Roux finished humming her song and sighed. "Fucking mages.That a good door and my favorite pan.” She harshly whispered. Marcus ran though the doorway. He almost tripped over one of the bodies in his rush, he inwardly remind himself not to anger roux anytime soon.

"You're alright!"

"Fine. What the hell is going on?" She asked while making her way to one of the wooden cabinets. 

"Hayland is under attack by Kevin and his goons.” Roux stopped her search mildly at the name then went back to it, some bastards just don’t know when to quit she thought bitterly.

"Kevin De Campos.”

“Yes." Even saying his name leaves a disgusting taste in ones mouth, then Roux’s thoughts turned towards the puppet master behind Kevin, but it wasn’t possible then again no actual body was found after ‘death’. Son of a bitch.

"That means Charlie's still alive. Where's Kiara?"

"Danni mentioned something about the stadium." Roux grabbed her old bow and arrows and started walking out of the house, motioning for Marcus to follow.  

"Where are we going?"

"To save Kiara and kill Charlie. I am not letting my family’s sacrifice be for nothing."

Lily was walking towards the castle when she saw smoke and heard distant screaming. "Kiara." She whispered under her breathe before sprinting towards her battled home. 

Kiara staggered back after yet another hit from De Campos. "Krea would be disappointed in you. So weak she was at least able to hit me more then twice I haven’t even tired yet."

Kiara used a wind spell to give her extra speed as she landed a hard right hook to the mans jaw, causing a crack, both in his jaw and her knuckles. He stood there stunned before spitting out blood and laugh manically. "We can do a lot with you." He grinned before grabbing her by the neck again and lifting her in the air. Sending a hard punch to her sternum, hooking the same hand into  one of her rips and moving it around like a toy, she couldn’t scream or even grunt as her very life was being sucked out of her. Kevin brought his face closer to hers. "I can't kill you. She made that perfectly clear, but I can beat you within an inch of your life."

"Who." Kiara forced out with the last little bit of air she could muster.

"Your grandmother of course. I'm sure you've seen her."

Kevin's explanation was cut short as an arrow was sent through is arm that held Kiara up. He didn't flinch, just threw her to the ground. “Ouch." he growled as he ripped it out snapping it in half.

"Get the hell away from my niece."

"Damn another older war relic and I do mean old time has not been kind to you has it bitch."

Danni broke free of the fighting and ran to Kiara's side creating a force field around them. "Get her out of here. Now!" Roux shouted. Marcus and Clea were beside Roux, ready for the battle. "Please protect her."

"With my life." Then they vanished. 


A/N Let me know what you think. There are going to be mistakes and I will work on fixing them. Hope ya'll enjoy it! Don't forget to read the first book to this so you aren't confused. (Breaking Boundaries).



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