DJ Potter (HP-Alice fanfic) Marauders Era

Delilah Jane Tiger Lily Potter or DJ Potter the vicious 15 year old was always a triplet of the infamous Marauder James Potter. She proved herself easily by getting expelled from Beauxbatons after 3 months in first year and refused to go to Hogwarts or Salem so she went to Durmstrang and was never heard from since. Mad Hatter Potter II is the unknown triplet of James and DJ Potter until DJ went crazy and went to Wonderland meeting Titania daughter of Alice, Era daughter of the White queen, Red daughter of the Red queen and the White Rabbit. What happens when he and DJ are are a little crazy and James isn't. James Charlus Potter or Prongs was the triplet of Mad Hatter II and DJ Potter who went to Durmstrang and Mad Hatter he only met once. He had not acknowledged their existence after a fateful tea party in Wonderland. He didn't even mention to his friends. What happens when the triplets see each other after 4 years?


6. The White Queen and the kiss

"Children, children time to wake up." Called a soft voice to make the teens stir from their slumber.

"Morning fluffy how are you?" DJ said as she fell out of the tree hungover

"Morning Tiger and I'm quite good thank you. You made quite a mess last night but I cleaned it up for you."

"Thank you. Can you please get us some omelettes for breakfast?"

"There you are good day." The White Queen said before turning into mist

"Who was she?" James and Sirius asked as they fell out of their trees

"The White Queen Era's mum." DJ replied before inhaling her omelette

"Whoa you eat quick." Sirius said as DJ finished it 15 seconds after she started it

"I know." She replied smoking the Hookah pipe blowing smoke into his face

"Stop flirting already I'm trying to eat." Era, James, Titania, Hatter and the Tweedle twins said before starting to crack up laughing

"Eww." DJ retaliated

"Oh darling you know you love me." Sirius replied making DJ picture her marrying him

"Eww no way I'm gone." She said before running off to the nearest toilet to go vomit

"What did I do." Sirius asked Hatter

"Well whenever someone says you know you love them she pictures marrying them then throws up." Hatter replied

"Oh..." Sirius said trailing off to go find DJ

"She really does that?" James asked his triplet

"Yeah she's done it twenty times since she started come on lets go find her." Hatter replied before walking off with James following.

"Poor darling." Titania said to Era before leaving the table

"You comin'?" Titania asked Era who got up to follow.

-With Sirius and DJ."

"Hey I'm sorry." Sirius said to DJ

"It's OK I do that a lot." DJ replied before changing her clothes in the blink of an eye and her hair to a purple and blue upside down braid with a bun

(First pic)



"Hey it's okay I didn't mean for you to do that."

"Thanks Padfoot."

"How do ya know that."

"Just do." She replied looking up at him.

'Come on just do it kiss her already' He thought.

DJ closed her eyes. 'This is it' he thought as he leaned in to kiss her

When DJ felt Sirius' lips collide with hers she pretended key word pretended to enjoy it, then grabbed her rusty, blood covered blade from the sheath on the inside of the back of her dress she grabbed Sirius' shoulder length hair and chopped it all off before kicking him in the nether regions and ran off to Alice and Sakari's house. When she arrived she had instantly changed her look by shaving her head, changing it white blonde and wore black short, shorts, no shoes and a black sports bra.

"Alice get me my corset now!" DJ hissed when she ran into the kitchen her face bright red with anger.


"I'll get my Katana." Sakari yelled from upstairs before thundering down the stairs with a silver foot long Katana slapping against his thigh. He quickly moved away from the stairs as soon as DJ saw him and charged him with the same blade she used to cut Sirius' hair immediately stabbing him in the calf be he responded by stabbing her in the foot. After about 20 minutes the living room was destroyed and Alice called time out

"OK let's see I have half my foot missing, a broken wrist, 3 fractured ribs and ripped tissue in my thigh. Interesting not as bad as usual before walking out of Alice and Sakari's house after fixing it with a quick 'Reparo'.

When DJ returned to the clearing everyone from last night's events were sitting there in grim silence

"Guys what is the matter with you, you look like I've died or something." DJ said startling them

"Yay she is alive but not as dead as usual!" The Tweedle Twins both screamed

"What do you mean as usual?" James quickly asked

"Well you see whenever a boy kisses Deej, she gets really pissed and goes and fights Sakari, Titania's dad." Era replied before starting to sew the rest of DJ's foot back on

"Why is she missing half of her foot?" Sirius interjected while rubbing his half missing hair as if someone was going to steal the rest

"Because Sakari has a Katana" Era replied

"Holy Shit"

"Ah much better at least I have a foot now I can deal with these" DJ replied before jumping into a rabbit hole that went to her room on the ship, after she left the hole closed up

"She is so hawt" Sirius gushed over her

"You better wish it was only her foot that was cut off" Titania said breaking the awkward silence after Sirius' comment

"What on earth do you mean?" James said steaming

"Well in past fights she has lost a; leg, arm, foot, hand, hair, her nose, an ear and even her head, she was dead for an hour while we were sewing her head back on. DJ knows what it feels like to be dead" Era and Titainia replied coolly before walking off to have a nap

"Delilah Jane Tiger Lily Potter you come here right now!" James yelled his voice raising 3 octaves

"What!" DJ snapped as she apparated into Wonderland and sat down to listen to James' yelling about how she was dead for an hour.

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