You're fat...


5. chapter 5

I couldn't breath my eyes went wide and all I could think about is what the hell is going to happen next , is he going to bug me again is he going to tell people about my past , but I tried acting smart

"Wha-what do you mean?" I said

"Isn't it obvious you both have the same voice, you both came from England, you look just like her but skinnier and you're as dumb as her, what else oh your both named Alex Tyler, I'm not dumb Alex" he said as he pushed me harder to the wall

"Now what you're going to bully me again?" I said

"Oh Alex" he said laughing then came closer to my ear and whispered

"I'll do more than just bully you" he said and left and I just slid down the wall barley able to breath and just closed my eyes.

1 week later

It's been a whole week he haven't spoken to me at all, maybe he said that just to scare me maybe he just didn't mean what he said.

I got bored at lunch so I decided to go outside and sit on one of the benches but before I was out someone grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the back of the school that someone was Trevor he pushed me to the wall and came so close to my ear and put my earlobe in his mouth and started playing with it using his lips and tongue, it was the weirdest feeling ever, of course I had a boyfriend once in my life but he never acted like this, Trevor never acted like this as well he never touched me ...of course not I used to be fat now that I'm skinny he's touching me I pushed him quickly

"Oh so now I'm skinny you want to touch me? , you never did that when I was fat what happened now?" I said as tears came dowb my cheeks

"That's a lie okay? I always liked you I always did you never noticed you where my first love" he said coming closer and closer

"You are the person I had depression you are the person That made me self harm, I know I acted tough and all but I was never tough I just wanted to end my life " I said

He looked confused

"Wh-why haven't you told me before oh my god I could have stopped I'm sorry I'm so sorry"

"It's not something you can easily say especially to your bully" I said

"Can I make it up to you?"he said

"It's past I don't care about it anymore I just want you to stay away as possible from me , and stop lying and saying you always liked me because no one liked my fat me" I said and left him standing there.

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