You're fat...


4. chapter 4

I was in the butcher shop with my mom buying a chicken when I saw that Jessie girl walking outside on the street

"Hey mom I saw a friend I'll be back" I said and then ran out the door to het

"Hey Jessie" I said she turned around and said

"Call me jess, and what are you doing here anyway?" She asked

"Im with my mom buying a chicken" I said

"Ooooo that's fun" she said

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"Oh I'm meeting uh...someone so I guess we can chat later yeah?" She said while I could see not other than Travis coming our way

She saw where I was looking so she turned her head and I can hear her curse under her breath , without a word he put his arm around her back and pushed her towards him and started kissing her .... I felt so awkward and just started walking away and I know he was looking at me.

I went back to the shop to find mom arguing with the man who works there , I didn't have time for that so I went and sat in the car

What the hell ...why is he kissing her , what is going on , the first day she says he's a bad guy and I should stay away from him and the second day there she is kissing him in public in front of all these people...what the fuck.

Day 2

I walked to history and I know she's there , I need an explanation.. I sat there but she's no where to be seen I put my head on the table waiting for the teacher to come when I felt someone sitting next to me, I didn't feel like looking to see who he is until he spoke with an accent like mine and those words going to be the end of my life

"You look like someone I know , but that someone was fat" he said

I quickly looked up

"What's your name love?" He said

"It's none of your business asshole" I said fed up

He came closer to my ear and whispered

"See you at lunch at the back of the school ,be there or...." He said then licked my ear and I can feel goosebumps

"Something not good would happen" he said then I looked at him , eyes wide open mouth and then I just shook my head and looked away.

All I could think about in my next classes is what the hell is going to happen at lunch..oh god I don't want to know...

It was lunch so I walked slowly to the back of the school with my heart in my hands to see how this will ends I got there and saw him sitting there waiting, I walked closer and when he saw me he stood up and started speed walking my way he took my wrists in both his hands and pinned me to the wall and whispered in my ear

"Looks like fatty lost so much weight" he said as my breath was caught in my throat and I had 1000 thing going in mind at the moment.


I know I take so long to update and my chapters are short but .... I have no excuse lol sorry but since it's my first author note ..hey how are you!

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