Breaking Boundaries -Blood Ties-

This is the sequel to Breaking Boundaries so if you haven't read that, definitely go back and check it out otherwise spoilers!

This follows Alexandra and Krea's child years after her birth, Kiara. She was raised by her aunt Roux. She was never one to take things seriously. She just liked having fun. After her mother Krea attacked the Cao kingdom many years ago, they have been silent. No one knows if they even exist. It was peaceful, well somewhat. Aside from the thieves and bandits and rebels, it's pretty nice in the town of Hayland. Until Kiara is at the wrong place at the wrong time and her parents past catches up with her. Can she stay on the right path or will the evil temptation take over Haylands only hope of survival...


5. Feud

Kiara woke up to a warm body cuddled up against hers. She had her arm protectively wrapped around Lily's waist with their fingers intertwined. This brought a smile to her face. A few memories flashed through her head. All the times Krea and Alexandra would feel safe in each others arms. She even got a glimpse of some kind of waterfall and her parents there as teenagers. She heard the promise that Krea made to take the brunette back, but never got to because of the war. This saddened her and she tried distracting herself to rid the thoughts. She can't control when these memories happen, anything could trigger them. She kissed the blondes shoulder and got up slowly, stretching and cracking what felt like every bone in her body. She wasn't sore anymore, she still had some light bruises, but there was no pain.
You are a very powerful mage. A woman's voice echoed through Kiara's ears.
Hi honey.
She looked around, but did not see the woman that she has only dreamed of. "Why can't I see you?"
I am not like Krea, you can only see me if you use the spell.
"And what spell is that?"
I have no idea, you are the mage, not me.
"Why can't mom teach me?"
I don't even think Krea knows how. She usually just wings it.
"How are you mom?"
I am doing alright, considering. I am glad Krea got you out of there. I might not agree with how she did it, but I can not be angry with her. How are you?
"That is a very loaded question. I'm lost, confused, a little scared if I am to be completely honest. I thought Charlie was dead."
I should have warned you sooner. I tried, but did not know how and for that I am sorry.
"Don't be sorry mom." Kiara looked back at Lily. "On the plus side, I think I'm slowly falling for someone."
What? You? Jeez, after all the ladies you have been with I would have never-
"Mother! Please."
Sorry. I think she is a very nice young woman and I approve. 
Their conversation was interrupted when Lily starting to toss and turn. "I love you mom."
I love you too.
"Hey there sleepy head." Kiara said with a smile.
"How long have you been up?" She asked sleepily.
"Not very long, just enjoying the sunrise."
"Right. Miss live in the moment." She teased.
"Lily. About last night-"
Kiara was cut off. "Yeah, I was thinking about that after you fell asleep." Lily started. "You were amazing, but I don't think it is a good idea for us to start something romantic at a time like this."
This took Kiara off guard, but she masked her hurt with a sigh of relief. "I was thinking the same thing." She lied. 
"So we are on the same page? War is coming and we can't have any distractions."
"Yes we are on the same page. Last night was for comfort, we both needed someone and we were there for each other. It will never happen again."
"Ever. I'm glad we have an understanding."
Kiara cleared her throat. "We should get going. Something tells me we are going to have a long journey ahead of us." She said as she started taking the barrier down. The one time I let a girl in and this fucking happens. This is why I can't love. She thought as it was brought down. "Ready to go?"
"Which way?"
"Hell if I know, I'm just going to wing it."
"We need a plan. Our girls are out there and need help." Roux said in front of Christina and Jordan. Clea was in the background waiting for orders.
"I have made contact with one of my old friends from the Huanel Kingdom and he and a few of his men have been spying on Charlie ever since Hayland fell under her order. He has been tracking her whereabouts and found that she was visiting an abandoned village from time to time with one of her henchmen. You are not going to like what he told me that he heard." Christina said while laying out the map.
"She can handle it." Jordan said while putting a supportive hand on Roux's shoulder. They have grown very close in the past week when they bumped into each other. 
"There were screams that could be heard from outside of the walls. He was not able to enter due to a spell that kept anyone else out. That was a little over week ago."
"We should've had a search party looking for them a long time ago. Why did you keep this from me!" Roux shouted, slowly losing control.
"I did not hear of any news until this morning. I am sorry, but I have been trying to find them."
"Look harder!"
"Roux." Jordan said while spinning the girl around gently, placing her hands on the sides of Roux's face. "It will be okay. We are going to bring them home. I promise."
This calmed the girl down. "This is war." Roux said.
"She took Hayland and kidnapped a couple of girls." Christina stated. "That is hardly a sign of war."
"She is trying to take control of this entire land! Do you not remember what she is capable of?"
"She is not the reason that war started years ago, that was all your sisters doing."
This caused a weary silence to fill the room. "This is hardly Krea's fault. And don't you ever speak of her again or I swear I will-"
"Are you sure you want to finish that sentence."
Christina and Roux were face to face, noses almost touching. Two powerhouses ready to butt heads. That's when there was shouting coming from outside. "Open the gates! It is Princess Lily!"
All four women ran out to the gates to see Kiara carrying Lily bridal style. "Lily!" Christina shouted as she ran to her daughter, she saw an arrow sticking out of her chest. "What happened!"
"I'll explain everything later, we just need to get her inside." Kiara said. Blood still covered her face and clothes as she got her second wind and ran in, following the Queen.
Lily was set down on the wooden table as Jordan, Christina and Roux circled around her. "Jordan, your a doctor! Help my little girl!"
Jordan help two fingers to the girls neck where her pulse would be and shook her head. "I can not heal someone with no heart beat."
"Everyone give me some room!" Kiara shouted as she took the glove off her left hand.
"What are you doing?" Roux asked.
"Get away from my daughter! You've done enough!"
"I am going to save her! Step back your highness." Kiara took a few deep breathes before breaking off the end of the arrow and lifting the girl up to remove the arrows head and laying her back down. She places her palm on the open wound and started chanting in a different language. Her nose started to bleed and her body shake.
It's okay Kiara, I am here to help. Krea said as she transferred some of her energy into her daughter. Kiara grew stronger by the second as her hand glowed a light green, then there was nothing. She fell to her knees as Lily sprung up and took a deep breathe of air. "Lily!" Christina said with tears in her eyes.
"Mom?" She asked before being pulled in for a hug. After the embrace, she looked down at her wound and saw that it had been closed up. 
Roux ran to Kiara's side and noticed the same wound was on the redheads chest, but soon closed up as well. Lily noticed it too. Why would she risk her life for me? Again? She thought. 
***An hour earlier***
"We are almost there." Kiara said, trying to stay positive. Before Lily could say a word, Kiara was holding her fist up. "Do you hear that?" She asked as she looked around the woods. She had a brief memory of her mother Krea in a similar predicament years ago and that scared her. "There's something out there." That's when she could hear a whizzing sound. She turned around and caught the arrow that almost impaled her throat. She looked above an saw what looked to be a cloud of arrows about to come down on them. She quickly ran to Lily and covered her with her own body and held a hand up to create a shield. All they could hear was the clinking of metal bouncing off of the shield barrier. After it was over, they both stood up and noticed a small army was surrounding them. Danni was the one who looked to be in charge. There was something in her that wasn't... Her. "Danni. Please, you don't have to do this. You are being controlled by that evil bitch."
Danni just smiled. "Kill them both."
Kiara looked behind her and noticed a man running with a sword pointing at Lily. She side stepped in front of her as the blade pierced her hip. She looked down and this only angered her. Her eyes turning yellow as she grabbed the handle of the sword and put her other hand towards the man and made him ignite in flames. She took the blade out and held it at the ready. Willing to die protecting the woman she loved. Three men rushed at her as the others stayed back. She stayed where she was, holding the helm of the sword tight. The men on the outside attacked first, the one on the left swung, aiming at her neck as the other went for her legs.
She jumped up while ducking to make the metal miss by a mere inch and the swords pierced the two men. She used a small air spell to make her lunge forward before hitting the ground as she dug the blade deep into the third mans neck. Blood smearing across her face. She looked to her left and noticed Lily with swords in both her hands, taking on a few of them.
She also saw the arrow that was being pointed at the girl. She tried running at her, but was tackled by Danni and felt hot pain across her face. Danni's fists were engulfed in flames and she was punching Kiara any chance she got, Kiara was too distracted with Lily's safety too try and fight her once called friend. "Lily!" She schemed before getting a right hook to her face and everything went blurry. The weight that kept her down was gone and she could see that people were surrounding Lily as she fell to the ground, an arrow sticking out of her chest. Kiara blinked hard a few times and shook her head, trying to clear it. "Lily." It was a whimper. Seeing the girl she loved crumble to the ground crushed the redhead. It was her breaking point. She got to her knees and chanted a few words that she didn't know she studied. She wasn't in control of her body, but her mind was in tact. Krea? She thought before she saw nothing but red.
Kiara woke up and saw dead bodies all around her, trying to catch her breath. She looked around and saw that Danni was gone. She also noticed that one of the bodies was Lily, struggling for air with an arrow in her chest. "Hang in there Lily, I'm going to get you home."
Kiara woke up to a knock on her door. She slowly walked up and opened it, just to find a letter. 
Thank you for everything. You risked your life for me multiple times today and brought me back from the dead, knowing that the spell could kill you. You are a good friend.
That word cut Kiara deep. 'Friend.'
Everyone is meeting in the war room later. Someone will let you know when.
Thank you again.

