You're fat...


1. chapter 1

-2013- eighth grade

I walked in the school gym expecting to find the guy who left a love letter in my locker, but I got face to face with no other than Travis

"Looks like Fatty got the fake love letter, why would a fat girl like you have a secret admire"

Ugh I should have known from the start

"What the heck do you want Travis" I asked rudely

He smirked a very evil smirk and yelled "NOW"

And I could feel the cold water on my back , it's on of his pranks I should have known better than come here

"I'm gonna get you one day Travis" I said its what I always say

" not when I'm leaving to learn in Chicago in 2 days love"he said and just left the gym laughing him and his friends, but good think he's leaving...

-2016- sophomore

"Honey shut down ur devices we are landing" mom said as she pulled my headphones away, so that's it we are landing here in Chicago and we staying here for good , it honestly feel weird to live somewhere other than London , will the people be nice? Will I be able to make friends in this new school? Will I survive high school?

All these questions in my mind..

So now we're in a cap heading to our new apartment, it's just me mom and my little sister Kelly...

So I think it's time to introduce myself, I'm Alex..I'm 16 years old girl with brown hair and big blue eyes ... I used to be the fat kid once but after 3 years of working out and eating healthy,you can say I have abs now , If reading is a talent I would be the most talented person ever, books are my passion but also music, I can't last a day without listening to at least 30 songs , most of my time you would see me holding a book with headphones on my .. Well head?

My mom moved us to Chicago after my dad died ,why? Well she's actually from Chicago and after dad died she had nothing left in London other than sad memories so we took the first plane here and hopefully everything will be okay

Mom shook my shoulder so I took my headphones off and looked outside the window to be faced by a huge building, she paid the man and we used the elevator to go up to our apartment it was 3rd floor mom unlocked the door with her keys and we got inside the place looked cozy and nice not as big as our house back in London but big enough to the 3 of us , it had 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms a living room and a kitchen

"I will get the biggest room" I yelled searching for the biggest room

"They all the same size honey" mom yelled so I chose the last door to be my room , the room wasn't that big but it was enough it hade a bed a wooden closet a desk a book shelf and it was painted white , the white , I actually like it but I miss my room back in England.

I decided to take a long nap so I could wake up with energy to unpack all my stuff and organize everything because tomorrow I would be leaving to school...

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