The Club

Join the club is what they tell you they say it like its nothing. Like it's not a place where you bet your life where you become a pleasure for someone. The club is where my life has gone. So here's how it works you are offered a deal you get 10,000 joining the club it's good money but here's the deal your life is now being owned by MPA it stands for Men's pleasure association and you start off by working at The Club.


2. Chapter 1

Charlottes POV

~one year later~

I woke up and fixed my bed I went to the mirror and looked at my long black hair that matched well with my grey almost black eyes. I opened the shower and hopped in. After I finished getting ready I went out to the area where I am to be dancing today as always nothing new. I am always grateful that I put on a good enough show that Andy keeps me and I'm not another person getting sold.

I went over to Andy and sat in the chair next to him "Hey Andy what station am I working today?" I asked

"Honey about that I have to sell you I do love that you make me big money but someone special to me has noticed you and I want them to have you." He said

I jumped up shocked at his decision but I knew better than to run away they will just find you and bring you back.

He told me to go pack my things. I went up to my room and packed all of clothes which only consisted of stripper items we were required to wear these at where we would live. I made sure that I left nothing but I wrote on the mirror with my lipstick it was a note for Amber she was my dearest friend here and we shared a room she would get the note soon.

I entered the black limo.

-skip car ride-

The car came to a halt at a red light but as I looked up I saw something truly horrifying it was where Calum Hood lived.

If you were paying attention earlier in the book you would notice that my bosses name was Andy Hood and this guys name was Calum Hood well ya it's his son I am so happy!(note the sarcasm)

Most girls would die to get their hands on him they all loved him. I've met him before but he's never been one to catch my eye he is never interested in anyone but whenever we're in the same room he stares at me wait Andy said that he has a interest in me that explains why he always there when I begin my dances at the club. I was I interrupted of my thoughts when the limo driver informed me that we were there.

I got out of the limo and took in the huge house in front of me but I didn't get long to take in what I saw when the devil himself walked out.

"Hello Charlotte " He said a little bit shy.

"Calum" I said awkwardly

I noticed him looking at me when his eyes shifted down to my clothes he shot his eyes back up to mine as a blush spread across his face.

I looked down at myself I didn't notice anything now he was avoiding eye contact.

"Umm is something wrong with me?" I asked feeling embarrassed

"Uhhhh....are you comfortable in that outfit." He said

I looked down then noticed I was in my work outfit

It was a one piece student uniform outfit with a really short skirt.

"Um ya I wear these all time I haven't worn or owned regular clothes in a year." I said like nothing

He stared at me in shock. "Here let me show you to your room." He said

"Please!"I said I really just wanted to get away.

"Um I actually bought you some clothes so you don't have to wear those anymore." He said

"Calum when girls get sold they are required to only wear these kinds of clothes."

He leaned in so his lips were slightly brushing my ear "Well it can be our little secret unless you would like to keep those clothes on and give me god damn boners all day." He said

As he said that my breathing started hitching and something that has never happened to me happened my legs were like spaghetti and I wanted to feel his lips against mine but I fought the feeling I couldn't do It I promised myself that if I ever got sold I would escape and i won't break that promise.

He finally moved away and he went up the stairs and I followed him he went inside the room with a purple bed set and purple walls everything purple he even put in posters from my favorite band Green Day. He went to grab something I think so while he did this I grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt and some slip on vans and put them in a backpack.

"How did you...." I said before he cornered me

"I've been watching you a very long time Charlotte I know everything about you I've loved you since the day I laid eyes on you. I payed 2 million dollars for you but it was worth every penny do you know how many guys I've had to get away from you?" He said getting closer to me

He had me in the corner trapped he one arm on my waist and the other touching my face I was fighting the urge to kiss him but this was my chance while he was distracted I could get away so I slipped off my heels and just as he was leaning in to kiss me I dropped to the floor and crawled through his legs just as I got up he looked at me in confusion. I didn't wait any longer I ran out of the room and down the stairs I got to the front door and I opened it and ran out.

I was already across town now I entered a bathroom and slipped on the shorts shirt and shoes. I walked out and made my way to Jacksons house. Jackson if you were asking is one of my brothers I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters and they all cared for me but me and Jackson were close we are also twins. But just as I came up on his street I was pulled into a car.

Once I felt the car move I looked over and saw Calum we were in a black BMW and he was staring at me.

"Don't ever do that again." He yelled sadness clearly written all over his face but I was frightened by his yelling

I backed away torward the door and tried to open it but he had the car locked

"Asshole." I muttered

" ya the asshole who loves you and doesn't want you to leave!" He said

"If you love me why are you doing this to me?" I yelled at him

He stopped the car and said "Because would you ever really loved me or come with me to live with me if I didn't buy you!" He said

We pulled up to his house and I noticed that he had people standing at the gates now

"ONLY CRAZY PEOPLE BUY OTHERS!" I yelled at him running out of the car inside.

I went upstairs to my new room and on the dresser there were speakers so I plugged in my phone and played Smells like teen spirit Nirvana. I know what your thinking and my phone doesn't call anyone Calum controls who I call.

After a while a person came to tell me dinner would be ready in 5 minutes and I suddenly had a plan.i put on a special outfit which consisted of a white lingerie top and bottom with white stilettos a white choker white nails some silver earrings with half my hair in a bun and the other half down it flowed all the way down to my waist.

After the five minutes were up and I was ready I walked out and to the dining room Calum was sitting at the end of the table and when I walked by him he just stared at me with his mouth hanging open. I leaned on the spot next to him "Might wanna keep your mouth shut you might catch some bugs." I said closing his mouth and then I walked over to the other end of the table which was far from him.

Once I sat down I put one leg over the side of the chair and the other regularly.

"Ma'm what would you like to drink?" The man waiter said to me he was about in his 30's and he was good looking.

I got up and had one leg on the table and I took the man by the shirt and kissed him he pulled away and looked at me very shocked "I'll have some water please." I said winking at him. He ran off and I looked over at Calum and he looked pissed I sat back down

I looked over at where Calum was sitting but he wasn't there anymore I got up and walked out of the dining room I then walked over to his room and entered.

Right when I entered something pushed me against the wall I looked up and saw Calum he had me against the wall and he smashed his lips against mine. I tried so hard to fight it but I gave in and kissed back he was tugging at my bottoms but I took his hands off me and walked out.

I went to the dining room and sat back down just like earlier and the food was brought in about 2 minutes later Calum entered and sat down.

When the man brang him his food he told him "you all are dismissed you may go home." And when he said that all of the workers went out.

After I finished eating I got up and was about to exit when Calum said "stay Charlotte."

I sighed and sat back down. But I had a brilliant idea of how to be excused so i got up and walked over to Calum I sat down on the table in front of him and pulled his tie so he was closer to me i then climbed on his lap and wrapped my legs around him. I put my hand on top of his pants and I felt his boner. I started kissing his neck and rubbing myself against him and before I knew it he was running to the bathroom. I got up and ran over to my room after listening to music for a while I pulled the covers over me and fell asleep.

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