DJ Potter (HP-Alice fanfic) Marauders Era

Delilah Jane Tiger Lily Potter or DJ Potter the vicious 15 year old was always a triplet of the infamous Marauder James Potter. She proved herself easily by getting expelled from Beauxbatons after 3 months in first year and refused to go to Hogwarts or Salem so she went to Durmstrang and was never heard from since. Mad Hatter Potter II is the unknown triplet of James and DJ Potter until DJ went crazy and went to Wonderland meeting Titania daughter of Alice, Era daughter of the White queen, Red daughter of the Red queen and the White Rabbit. What happens when he and DJ are are a little crazy and James isn't. James Charlus Potter or Prongs was the triplet of Mad Hatter II and DJ Potter who went to Durmstrang and Mad Hatter he only met once. He had not acknowledged their existence after a fateful tea party in Wonderland. He didn't even mention to his friends. What happens when the triplets see each other after 4 years?


8. Family


A few weeks after the twins told Sirius about DJ being sadistic she found herself fighting Sakari. But nobody kissed her instead after being at Hogwarts for a few weeks she felt as if she was going crazy for one reason; Hogwarts was too small. Everyone simply thought she was sick but the Wonderlanders knew better because Durmstrang was at least 2.567 times the size of Hogwarts castle then there was the grounds. The Durmstrang grounds made the Hogwarts grounds look the size of a apple compared to a watermelon; tiny.

"You have been wearing that corset too much DJ your going to get sick." Lily said to her worryingly after she had just lost her hand in another fight against Sakari

"I will be fine Lils trust me" DJ replied after her hand was sewn back on.

"Lily has a point Deej you 'ave been wearing that bloody thing 24/7!" Alice complained

"No I will not take this corset off!!" DJ exclaimed before storming off cursing at the two in Bulgarian under her breath

"You ok?" Gideon asked her

"No I'm not but do you want to go out with me?" DJ replied

"Ok sure." Gideon said before grabbing her and standing her on his shoulders before running to the great hall.

"How the hell did she not fall off?" James asked

"Practice ever since first year." DJ replied, jumping off and her shoulder gave a sickening pop

"Want to go out with me Lily?" Sirius asked when he caught sight of DJ

"No thank you I'm going out with Gideon sorry to crush your hopes and dreams."DJ saidsympathetically before adding "Not"

Sirius just frowned and started mumbling under his breath

"I think I broke it" DJ complained poking a now asleep Sirius

"Yeah he really likes you oh and I got a letter from mum and dad." James said pulling a letter out of his pocket

"Who is Willow?" DJ asked James once she read the letter

"Willow Jamie Serena Rema Potter is our 6 year old sister." James said to Hatter and DJ

"Ugh we will be back." DJ growled before grabbing Hatter and erupted into column of water

-The Potter household-

"Mum!" DJ yelled from the front parlour

"Yes sweet heart!" Dorea yelled from the kitchen/dining room

"Care to tell me why we haven't heard of Willow." DJ said when she entered the kitchen with Willow in her arms

"Well we were going to visit you at Durmstrang for Christmas but Henry didn't tell us you were going to Hogwarts. Sorry." Dorea said quietly

"Hi Tiger! Hi Mads" Willow said happily 

"Hey Serena." DJ said while Hatter said "Sup Wills."

"I'm taking Serena to go see the others." 

"Ok be back before midday tomorrow"

"Bye mummy" Willow squealed happily

"We're apparating." DJ said to Willow who nodded and hugged Hatter really tight

-Back at school-

"Where did Lily go?" Sirius asked when he woke up

"I have no idea all I know is that she took Hatter with her." James replied 

All of a sudden a collumn of water appeared the vanished with DJ, Hatter and someone new

"Jamie!" James yelled the second he saw Willow causing the rest of the school's attention to be on the Potters. James ran up to Hatter and grabbed Willow off of him and saueezed her so tight she started going blue in the face

"James your choking her!" Lily yelled at him when she saw Willow go blue

"Sorry Willow I do that every single time" James exclaimed and released her brushing her hair out of her face

"Do you want to go meet my friends Serena?" DJ asked her when she sat back down 

"Yes please sissy" Willow replied before being dragged of to the black lake that held the ship

"Why are we going to the ship?" Willow asked

"Because in my room is a door to Wonderland all my friends live there and I thought you might want to get changed" DJ replied

When they arrived DJ immediately grabbed a pair of red knee high converse, black skinny jeans and her Bulgarian quidditch jersey shrinking so that they fit Willow perfectly.

"Do you want me to do your hair to?" DJ asked once Willow was dressed

"Yes please Tiger" Willow replied before sitting in the chair that was situated in front of the vanity

(Imagine it pink i have no idea how to describe it)

"It looks awesome thanks sissy" Willow exclaimed happily

"Come on let's go to Wonderland" DJ said running through her open waredrobe with Willow hot on her heels (first person to know what book/movie reference gets the next chapter dedicated to them👊brofist)

-Sakari and Alice's house-

When DJ and Willow ran into Alice and Sakari's house there was the most extraordinary sights. Era and Titania were snogging, Alice and Sakari were wrestling, Mr Rabbit was eating celery and drinking coke and James, Sirius and Hatter were playing exploding snap. But the rarest sight was all the Greek gods and goddesses -with exception of Hades who was making butterfly skeletones fly around the White Queen- were playing Arcade games.

"Guys!" DJ bellowed making every single being's head snap towards DJ and Willow

"Guys this is my little sister Willow Jamie Serena Rema Potter"

"Yay another girlie!" Era and Titainia squealed picking Willow up and rushing her off to Titainia's bedroom with DJ hot on there heels

"Ok this is what we do to your sister every single Saturday" Era said before grabbing DJ and pushing her into a chair duct taping her there and began torturing her with beauty products 

-1 hour later they were cleaning up the bathroom-

"Titainia can I go give this sticker to James?" Willow asked holding up a pad (if your a girl you know exactly what these are if your a boy and don't know tough luck go ask a girl what a pad is)

The other girls just burst out laughing

"One sec sweetie we just have to make it better" Era said before waving her wand and it changed into a unicorn sticker that neighed

"Now you can" DJ said chasing Willow down the stairs

"James I got a sticker for you see" Willow said showing James the sticker before sticking to his forehead. But it changed back into a pad causing every single female but Willow to burst out laughing

"What are you guys laughing about it's just a sticker" James said before grabbing Sirius' mirror and screamed when he saw his reflection

"What is a pad doing on my forehead? Era!" James yelled and ripped off the pad before chasing Era up the stairs

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