Kiara set the note on her bed and looked in the mirror, removing her shirt to see that the wound on her hip had been patched up. She cleaned up and changed her clothes for the meeting before looking around the empty room. She sat on her feet, hands on her thighs and shut her eyes. Trying to bring her parents spirits from the other side, but to no avail. She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and got up, feeling defeated. She was brought out of her thoughts when there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?"
"Um, it's Jordan."
Jordan? She thought as she opened the door to see a tall, skinny redhead with graying hair stood in front of her.
"Um. Hello."
"Hi." Kiara said with an awkward wave.
"Wow you look a lot like your mothers."
"You knew them?"
"Oh I am sorry, I came across weird. Yes, I knew them. Especially Krea. We grew up together and fought by each other during the war on the Cao Kingdom." She said while holding out her hand. Kiara took it, gratful for another friendly person. When their hands touched, all the memories that Krea left her of Jordan came flooding back.
"I remember. It's nice to meet you."
"I just wanted to make sure you were okay. That wound was pretty bad."
"Yes. Thank you, it feels fine."
"Good. Oh! I'm also supposed to tell you that the meeting is in three hours."
"I'll be there. How is Lily?"
"Better. She is spending time with her mother at the moment."
"Do you want to... I don't know. Come in? I'd love to hear about you. My mom seemed to like you a lot."
"She did that memory spell thing, didn't she."
"When I was a baby. It's coming slow, but at least its there."
"Sure. I'll come in, I've wanted to talk to you for a long time."

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