Sexy stylist | H.S

Anna were finally done at her stylist school, now she just needed a job. But it wasn't easy to find until she's on a try out, with the four guys from one direction.

It will be a fairytail and a hellfor her, when one of the boys fall for her. She doesn't like him back. He will do anything to get her, to like him. That's when he offers her something, a pretty great deal for them both!


2. two

I met Destiny 15 minutes later, and told her about my try out. She was happy for me. She already got a job. She actually did before the exams were even over. First I was very glad, she got the job, but when I couldn’t get one, I was starting to get a bit jealous. Not that it ruined our friendship. I couldn't. I was as simple as that.

We went in to a store. I was quite expensive, but actually we had the money. My family wasn't poor, and my parents cared a lot about me and my siblings. So my mom said I could by what I wanted for the try out.

Anyways. I was looking around, when I spotted a beautiful light blue leather jacket.

I liked it a lot. I walked towards it, and when I got there, I found my size. Small. I smiled as I took it under my arm, and looked around again. There wasn’t really anything else that was my taste, so I found a mirror. I tried on the jacket, and it fit my perfectly.

‘’Anna, close your mouth and buy the jacket.’’ Destiny laughed.

I didn’t even realize my mouth was wide open, so in embarrassment, my hand went up and were covering my mouth. I laughed along. I bought the jacket, and we went out of the shop.

Hours had past and destiny had a lot of bags, and I had 3 bags with me. The last shop we went to, was a coffee shops. Destiny found it hard to carry all of her bags and her latte, at the same time. I laughed at her, she looked so funny.

I got home, and showed my mom the things that I bought. First I showed her the leather jacket, and some pretty trousers.

‘’I was thinking I could wear those 2 pieces and then the top I was wearing at my last exam? What do you think?’’ I asked her.

‘’ That would look beautiful, Anna. You could definitely wear that.’’ She responded.

I clapped my hands, as I went upstairs trying the outfit. I looked so pretty, and I couldn’t wait to wear it. That’s when it hit me, I didn’t even know when the try out was. I rushed downstairs again, and asked mom. She simply replied ‘’tomorrow’’.

My eyes went wide, and I quickly ran upstairs again. I didn’t know how to prepare anything, but I think I needed it? I saw lots of look books, makeup videos, fashion shows and everything that could have anything to do with it.

I looked myself in the mirror. I turned my curling iron on, and made a bit of curls. I didn’t know if I should curl it, or keep it natural half waved half straight.

I looked at the clock, and it was only 9 pm. I agreed with myself, that I should too late in bed, I had to be ready for tomorrow. I had to be there at 3 pm, but I would take me a hour to get there. I didn’t have a lot time to get ready.

All my thoughts drifted slowly away, and slowly I fell asleep. Dreaming about how it would be tomorrow.

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