Chasing after you is like a fairytale (Phan)


4. 0.4

"I'm leaving you," was the last thing Dan had heard leave Phil's lips. He looks at Phil's face, he's trying to be forceful and demanding, but it's all too funny for Dan. He tries to hold back his laugh, but he can't He grins a little, then a full out belly laugh and when he's finally recovering, still wheezing a little, he looks back to Phil who hasn't moved an inch. Even though Dan finds it hilarious, and he knows Phil wouldn't actually leave him, but there is no way he is risking it. "Okay, okay. I'll do anything for you Phil, what do you want?" Phil shifts a bit from where he is on top of Dan. He hasn't really thought this far ahead. "Hmm," he is mumbles. He thinks about some of the things he wants most in life. "There are a lot of things," Phil starts, bending towards Dan so his breath is hot on the younger boys neck, "that I would love," he kisses Dan's neck sucking a bruise there, then kisses right over it. He notices Dan staying silent and his eyes slightly bigger than usual. Phil twists his fingers in Dan's hair then proceeds to grab Dan's earlobe in between his lips, twisting and pulling it. Dan still hasn't moved, "but the thing I want most is, " Phil takes a deep breath, "Dan, I want people to finally know about us"

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