DJ Potter (HP-Alice fanfic) Marauders Era

Delilah Jane Tiger Lily Potter or DJ Potter the vicious 15 year old was always a triplet of the infamous Marauder James Potter. She proved herself easily by getting expelled from Beauxbatons after 3 months in first year and refused to go to Hogwarts or Salem so she went to Durmstrang and was never heard from since.

Mad Hatter Potter II is the unknown triplet of James and DJ Potter until DJ went crazy and went to Wonderland meeting Titania daughter of Alice, Era daughter of the White queen, Red daughter of the Red queen and the White Rabbit. What happens when he and DJ are are a little crazy and James isn't.

James Charlus Potter or Prongs was the triplet of Mad Hatter II and DJ Potter who went to Durmstrang and Mad Hatter he only met once. He had not acknowledged their existence after a fateful tea party in Wonderland. He didn't even mention to his friends.

What happens when the triplets see each other after 4 years?


1. Letters

"D and J come downstairs your school letters are here." Dorea Potter called out to her children James and Delilah.

As the children ran downstairs Delilah slid down the banisters causing her mother to shreak when she front flipped off them. 

"I didn't get into Hogwarts mum." Delilah said sadly as she read her letter

Dear Miss. D Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Here at Beauxbatons, we expect only the best from our students. Attached is a list of expectations and schools supplies you will need. Term starts on August 1st, please be outside your residence by 10 o'clock am in full uniform. You are not to be a minute late, if you are, the carriage will not stop. You will be able to visit your family for one week for Christmas Holiday from December 20th until December 27th. The second part of term will begin on January 3rd. Thank you. Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

The items you will need are listed below:

5 sets of everyday uniforms

7 sets of Herbology uniforms*

5 sets of weekend uniforms*

3 sets of holiday uniforms*

3 sets of formal uniforms*

For Astronomy with Miss. Celeste David: telescope, star chart, Stars and Planets reference books (only the first two for first years), quills, black and midnight blue ink, and parchment.

For Charms with Miss. Cassandra Abel: a wand, the Standard Book of Spells, Achievements in Charming, Quintessentials: A Quest, black ink, at least three quills, and parchment.

For Defense Against the Dark Arts with Miss. Fleur Jacques: a wand, The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection, blue, black, and red ink, parchments, and quills.

For Flying with Miss. Flore Farve: a broomstick of choice, broom cleaning kit, The Noble Sport of Warlocks, and Quidditch Through the Ages.

For Herbology with Miss. Rose Bellerose: dragon-hide gloves (preferably black with initials sewn on them), earmuffs (preferably brown with initials sewn on them), Herbology uniform, dragon dung compost (can send in with name from July 1st-July 30th), mooncalf dung (can send in with name from July 1st-July 30th), One Thousand Herbs and Magical Fungi, Flesh Eating Trees of the World, wand, green ink, at least six quills, and water-proof parchment.

For History of Magic with Miss. Jasmine Lemarie: History of Magic, Greatest Wizards in the Twentieth Century, parchment, quills, and red, black, blue, and a color of your choice ink.

For Muggle Studies with Miss. Gabrielle Vincent: Home Life and Social Habits of French Muggles, Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles, Home Life and Social Habits of American Muggles, parchment, quills, and red, black, blue, and a color of your choice ink.

For Potions with Miss. Iris Victors: cauldron, brass scales, phials, the ingredients for one potion**, Magical Drafts and Potions, wand, black and blue ink, quills, and parchment

For Transfiguration with Miss. Isabel Roux: a wand, Beginners Guide to Transfiguration, plenty of parchment, quills, and any color ink.

*You may choose what these look like.

**Potions must be brewed and sent in by July 15th for a grade.

Note: All students must have extra reading supplies for all classes that relate to that class (ex. Cheering Charms for Charms, Basic Hexes for the Busy and Vexed for Defense Against the Dark Arts). Also, all students must have either a dog/wolf, an owl, or a cat. Muggle clothes must also be provided for field trips to muggle towns.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Delilah said as her eyes started to tear up

"You are going to Beauxbatons and that's final." Mother said firmly. Delilah nodded slowly her tears now streaming down her face.

-3 months into the school year-

'That's it I'm going to get myself expelled I don't care about what anyone says I will do something so drastic I will get expelled' Delilah thought while walking to the dining pavilion.

You see Delilah hated Beauxbatons so much she wants to get expelled. So she came up with a plan so drastic it was highly possible to get her expelled. She had learnt so much extra spells it's not funny she has learnt all 1st through 3rd year charms, curses, spells and jinxes taught at Beauxbatons but no one knows. Her plan to get her expelled consists of 1000 Filbuster wet start fireworks the charm Incendio and her wolf cup Thira (thigh-ra) which means untamed in Greek. So she began.

First thing she did was wet one of the fireworks of that had a chain reaction to the other 999 fireworks. She then set the tapestries on fire and put a fireproof charm on Thira then set her on fire so she walked into the Pavilion with utter terror, girls hair was on fire Thira was eating plenty of food and the headmistress Madam Maxine was staring at Delilah with a murderous look in her eyes.

"Delilah Jane Tiger Lily Potter you are hear by expelled from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic you are to never step foot on this property again!" Madam Maxine roared

"Goody buh bye me is off to Durmstrang." Delilah said blowing a big raspberry and ran off to the school gates having already packed her belongings and shrunk them to stick in her pocket. At the front of the school she met the Durmstrang headmaster Henry Potter her grandfather.

"Grandpa!" she yelled the second she saw him

"Hello DJ. Now I have owled your parents and said because you have been expelled and refuse to go to Salem and Hogwarts that I am taking you to Durmstrang and that I will take very good care of you."

"Yay let's go." She said before grabbing his arm as he disappeared taking Delilah with him.

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