You're fat...


2. chapter 2

I woke up and went to the kitchen to see mom and kelly talking

"Yeah that would be so cool" Kelly said to mom ,I didn't bother asking what they where talking about

"What's for dinner?" I asked her

"We actually ordered Chinese if that's okay?" She said

"Yeah sure"I said then headed to my room and started unpacking

While unpacking a picture of me Kelly and dad landed in my hands and a tear rolled down my cheek but I wiped it away quickly and placed the picture under my pillow , Kelly is only 2 years younger than me but I treat her like she's my age

Because let's face it she's more amateur than I could ever be .

After I finished unpacking I decided what I was going to wear to school tomorrow...I'm not even sure I can survive being different..

Day 2

Me and kelly walked in the halls if the school obviously lost when I spotted a sign that said principal office and I let out a sigh of relief

"Kells come on I found the principal office" she nodded and we went there got our schedules and our lockers numbers and her locker is wayy far from mine so that sucks

"Okay go find your classes I'll find mine Adios sis" I said and started looking for room b23 until I found it after 5 minutes I got inside to English and everyone stared at me

"Uhhh..."I froze..for a person who have stage fright that's not good

"Um well..."I couldn't speak

"Are you Alex Tyler?"the teacher asked I nodded

"Well I'm Mr.Thomas I will be your English teacher you can take a seat next to Emma...Emma raise your hand so she could see you"a girl with blonde hair raised her hand and I went and sat next to her

"Hey" I said , she just looked at me and rolled her eyes

"Ookayy what a warm welcoming" I said chuckling to myself and just focused on my daydreams"

"Ms.Tyler mind if you explain to us what Shakespeare meant with this quote he said pointing at the board" I honestly could read everything by Shakespeare and I could easily explain what's on the bored but participating in class isn't something I like to do so I shook my head

"Well Ms.Tyler if you gonna be like this you can't have an A in my class" so that's it no one disrespect my knowledge

"Oh yeah? Well I believe I can get an A+ in your class without even studying so don't get on my nerves please" I got oo's and ahh's from the class but I just held my backpack and got out of class , I could hear the teacher calling my name but after my dad's death I couldn't care less about anything and I'm always in this bad mood

I kept on walking when I reached what seems like the back of the school when I saw smoke I looked closer and I saw the back of a guy and he had a cigarette between his fingers, I kept watching him when he quickly turned around I tried to turn around quickly but my head hit the wall

"Stalking much?" He asked with an accent just like mine while my head was facing the wall I cursed under my breath and turned around slowly .. When my eyes met his all my past memories passed across my mind all the humiliation in my past school the mean nicknames making fun about my weight which has changed now and my miserable life ...those eyes are the reason I used to self harm those eyes are the reason I have trust issues those eyes are the reason of everything bad happened to me

"You didn't answer"he said clearly can't tell who's the girl standing in front of him

"You"I whispered

"Me?" He chuckled

"Listen pretty face stay out of my business and don't stalk me again or shit will happen" he called me

Pretty face , and he's still mean

I just shook my head and left ... I dunno where I just left I started walking until I found myself out of school gates , I laid my back on a wall and slowly sat down and I just sighed, why is he here out of all schools in Chicago why is he in this one specifically, I can't run away from my past now can't I ...

I just texted kelly saying I left early and went straight home...

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