DJ Potter (HP-Alice fanfic) Marauders Era

Delilah Jane Tiger Lily Potter or DJ Potter the vicious 15 year old was always a triplet of the infamous Marauder James Potter. She proved herself easily by getting expelled from Beauxbatons after 3 months in first year and refused to go to Hogwarts or Salem so she went to Durmstrang and was never heard from since. Mad Hatter Potter II is the unknown triplet of James and DJ Potter until DJ went crazy and went to Wonderland meeting Titania daughter of Alice, Era daughter of the White queen, Red daughter of the Red queen and the White Rabbit. What happens when he and DJ are are a little crazy and James isn't. James Charlus Potter or Prongs was the triplet of Mad Hatter II and DJ Potter who went to Durmstrang and Mad Hatter he only met once. He had not acknowledged their existence after a fateful tea party in Wonderland. He didn't even mention to his friends. What happens when the triplets see each other after 4 years?


2. Durmstrang


"Here is your uniform DJ but there is a cloak you must put on to hide your appearance until I say to remove it okay?" Henry asked Delilah

"Cool I like it I'll be back." she replied running off to the bathroom in her grandfather's office.

-At lunch in the mess hall-

"I have an announcement to make." Henry said as the hall went silent

"I am pleased to introduce DJ Potter."

"Hello boys." She said as she removed her cloak

Plenty of boys wolf whistled

"Now I'd like to say some ground rules. 1 I am your worst nightmare I'm not afraid to hurt someone if you flirt with me, try to touch me or ask me out. 2 I need a pair of twins in first year to be my best friends and do not like me more than friends. And 3 my full name is Delilah Jane Tiger Lily Potter do not call me Delilah or Jane. You can call me DJ, Tiger, Lily, Tiger Lily, DJ Tiger or DJ Tiger Lily. Got it? Good." Delilah demanded

"Now I have the perfect set of twins to be your best friends and they absolutely love to prank." Henry said as he nodded to a pair of red head twins who obediently stood and walked up to her grabbed her arms and pulled her to where they were previously sitting

"Gideon and Fabian Prewett at your service milady." The twins said in unison

"Hmm I'm going to call you two Tweedledee and Tweedledum because you remind me of them."

"Sure Tweedledee and Tweedledum works for us doesn't it Dee?" Gideon questioned

"Yes it does dum." Fabian replied

"We are going on a ship ride today go to the ship now." Henry roared

-1 hour later-

"I'm going insane, I'm going insane yes I am. We're all mad I'm mad your mad." She said turning into a creepy looking cat then an insane looking Alice.

"That's it I'm gone." She added blowing a hole in the side of the ship turning into a phoenix then flying off to her room.

"She must really hate boats." Dee said to Dum

"Yes very, very much." Dum added.

-After the boat ride-

"Tick, Tock you are all very late Mad Hatter is not patient." DJ said once everyone came into the hall for dinner while looking like the girl Mad Hatter.

"DJ why did you blow a hole in the side of my ship?" Henry questioned when he saw her

"We're all mad, I'm mad, your mad. Everyone's mad right Mr Rabbit?" She questioned a white rabbit in a waistcoat and a pocket watch.

"Yes indeed DJ Hatter because if your not mad you wouldn't be here. Mad Hatter come here." Mr rabbit said and a young boy with red hair and mismatched clothes came out from behind Henry's chair.

"Look Tweedledee and Tweedledum I found them DJ I found them." He said pointing to the Prewett twins then laid down to pour tea with his toes.

"Hatter that is not at all very nice." A girl with rainbow hair and a Jack Daniels shirt said as she barged into the hall

"Yes off with his head!" A red head lady roared as she barged through the room with a knife

"Red Of Hearts you are not the queen anymore." Roared Rainbow hair

"Hello Alice."

"My name is not Alice she is my mother. My name is Titania."

"Hello Titania." Red repeated

"Grr Incarcerous." Titania said tying Red up

"What is happening DJ?" Henry asked

"Oh ya know the story Alice in Wonderland well it is true and Mad Hatter II is Mad Hatter I's son. Titania is Alice's daughter, Red of Hearts is the queen of Hearts daughter,  Era is the white queen's daughter and Mr Rabbit is the same Mr Rabbit." she said as a young girl appeared in front of them all

"DJ, Hatter, Rabbit, Titania, Red." Era growled at Red making her whimper.

"Grr I hate this dress Mother makes me wear it for all greetings." Era said snapping her fingers making her dress turn into a red crop top, a white mini skirt, black knee high lace up heels and rainbow hair.

At which all 4th year to 7th year boys wolf whistled at making Era growl and turn into a demon 

"I may be daughter of the White queen but I am also the daughter of Hades god of the underworld and I was blessed by all Greek gods and goddess' meaning I control water, the sky, nature anything to do with any of the Greek gods and goddess'. So don't try me get it?"Era roared at which all the boys whimpered

"Era what did I say about turning into demons." Said a man who had appeared out of no where

"But father they wolf whistled at me I'm 15 I will always be 15 because of Persephone man I hate her when she returns me to my proper age before my 16th birthday I will not turn into a demon without need to now give me my wand before I get mother." She growled at him

"Fine"Hades said as he threw Era's wand at her before vanishing .

"Ok Titania, Era, Mad Hatter and Mr Rabbit can stay in a room that is just like wonderland and is connected to mine and Red can go to the underworld. Oh and Dee, Dum you are going to experience wonderland." DJ said with the others following her and the rest of the boys drooling over her.

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