DJ Potter (HP-Alice fanfic) Marauders Era

Delilah Jane Tiger Lily Potter or DJ Potter the vicious 15 year old was always a triplet of the infamous Marauder James Potter. She proved herself easily by getting expelled from Beauxbatons after 3 months in first year and refused to go to Hogwarts or Salem so she went to Durmstrang and was never heard from since. Mad Hatter Potter II is the unknown triplet of James and DJ Potter until DJ went crazy and went to Wonderland meeting Titania daughter of Alice, Era daughter of the White queen, Red daughter of the Red queen and the White Rabbit. What happens when he and DJ are are a little crazy and James isn't. James Charlus Potter or Prongs was the triplet of Mad Hatter II and DJ Potter who went to Durmstrang and Mad Hatter he only met once. He had not acknowledged their existence after a fateful tea party in Wonderland. He didn't even mention to his friends. What happens when the triplets see each other after 4 years?


4. 5th Year

DJ changed over the next couple of years and so had Hatter they both looked more mature and had celebrated so many unbirthdays.


James had not acknowledged their existence since the fateful tea party at Christmas. DJ had certainly changed she was on the Bulgarian quidditch team and was a beater. She is insane she got peircings and tattoos and changed her natural look to crazy colours.

Her dragon Tiger grew really quick and was now the size of an adult dragon and DJ rode her every where.

"DJ go pack we're going to Hogwarts for a year and don't complain." Gramps ordered when she came into his office from wonderland.


-1 Week later-

"Come on Tiger just fly to the ship so we can drop my bags off then off to Hogwarts."

"Fine." Tiger replied like the sassy, sarcastic teenage dragon she is.

James P.O.V

"Come on mate we're at school." Sirius said

"Cool. Hey Evans go out with me." James said as he saw his obsessee Lily Evans

"Betcha she says toerag." Sirius said

"Immature child." Remus added

"Frog faced duck kid." Peter said and the other two just stared at him with a eyebrow raised and a creeped out look on they're faces

"what?" Peter asked

"Your an odd child." Sirius said

"No you immature child!" She screamed and stormed off with Snape trailing after her

"Ten galleons boys." Remus said as they walked to the castle and Sirius and Peter pad him five galleons each

"Can everyone go out onto the lawn we have a special surprise for you all." Dumbledore said

Once gathered on the lawn James saw two people he thought he would never have to see ever again. DJ Potter and Mad Potter his triplets jumped off a dragon and ran to a ship.

DJ's P.O.V

Hatter and I jumped off Tiger and sprinted for the ship to get changed. As I slipped on my dress I was thinking about how James would react to seeing us.

We sat on our thrones and the boys grabbed the poles from underneath them and lifted us up. Once we were in front of the students Hatter and I front flipped off the thrones and changed into our usual uniform.

"Where is our brother?" We both boomed and James walked forward slowly

"This is for not acknowledging us." I said as I slapped him so hard at echoed of the school grounds

"Now it's time the stereotypes of girls are wrong about me." I said as I changed into a tux on the spot

(without purse, plat video Hatter does the guy. Like a boy by Ciara)



"Let's eat! C'mon Hatter, James."I said banging their heads together

"Ow that hurt." James complained

"No it did not brother DJ and I do it all the time." Hatter said and we banged heads really hard.

-In the great hall-

"So who are you two." A boy with black hair and grey eyes asked

"I'm Delilah Jane Tiger Lily Potter and that's Mad Hatter Potter II. Who r u?"I replied

"Sirius Orion Black III. Delilah you are weak."

"First of all don't call me Delilah call me DJ and second of all I'm not weak." I said standing on the table flashing my clothes into shorts and a sports bra and showing my muscles, tattoos and scars. Obviously making him feel intimidated.

"Don't underestimate me. This one is for calling me Delilah'Punch' This is for calling me weak'punch' and this on is because I felt like it'stepping down and tackling him to the ground and changing his whole body black then punching his nose' Come on Hatter, James let's go to Wonderland" I said dragging him with me.

"You just pounded him that is amazing. Did you see how strong he looked?" Hatter

"That's my best mate D you just pounded him. If you didn't punch him I would've because no one calls you Delilah. And wow you have some muscles."James commented

"Thanks and I betcha he had fabs." DJ replied

"What are these fabs you speak of?" Hatter asked

"He doesn't he plays quidditch and they are fake abs." James said

"I do murder training. C'mon we're here."

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