Sink or Swim || N.H.

This is a sequel to "Make Believe!" Enjoy! Trying to think of a blurb haha.


1. Chapter 1


~Authors Pov~

   The boys had finally arrived home after Niall was allowed to leave the hospital. They hadn't been home for the past several weeks due to getting ready for their up coming tour. Everyone had went their separate ways, Harry went to his home in Cheshire, Niall went back to Ireland to visit his family, Liam went to his home, Louis went to visit family before moving into a new place, and Zayn of course went to his house, visited family and mostly went to go spend time with his fiancé, Perrie.

  As for Meghan, she spent the next few weeks in Simon's record studio with Lucas as they went on to finish their album. A month ago they released a single off their EP album, but more like their first track. Not much progress had been made into the album since the boys left the states.


"Got any ideas?" Meghan turns to Luke, hoping for an answer.

"We've only got two songs so far. We just need two more."

"Writing music is too much work." She laughs it off, sighing after.

Luke has been noticing Meghan's behavior lately and it has changed a lot. She seemed more depressed. "Meghan are you feeling alright? You look pale."

"What? Oh, I'm fine Luke, honestly. I'm just a bit tired." She walks over to the fridge in the studio taking out a bottle of water. As she's about to drink the water, she collapses to the floor.

"Meghan!" Luke runs over picking her up. The studio men run in helping Luke.

"She's not breathing. Tom, call 911!" The man ran off to call the ambulance. The second man stood, trying to keep Lucas calm from panicking too much.

"This can't be happening! No, no, no! Meghan, please wake up! You're my best friend! I can't lose you." He buries his face in his hands.

"They're here!" The man came back, escorting the paramedics to where Meghan lied.

"What happened to her?"

"I don't know. She was getting a water and fainted, but her doctor has been testing her for any signs of leukemia." Lucas answers.

"We need the defibrillation!" One of the paramedics shouts. The other man goes running out coming back in with a gurney and two paddles. They lift her up on the gurney preparing the paddles. "Clear!" Meghan's body jolts as the paddles were placed on her chest. They go for another and then another. Nothing.

"She needs to be taken to the hospital!" They roll her out of the studio and into the ambulance.

"Wait! I need to go with her!" Lucas runs after them as they lift her in.

"Sorry, we can't take you in. You can drive to the hospital and we'll let you know what's going on." The man shuts the doors as they take off.

"We have to follow them!" Lucas runs to his car taking off after the ambulance holding Meghan inside.

  As the tragic accident occurred, the lads, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis were out in London at a pub hanging out. Louis was very hungover that he was close to kissing Liam while he danced. Liam brushed him off going outside. He takes his phone out receiving a DM on Twitter from Meghan:

  "Hey, Luke here. We can't get a hold of Simon. Could you have him call us?" Sent at 9:27

"I'll call him up. May I ask why?" Sent at 9:34

"Call me on Meghan's phone." Sent at 9:35

He goes to his contacts clicking on Meghan's name. He waits for Lucas to answer as it rings. "Hello?" Liam answers.

"Okay, so right now I'm in a rush so I'll make it quick. Meghan collapsed not too long ago and she is on her way to the hospital in an ambulance. I couldn't think of who else to call! She doesn't talk to family anymore!" Lucas starts to panic on the other side of the phone.

"Lucas, take slow and deep breathes. Look, I want you to calm down and I'll call Simon. I'll tell the boys-"

"Don't tell the others! Please, we don't want you all stressing. I know you can handle this better than the others. That's why I messaged you."

 Liam bites his lip looking back at the pub entrance. He badly wanted to tell the boys, but if Lucas didn't want the others to know then he promised to not say a word. Liam stood on the phone with him until Lucas finally reached the hospital where Meghan was taken in.

"Okay, I'll call Simon right now."

"Thank you so much Liam. I knew I could count on you." Lucas hangs up rushing into the emergency room. "Where's my friend?!" He searched around the room.

"Sir, you need to stay outside. We'll let you know what happened after. Just please stay in the waiting room, will you?"

 Lucas doesn't bother to pass her, so he walks to the waiting room taking a seat starting to get comfortable. His phone rings in his hand as he glance down at it. He sees Simon's number light up on the screen. He answers being the first to speak. "Simon, Meghan's in the hospital."

"What? What happened?"

"She fainted in the studio and she stopped breathing. I didn't know who else to call! I had to call Liam so he can tell you to call me. He's the only guy out of the five to know about this. I don't want the others finding out about this."

"I can't leave my job right now to go see how she's doing. I'll tell you what, I can call Harry up since he's in LA."

"I don't want Harry to-"

 "Lucas, they will end up finding out whether it comes from you or not. If anything paparazzi followed you all down to the hospital. Once someone spots you two, everyone gets all in to see what's going on."

"Her fans can't know this is going on."

"I didn't necessarily say the fans have to know right now, but I know how the boys are. If you don't tell them and they find out later they won't want to go on tour. When Louis' grandmother died, he was devistated and was close to leaving tour to go home. We can't refund all the tickets fans bought."

"It's becuase- she's all I got. I don't want this fame taking her away."

"But she's not going anywhere without you. You two are a team. I know you'll both make it big. Trust me."

"Okay, but if the guys try coming tell them to stay home. We don't need this causing commotion because they came to see how she was doing. She doesn't need people in her face."

"I understand. Well I must be going now. Busy, busy, busy!" Simon hangs up, leaving Lucas silent and alone in the waiting room.

"What am I going to do?"

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