You're fat...


3. chapter 3

"Why are you home missy" mom said as I walked in the door

"Aren't you supposed to be at work?"I said

"Aren't you supposed to be at school? And you know I work online from home"she said rolling her eyes

"Uh ya I'll just go eat I'm hungry"

"Alexa Louie Tyler get your butt here" she yelled okay using my full name means anger means I must say the truth

"Mom I had a reason to leave early okay?"

"What's your reason?" Okay that's hard to explain since she knows nothing about Travis and my past miserable life

"It's that time of the month" I said quickly then felt happy because my brain is awesome

"Oh um okay no problem honey you can go rest and if you need anything just tell me I'll be in my office"

I nodded and went to my room and did the first thing that crossed my mind I googled him

Travis blue

I found his Facebook I scrolled through the posts to see pics of his tattooed body with lots of comments from girls on how hot he is , Then I went to his posts from 2013 and there is this post that caught my attention it simply said

'I'll mess her' so I started thinking who is he going to mess is it Erica the girl who followed him everywhere or is it Samantha the girl he dated for 3 weeks back then

Or is it Barbara maybe it's her they always had a thing going on...wait why am I even thinking about him who cares

I just went and watched many episodes of teen wolf and supernatural.

Day 2

I came to school looking like a zombie, I shouldn't have stayed up late watching teen wolf , mom drove me and Kelly to school today I had English first so I went straight to class and just laid my head on the desk hopefully to sleep for 5 minutes before class starts..


It was lunch time and I honestly didn't feel like eating so I made a dumb move and went to the back of the school, I walked closer and closer until I saw him but he wasn't alone he was making out with that girl Emma ..of course mean people together they kept making out until he spotted me he had a frown then he smirked and pressed Emma to the wall again and started kissing her, it's like he wanted me to see but I didn't want to see so I just took off and went and sat alone on one of the benches , just great Alex second day and you have 0 friends while your sister is out there being popular after I was completely bored I decided to go to the rest rooms when I got there a girl with blue hair was smoking there just great...

"Hey you must be the new kid" she said coughing after she finished her cigarette

"Uh yeah" I said

"Cool , want a smoke?" She asked

"Um no thanks" I said

"I'm Jessie you can call me Jess , I'm the bad girl that people don't really like to be around" she said I nodded and said

"I don't mind being around you, I used to be the fat kid that nobody likes so I get what you're saying" I said

"You? Fat? Nah you look stunning" she said

"This is kinda what working out do" I said

And I decided to ask her about Travis

" hey you know that Travis guy?"I asked

"Who doesn't? It's the famous Travis everyone knows him , but why?" She asked

"Nothing I'm just curious.."

"Believe you don't want to know him , he sleeps around with girls he smokes he drinks and I heard he have a tattoo" she said

"Really? What's the tattoo?" I asked

"It's the letter A" she said then she continued saying

"He always talks about a girl maybe that's her first letter" she said

"What girl?" I asked

"Well people say she's a girl from England from his old school he once talked about her when he was drunk " she said

"What did he say?" I asked fast

"Chill .. I don't know just get him drunk and ask him" she said chuckling

Then we heard the bell

"What do you have next?" She asked

"History, man I hate history" I said

"I have history too ..that's fun, you can sit next to me friendless new girl" she said I chuckled and nodded and we walked to class..

Who is that girl? Was all I could think about

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